Open show: I had a very enjoyable day and I would like to thank the committee for their hospitality. And to the exhibitors for their entries and for accepting my placings.

 VD (1)

1 & BVIS - Houses, Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted. Very nice upstanding eight year old Gold dog, he has well balanced head, good neck & shoulder nice front and feet. Excellent topline, Well presented coat and condition, moved well.

MPD (4,2)

1 & BPD Gillman, Mytilene Midnight Cowboy, Very smart Black, with lovely head & expression, good mouth, shown in excellent coat & condition, needs to tighten in front, moved with style.

 2 Lee, Nedlik Classical Attraction, Very good moving dog, with good outline .Nicely balanced head though lacking in chin, Not as mature as the winner today.

PD (2,1)

1 Gillman, Mytilene Midnight Cowboy.

N (4,1)

 1 Jennings, Cossys Dexys Midnite Runner, Gold of really nice type, very naughty, Pleasing head, Good front correct tailset, sound moving, Nice topline just did enough to win this class.

2 Baker, Avonbourne Dead Ringer, Black & White, not the head of winner, good topline, need's to mature in coat, steady mover. 3 Gillman, Mytilene Midnight Cowboy.

 GD (4,2)

1 Jennings, Cossys Dex'ys Midnite Runner.

2 Gillman, Mytilene Midnight Cowboy.

PGD (3,1)

1 Jennings, Cossys Dex'ys Midnite Runner.

2 Saunders, Bellellen Boy O Boy, Grey, Shown in good coat, pleasing head eye & expression, just lacks a little chin, not the style of my winners.

LD (4)

1 & RBD- Scarll, Timazinti Motoro, Lovely pale gold dog, so well balanced, good front & shoulder, excellent topline, well let down rear, good tailset, in the challenge for BD thought he lacked a little neck, very nice dog, extremely sound moving.

 2 Skillings, Cossys Jimeney Cricket, Pale Gold dog, who needs to relax in the ring, rather excitable, shown in beautiful coat and condition, good topline, nice front, very sound moving, just prefered the overall balance of the winner.

3 Davis, Marchtru San Marquis at Narmoak.

 OD (4,2)

1 & BD & RBIS Crummey, Nickanda Otello, Very flashy pale gold & white, very smart, well balanced head with pleasing expression, excellent pigment, good neck & shoulders, straight front & good topline, shown in lovely coat & condition, beautifully presented.

 2 Gillman, Mytilene Budweizer JW Shcm, Larger type than the winner. Pleasing head and eye, Nice outline steady mover. Lacking in body today.

VB (3,2)

 1 Holmes, Chergram's Private Dancer, Lovely Black bitch, in super condition for eight and half years old, she has lovely head & expression, good front, super body & topline, very smart on the move, very well presented.

 MPB (12,4)

This large class full of very promising youngsters. The first four will change places on many occasions.I look forward to watching their futures.

1 Pointon, Ballitos I'm Emilia Let's Fly, Very smart bitch, the most mature in the class, pretty expression but would have liked her shorter in muzzle, good neck & topline, well balanced, nice rear, Won this lovely class on her confident attitude.

2 Young, Avonbourne Ringer Roses, Small bitch with lovely head & expression, well balanced, super topline, very smart, just needs more confidence, should have a very bright future.

3 Young, Avonbourne Black Eyed Pea.

PB (2,1)

1 & BPIS Waghorn, Avonbourne Lucy Lastic with Sukisha, Very smart black & white, bit hesitant at times but soon settled down, enough to win BP, pretty head, nice eye & lovely expression, good front, super topline, very mature in body, sound mover, very promising.

 JB (4,1)

1 Scarl, Timazinti mantella, very smart pale gold, super balance, lovely head & expression, good front & feet, lovely topline, very sound on the move, showed very well, liked her very much.

2 Crummey, Deelayne Madness Devine at Nickanda, Dark gold brindle, with lovely head & expression, needs to settle in front, a little longer cast than the winner, good rear, shown in good coat & body condition.

3 Bushell, Chtaura Spinning Around for Jamikasoka.

NB (2)

1 Baker, Avonbourne Besotted Team, small black & white with lovely body & coat, not so pleasing in head, good front & rear, very sound mover keeping a lovely topline.

2 Saunder, Bellellen Miss Dynamite, smart mature, bit up to size for me, not moving well today, but is only a baby.

GB (4,2)

1 Plumstead, Simark Luch Lockett of Showa, extremely well balanced grey brindle, with lovely head eye & expression, super size & balance,good body and muscle. sound steady mover, liked her type very much.

 2 Young, Avonbourne Piccolo.

PGB (7,4) Three very different bitches in this class.

1 Torrance, Sinyul Can't Buy Me Love, stylish black & white, shown in super coat, pretty head & eye, good front, super neck & topline, lovely body & outline, very sound on the move.

2 Holmes, Showa Taffeta at Chergran, very stylish bitch with pretty head & expression, good topline, well balanced, a little high stepping in front for me.

 3 Wilkes, Monkspath Dancing Queen.

LB (6,2)

1 Scarlls, Timazimti Popondetta, extremely well balanced bitch, with typey head, nice topline, good body and rib. Correct tailset, sound rear, not so steady in front movement.

2 Young, Avonbourne Bemused, Nice type, with good topline, coat of good quality, just lacking in body at the moment, rear movement is good but not so good in front.

OB (5,3) These two bitches gave me such a headache to split, both deserve their titles, could have taken them both home.

1 & BB & BIS- Walker, Zentarr Zeeta at Shigatse, the star of the show, very nice bitch, lovely head and expression, good ear set, lovely neck & shoulder, good front & feet lovely level topline, sound well muscled rear, flowed around the ring keeping a lovely topline, hope she gains her title, liked her very much.

 2 & RBB- Torrance, Sinyul Brief Encounter, different type to my winner, but liked her very much, Lovely grey brindle, excelling in head & expression, good front & topline, has super body, & nice rear, moved so soundly around the ring, another who deserves her Ch title hope she gets it.

Angela Corish