What a lovely venue Bromham is, we were able to have a good sized ring outside on the grass, which showed the dogs off to real advantage. My thanks to exhibitors for such a quality entry. I did find a variance in size and type, with a few narrow jaws which lacked chin and gave jumbled mouths. Upright shoulder and short upper arms are also rather more common than I expected. However, there were some really lovely Lhasa Apsos present and presentation was superb. I was delighted with my winners.

MPD (5).

1 Hazlehurst’ Abosengkye Alaskha by Corrolls. Nice parti with lovely outline. Sweet head with correct skull and oval eye. Neat reverse scissor bite. A confident baby who moved out well and used his hocks to drive. Good rib cage and ribbed well back;

2 Skerm’ Shardlow Windy Miller. Gold in good coat for age, neat head with correct fall away behind a nice dark oval eye. Good reach and arch of neck. Nice level top line. Good bone and nice feet; 3 Watterson’ Saxonsprings Sweet Revenge.

PD (4).

1 Gillman’ Mytilene Lord Loxley. Smart b/w, nice for size. Loved his head, slight rise over skull, and good fall away. Oval eye, good ear set. His arched neck flowed into good enough shoulders and he had enough length of upper arm to enable him to extend to match his rear drive. Masculine eye catcher. RBP;

 2 Gillman’ Mytilene Budweizer. Really good moving sable, in good balance. A little larger than 1, thus appeared a fraction more scopey, but I just preferred the outline of the winner. Sure these two will change places Many times. Good top line and tail set;

 3 Skerm’ Shardlow Windy Miller.

JD (7).

1 Baxter’ Fengola Simply Wicked. V promising parti youngster, good shape of skull, with nice eye and ear set. Nicely arched neck and good front assembly. Compact in body with correct ribbing and nice short loin. Tail well set on and good hind angulation. Really moved well;

2 Holland’ Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya. Cream / sable in good coat. Pleasing head and nice soft expression. Well made and in balance. Good top line kept on the move and tail well set on. Showed well;

 3 Grabham’ Saxonsprings Bombay Sapphire.

 ND (3).

1 M Lord Loxley;

 2 M Budweizer;

3 S Sweet Revenge.

 GD (6).

1 Watterson’ Saxonsprings Campbell at Rictovia. Solid gold of lovely type. Nice shoulder and return of upper arm, balanced overall. Good arch of neck and correct top line. V pleasing head and expression. He moved with real drive and assurance. Good back end;

2 M Lord Loxley;

3 M Lord Church’ Askya Cousteau’s Kid.

PGD (7).

1 Hazlehurst’ Sinyul Latin Lover at Corrolls. G/w parti of lovely type. Sound mover in real balance. V good front assembly with good arch to neck. Such a lovely head and expression with dark oval eye. Good body and strong loin, well muscled. A quality d. RBIS BOS;

2 Skillings’ Cossey’s Jimeny Cricket Among Nosneb. A really good moving gold d with excellent angulation fore and aft. A little stronger in type than 1, he was masculine with attitude. Good bone, lovely round feet with good feathering, another star in the making;

3 M Budweizer.

 LD (5).

1 Locks’ Askya Dance Yourself Dizzy. Beautifully put down parti d who really looked the part and moved over the ground with drive and assurance. Correct rib cage and depth of brisket, nice short loin, good bone and feet;

2 Davidson-Jones’ Peekajay High Finance JW. V close decision here, brindle of quality. Pleasing head with a good mouth. Lovely soft expression. Excellent body shape, nice tight elbows and correct ribbing. Moved with drive from good back end;

3 Crumneys’ Nickando Otello.

OD (3).

1 Church’ Askya Place the Face. Gold sound, well boned, moved freely and well. Well shaped skull with nice expression, good pigment. Good enough front angulation, level top line and good tail set;

2 Lewis’ Now and Forever Deelayne. Striking red in lovely coat. A quality Lhasa Apso well made overall. Nice shoulder and return of upper arm so that he extended well and drove behind from well let down hocks. Good tail set;

3 Waterhouses’ Chtaura Rock DJ JW

.VD (2).

1 Owens’ Askya Talk of the Toon at Gatchinyo. At seven, Tibetan dogs are in their prime rather than veterans and this boy proved the point. Gold in hard muscled shape who moved as an Apso should. A little stronger in head than some, but a lovely expression. Although alone deserved his place. BV.

MPB (7).

1 McNally’s Angadema Ask for Me. Gold baby, pretty and correct head, lovely dark eye. Reverse scissor and good straight dentition. Arched neck into fair shoulders with good enough return of upper arm. Level top line and good tail set. A real poppet;

2 Wattersons’ Bentarsna Macalla. Brindle parti of lovely shape. Good reverse scissor and straight dentition. Confident baby who moved well. These two will surely change places from time to time;

3 Paradise’ Shardlow Funky Fairy.

 PB (3).

1 Churchs’ Askya Tantrums n’ Teardrops. Delicious brindle parti. A real showgirl in lovely coat for age and made so well. Sweet head of good shape with nice fall away behind her dark oval eye. Good ear set. Arch of neck flows into good shoulders. Quality all round and one for the future. BPB and BPIS;

2 McNally’s Angadema Charlie’s Angel. Gold, v much a baby. Nice body shape and well balanced. Pretty head with good reverse scissor bite. A little diffident on the move but has just to gain a little confidence;

3 Davidson-Jones’ Peakajay Tiggers Fairy tale.

JB (7).

1 Lewis’ Aibrean B’Witched by Ballito. Gold who found the heat a bit much, good shape overall but would have preferred more lay back of shoulder. Well presented;

 2 Waterhouses’ Chtaura All You Need is Luv. Pretty grey brindle. Well bodied and ribbed well back. Nice short loin. Good feet, could have more drive;

 3 Bushell’s Aibrean Edestiny for Jamikasoka.

NB (3).

 1 C All You Need is Luv;

 2 B Macalla;

3 S Funky Fairy.

GB (5).

1 Church’s Askya Worse Than Wicked. Really classy brindle parti in beautiful condition, she filled the eye. Top class head with a lovely blunt short muzzle, dark oval eye set just right and a correct head. Her shoulders and return of upper arm were as good as it got and she was nicely bodied. Good back end. She is not the biggest, but what quality. BB and BIS;

2 Lewis’ Deelayne Indulgence. What a class, this lovely black really pushed the winner here. She has such presence and quality. Well made overall and with a sweet head. Her movement is copybook. Good texture of coat and put down to perfection;

3 Plumstead’s Showa Thumbedina.

PGB (8).

 1 Howe’s Hazgaye Fascination at Ladakhpass JW. Lovely r/w parti of beautiful breed type. Showed true free movement because she was made so well. Coat of good texture. Pleasing body with good depth of brisket and neat elbows;

 2 Chalmers’ Chethang Emily Jane. Glamorous gold lady who pushed the winner hard. Lovely head and good pigment, dark eye and good ear set. Really drove from behind, a nice balanced Lhasa Apso;

3 Torrance’ Sinyul Let’s Stay Together JW.

LB (9).

1 Lewis’ Vaderlands Fannin’ The Flame. Top quality red, so feminine and so well made. Loved her head and soft expression. Good pigment and dark eye. Altogether in balance and moved with true Lhasa Apso movement;

 2 Paradise’ Shardlow Party Popper. Difficult decision between these two. Such a sound black lady in excellent coat of good texture. Pretty feminine head with all the right proportions. Free moving with a good reach and drive, good muscling and nice loin;

3 Torrance’ Sinyul Brief Encounter.

 OB (6).

1 Waterhouse’ Chtaura Rhythm Is a Dancer. Gold of lovely breed type. Well presented. Soundly made, feminine head of good proportion. Good tail set and back end;

 2 Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Mandzari at Chobrang. Lovely quality gold parti that I did well as a p. She has real quality, good balance of body, spring of rib and depth of brisket. Lovely head with soft expression. She just did not enjoy the heat today and did not move as I know she can;

 3 Shand-Clarke’ Deelayne Beyond the Pale for Shanclar.

Pat Noujaim n