Open show:There was a lovely warm welcome at this show and a cheerful atmosphere throughout. Thanks to the exhibitors for such a good entry of quality exhibits. Since I last judged the breed fronts and mouths have improved, especially teeth in the lower jaw: this does not mean I would penalise an otherwise quality exhibit for the sake of one or two imperfect teeth, depending on the others, in the class on the day. Most of my bitch winners were very feminine, somewith exquisite heads, as were most of my principal winners. There were one or two bitches on the larger side, though otherwise sound, were a little strong in head for me. There were also some very good dogs. My BIS, Cain’s Kutani Rogue Trader, is a very good example of the breed, with good head and kind expression, good front and shoulder placement and a level topline. Sound as a bell with style in abundance, will watch his career with interest. My Res BIS winner was Waterhouse’s Chtaura All U Need Is Love. Ultra feminine with exquisite head, good neck and shoulders and a good front. Nice firm body with level topline, good tailset and moved with style. Hard to fault, will watch her future. BPIS was Holland’s Vaderlands Eva Licious. Very stylish and composed for one so young. A lovely young lady and what an attractive colour. Good head and mouth, feminine expression and nice balance with a good tailset. Moved with style, one to watch. Best Veteran Lewis and Noble’s Ch Sp & Port Ch Shiawandi Ga Ga. She is 9 years youmg and still looking very good. Ultra feminine with superb outline and balance. Moved well, one I have admired from the ringside in the past.

Vet D(2)

1 Davidson and Jones’ Peakajay High Finance JW.

 2 Simmons’ Mercerden Midnight Warrior.

MPD (4,1)

1 Luscott’s Jalus Galileo.

2 Hutcheson-Boyle’s Kingshill Gold Dust Del Vocerode.

3 Aston’s Kenworth Heart of the Lion at Kingbaraston.

PD (6)

 1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Knock on Wood.

2 Allen’s Deelayne Que de Que.

3 McNally’s Ballitos Ambrose with Angadema.

JD (6,4)

1 Church’s Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja.

 2 Baker’s Avonsbourne Dead Ringer.

ND (5)

 1 Church’s Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja.

2 Baker’s Avonsbourne Dead Ringer.

3 Paradise’s Zadophie Jack Sparrow for Shardlow.

YD (4)

1 Church’s Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja.

2 Jones’ Tarendes Smokey Bear.

GD (4)

 Church’s Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja.

2 Skerm’s Shardlow Windy Miller.

PGD (6)

1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Shadow Dancer.

 2 Scott’s Wolferflow Merlot.

LD (2,1)

1 Cain’s Kutani Rogue Trader.

OD (7,4)

 1 Warner’s Snowtalia Chomolungma Boy.

 2 Holland’s Ch Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya.

3 Church’s Lux Ch Socrate Dell Alberico at Sabatine.

Vet B(4,1)

1 Lewis and Noble’s Ch Sp & Port Ch Shiawandi Ga Ga. BVIS.

2 Allen’s Ardquin Anastasia with Quaymore.

3 Church’s Sulabassana Phire Bird.

 MPB (3)

1 Waghorn’s Avonbourne Lucy Lastic with Sukisha.

2 Luscott’s Jalus Goldilocks.

3 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Boom Bang A Bang.

PB (4)

 1 Holland’s Vaderlands Eva Licious. BPIS.

2 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Crazy for You.

3 Davidson and Jones’ Peakajay Honey Bun.

JB (10,4)

 1 Crummey’s Deelayne Madness Divine at Nickanda.

 2 Paradise’s Shardlow Rose Petals Fall Over Cedarpoint.

3 Thompson’s Pennyparades Blaze of Glory.

NB (5,2)

1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura She Will Be Loved.

 2 Thompson’s Pennyparades Blaze of Glory.

3 Savolainen’s Le Choix Head Over Heels.

 YB (7,2)

1 Crummey’s Deelayne Madness Divine at Nickanda.

 2 Torrance’s Sinyul Can’t Buy Me Love.

3 Ogden’s Absosengkye Only You.

GB (8,1)

1 Lock’s Littondale Smart n Sassy.

 2 Bedford’s Avonbourne Electra.

3 Paradise’s Shardlow Funky Fairy.

PGB (8,2)

1 Davidson-Jones’ Peakajay Lady Ellawiza.

2 Young’s Avonbourne Bemused.

3 McNally’s Angadema Ask for Me.

LB (7,4)

1 Church’s Askja Worse Than Wicked.

2 Warner’s Snowtalia Nuptse Girl.

 3 Paradise’s Shardlow Party Popper.

OB (9,4)

1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura All You Needs Is Love. Res BIS.

2 Hazelhurst’s Patarch Prim and Proper at Corrous.

3 Torrance’s Sinyul Brief Encounter.

Mrs Sue Heap