The Lhasa Apso Club of SCOTLAND

    The Lhasa Apso Club of SCOTLAND HELD THEIR Open Show at LOCHGELLY Town Hall on 28 th, August,

Thank you to the committee and exhibitors for a friendly welcome. At an advancing age it is still a thrill to be asked to judge a club show.59 dogs were entered with 36 present. In common with all entries there were some upright shoulders and poor mouths but these were in the minority.






  1.  Offens LINCONOR A LA CARTE 9yr old bitch, presented in good coat and still able to enjoy b being shown.


Minor Puppy Dog 2 entered 1 present


  1. Mc Nallys BALLITO,S AMBROSE WITH ANGADEMA, 6 month dog with excellent pigment and dark eye ,good front, moved briskly keeping a level topline, profusely coated.


Puppy Dog 4 entered 3 present,


  1. 1Surtees SHOWA BOBBY DAZZLA FOR KATAY, 11month dog, lovely profile nice expression & correct bite, good length of rib, quite a showman. Best puppy Dog

  2. Waterhouses CHTAURA KNOCK ON WOOD, 9month dog good body & head proportions, dark eye, liked his front & rear angulation. Jaunty mover. Lost out to 1 in maturity only.



Junior Dog 4entered 3 present,


  1. Waterhouses CHTAURA SHADOW DANCER 17 month dog mature for his age & well made all round. liked his head & dark eye  .Good reach of neck & level topline, fully coated, moved around the ring as if he owned it.

  2. Hamiltons GILDERDALE RUMOUR HAS IT 16 month dog, dark eye & correct bite good length of rib & high tail set ,moved well keeping his level topline, good coat texture.



Yearling Dog, 3 entered all present,


  1. Pointon's AUS CH AMESEN COME FLY WITH ME TO BALLITO. This 18 month dog oozes quality, lovely to go over, very well made & nicely balanced, lovely expression, good front & rear angulation, level topline, in my view moves as an Apso should, sporting a mature coat. RBD & RBIS.




Novice Dog 2 entered both present.





Post Graduate Dog 5 entered 3 present.


  1. Scarlls TIMAZINTI MOTORO JW, Well made dog liked his head & reach of neck, good pigmentation, level topline with good front & rear angulation giving desired movement. Well coated.

  2. Hanlons FERNAGAIR STARLIGHT.Well presented dog with full dentition & correct bite, hard coat moved well eager to show himself.



Limit Dog No entries


Open Dog 4 entered all present,


  1. Plumsteads AM CH SHOWA FANGDANGO 4 yr correct size dog, lovely head & expression with a mouth to die for. good depth of chest & length of rib. Great coat texture & a jaunty mover keeping his level topline at all times B D & BIS.

  2. Jones HAZGAYES THE CLANSMAN WITH JONDOY, 6 yr dog nice dark eye & pigmentation good front level topline moved well aided by his rear angulation & muscle.


Minor Puppy Bitch No entries.


Puppy Bitch 3 entered all present


  1. Watts-Catleys ZANAMOP HELLS ANGEL 11 month maturing puppy femenine expression good pigmentation & bite, well made with level topline, moved purposefully around the ring, a bit of a show off BP

  2. Waterhouses CHTAURE CRAZY FOR YOU 9 month puppy still immature but has a nice front & topline, well set tail & profuse coat, moves eagerly. In my view she will look much better when she slows down a bit.


Junior Bitch 5 entered 2 present


  1. Phillips DIMARA LOLA ROSE 17 month correct size bitch nice head dark eye & good mouth well ribbed up with a level topline,hard coat texture & an eager mover.

  2. Hughes TEAH MHARIA OF MITCHELLA, 16-month bitch with nice expression & correct coat texture slow mover. larger than 1.


Yearling Bitch. 4 entered 3 present.






Novice Bitch 4 entered 2 present


  1. Ogdens ABSOSENGKYE ONLY YOU 18 month very feminine bitch, nice in outline, mouth & dentition good, hard coat moves well aided by her good angulation, a happy show girl,




Post Graduate Bitch, 5 entered all present.


  1. Wiehes TIMAZINTI GOLDEN ANGEL FOR LISIMO, 22 month cream bitch very feminine liked her head & reach of neck, fits the breed standard well in my view. Good textured coat and a jaunty mover aided by her front & rear angulation.

  2. McNallys ANGADEMA ASK FOR ME, 20 month gold bitch nice head & front good length of rib & high tail set moves well, unfortunate to meet 1 today.



Limit Bitch 8 entered 4 present.


  1. Watsons CHEOLVIEW I.M SPECIAL FOR LYNRUCE SH CM, Striking black & white parti colour bitch correct size full correct dentition nice reach of neck well ribbed up, lovely in outline moves well aided by god angulation & muscle.  R.B.B.

  2. Ogdens ABSOSENGKYE GHA-BBI 3 yr gold/white bitch, head of correct proportions dark eye & good depth of chest nice tailset. hard coat an eager mover flowing around the ring.


Open Bitch.6 entered 1 present.


  1. Wiehes LISIMO I LOVE TO BOOGIE In spite of being on her own it would have taken a good class to have beaten her, Lovely in outline with a very femenine head, good front & rear construction nice length of rib coat of good hard texture, has an easy correct movement.B.B & B.O S.


Duncan MacLuaghlin Memorial Stakes 4 entered 1 present




Best dog or bitch in pet trim



  2. ones SERPICOS SAN CARLOS 12 yrs

  3. ones SERPICOS SAN CARLOS 12 yr

  4. Joint 4 McCrackens KING ARTHUR 5YRS & MacFarlanes BABYS IN BLACK OF SUNAAMI5 YRS





Peter Sullivan