I would like to thank all the exhibitors and the LAC for a very enjoyable day. Thank you to all who entered and gave me an excellent selection of dogs and bitches and puppies to judge. My overall comments are all positive about our wonderful breed, but two things did stand out on the day and I hope exhibitors will take this as productive criticism and not as negative points. One issue I feel I must mention was weight, I do not like thin dogs but well covered, many were over weight which was a pity, on a otherwise sound dog it did hinder their movement and second, femininity and masculinity of female and male. I like to be able to tell it’s a bitch from its sweet feminine oriental expression with a lip and chin. I found some lacking in these virtues and males not course but handsome with similar attributes. My winner I feel filled my criteria, conformation, soundness, balance, movement, breed type, presentation and showmanship. BIS was Ch Nedlik De Nato of Vallena. RBIS was Chtaura All You Need is Luv JW. BP was Zentarr Elizabeth. BV was Chergrams Private Dancer.


1. Chalmers’, Chethang Juan Ramon Diaz. Lovely youngster 6 months old. Nice head, well balanced. Good front and rear angulation. Nice topline and tailset. Moved and showed well.

 2. Bell and Ellis’s, Nedlik Simply Deutsche. 6 months old. Super head, good mouth, eye dark pigment. Well balanced. Good coat. Pleasing outline.

3. Bushells’, Jamikasoka True Colours.


1. Luscott’s, Jalus Galileo. 9 months old gold boy. Nice head proportions, nice eye, mouth and good dentition. Nice rear angulation. Moved very well. In super coat.

2. Sewards’, Elleonia Star Performance. 10 months old. Super head, similar attributes as winner. Slightly longer in loin. Good coat. Just didn;t move as well on the day.

3. Gillman’s, Mytilene Midnight Cowboy.


1. Church’s, Le Chiox Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja. 14 months old male, mature. Loved his balance, front, good reach of neck down to good shoulders. Nice head, excellent muscle and rear. Super topline. Good mover, handled well. Good coat.

 2. Jenning’s, Cosya Days Midnite Runner. 16 months old cream/gold boy in super coat. My notes say ‘beautiful boy’. Stunning head, nice dark eye and expression. Well balanced, nice size. Needed to settle on the move. Liked him a lot.

3. Gillman’s, Mytilene Midnight Cowboy.


1. Church’s, Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja. 2. Jennings’, Cossys Dexys Midnite Runner. 3. Gillman’s, Mytilene Midnight Cowboy.


1. Church’s, Le Chiox Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja. 2. Jenning’s, Cossys Dexys Midnite Runner. 3. Sewards’, Elleonia Star Performance.


1. Church’s, Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja. 2l Clancy’s, Clancaniter Floridain. 3 years old. Nice head, dark eye and pigment. Well balanced dog. Good rear and moved well.


1. Bromley’s, Cossys Jammie Dodger at Jardene. 2 years old gold and white. Lovely head, sound dog maturing nicely. Moved well around the ring.

2. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura Shadow Dancer. Grey 20 months old dog. Good front, nice shoulders and mouth. Moved well. Nice straight topline.


 1. Wilkes’, Miricle Moonshine at Monkspath. 4 years old sound dog. Good shoulders. Nice reach of neck, well balanced. Good mover. Good rear muscle and nice angulation. RBD.

 2. Gillman’s, Mytilene Budweizer. Good and white. Nice shaped dark eye. Good front, nice shoulders. Good pigment. Moved well, held straight topline.

3. Carthy’s, Chamando Verdi at Hayana.


1. Bell’s, Ch. Nedlik De Nato of Vallena. 3 and a half years old black and white, a pleasure to judge this sound constructed dog. Excellent head, eye and expression. Lovely front and shoulders. Super topline. Good front and rear angulation. Well muscled. Nice tailset. Liked his shape and balance. Dog in top form on the day. Looked in fabulous condition. In super coat. Moved and showed superb. My BIS.

2. Warner’s, Snowtalia Chomolungma Boy. Another very nice male. Liked his head, eye, expression, good mouth, good front and shoulders. Moved and handled well.

3. Skillings’, Cossys Jimeny Cricket Among Hosneb.


A wonderful class of babies. Most were only just 6/7 months old and just starting their show careers. Some were more mature, some more confident than others, especially on the move. All of my placings were very nicely made and will change places.

1. Young’s, Avonbourne Black Eyed Peas. 7 months old black bitch. Super head, neck and shoulders. Sweetest of expressions. Good front, nice pig,ment. Moved confidently around the ring. Litter sister, I gave third. Didn’t move as well as her sister but loved her structure and expression and I’m sure these two will swap places. Liked them both.

2. Pointon’s, Ballioto I’m Amelia Lets Fly. 7 months old. Nicely constructed bitch. Nice head, dark eye. Good front, good mouth. Excellent rear and muscle. Very mature for age. Lovely coat. Litter sister I gave 4th, echo what I have just said, both sound well constructed girls.

3. Youngs’, Avonbourne Ringer Roses.


1. Waghorn’s, Avonbourne Lucy Lastic with Sukisha. 10 months old b/w. Lovely size, well constructed girl. Super head and expression and dark eye. Nice front. Loved her balance. Good shoulders and rear in super coat for a baby. Showed and handled well.

 2. Dungate and Minton’s, Forochel Illeona. 9 months old bitch. Beautifully balanced girl. Nice neck and shoulders. Echo attributes of winner. Moved and showed well.

 3. Bromley’s, Larool Starstruck.


1. Anderson’s, Zentarr Elizabest. Beautiful gold bitch. Very feminine. Superb pigment, dark eye and expression. Loved her balance and sound conformation. Such a confident youngster. Showed and looked in tip top condition. Her birthday on the day 12 months old. Also my BPIS.

 2. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura Crazy For You. Another very sound ultra feminine bitch. Beautiful head, eye and mouth. Super balance. Moved well.

3. Bushnells’, Chtaura Spinning Around for Jamikasoka. YB.

1. Chalmers’, Rossgilde Silver Guilt at Chethang JW Sh CM. 21 months old in beautiful coat. Good sound construction. Nice well proportioned head, nice mouth. Good muscle tone and rear angulation. Nice tailset. Moved well.

2. Chamberlain’s, Avonbourne Touch and Tell at Chobrang. 22 months old black and white. Another sound well balanced girl. Good front. Nice shoulders and neck. Straight topline. Correct angulation. Just didn;t move as well as winner on the day.

3. Edriges’s, Zoffany Just Adora.


1. Gillman’s, Mytiline Tiger Lily. Very confident youngster. Super rear. Lovely topline held on the move. Nice dark eye and good pigment. Handled well.


1. Seward’s, Elleonia Hopes n Dreams. Super head, lovely expression. Good shoulder and front. A very well balanced bitch maturing nicely.

 2. Gillman’s, Mytiline Tiger Lilly.

PGB. A lovely class of bitches a pleasure to judge.

1. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura Do Young Wanna Dance. Nearly 2 years old cream gold. Beautiful head, very nice feminine expression, good eye and pigment. Sound mover. Loved her balance and attitude.

2. Torrance’s, Sinyul Cant Buy Me Love. Beautiful sweet head, kind eye. Good front and rear. Sound little girl maturing well.

3. Ellis’s, Nedlik an Paris.


1. Shand-Clark and Shand-Robinson’s, Zentarr Mallisa Among Shanclar. Quality gold bitch in fabulous condition. Looked stunning moving around the ring. So elegant. Beautiful head and front. Excellent shoulders. Loved her shape stood and moving on top form. Couldn;t deny her showed herself off to perfection. Pushed hard for RBB.

2. Torrance’s, Sinyul Lets Stay Together. Stunning black and white. So sound, one I have long admired. Loved her pleasing head and sweet expression. Wonderful neck and shoulders. So beautifully balanced. Just a little reluctant on the move on the day. I’m sure these two will change placed at other shows.

 3. Warners’, Snowtalia Nuptse Girl. Another beautiful sound bitch. Moved super. Very close decision for these girls.

OB. Limit was a hard class to judge as the bitches were all very nice, but this was the hardest of the day. The quality of all these bitches was super all were structurally sound and each excelled in its own attributes of breed type. All these girls will and have changed placed under different judges as they were all lovely. For me my first was my ideal standard.

1. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura All You Need Is Luv JW. Grey bitch oozes quality. So sound. Loved her head, beautifully shaped dark eyes, good mouth the sweetest expression. Lovely straight front, well balanced girl in fabulous coat. Looked immaculate, gave and showed 100%. BB and RBIS.

2. Torrances’, Sinyul Brief Encounter. Another fabulous grey bitch so sound. Beautiful clean lines. Excellent head and eye. Good shoulders and front excellent muscle and correct angulation. Loved her balance. Showed superbly. RBB.

3. Luscott’s, Jalis Dizzy Lizzy. V. 1. Holms’, Chergrams Private Dancer. A lovely girl. Very sound mover. Nice head, wonderful mouth for age. Good coat. Showed well.

J Hazelhurst