David Cavill


Overall the depth of quality was greater in the bitches even though the best dogs were marginally better than the best bitches. I was very impressed with the quality of my winners. A was concerned that some eyes were too large and round, some coats were too fine where as others were a little fluffy - although generally coats were excellent. I was also worried about the structure of the front in many exhibits, there certainly seems to be a lot of turn in too many pasterns and this obviously makes a difference to front movement as does the shallow chests which means several dogs were out at elbow. However, overall the quality presented to me at this show was very good indeed.

MPD (4)

1 & BPD Scholes’s Rossglide Thumpers Web, excellent coat for a youngster, moved extremely well despite being a little weak in the front pasterns; in very good coat, nice head, good eye. 2 Bacon’s Deelayne Fiddle De Dee, little bit squarer than 1, coat still to come on, moved very well, a little upright in shoulder, too much rise over the loin.

PD (3)

1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Shadow Dancer, cracking example of the breed, beautifully proportioned, excellent movement, very good head and expression, mouth level but I suspect that will be exactly right in a month or two, only 9 months.

2. Bromley’s Cossy’s Jammie Dodger At Jardene, cracking looking dog at first glance but coat is too silky and front movement could be better; needs to settle down.

JD (3)

 1 Scarll’s Timazinti Motoro, lovely example of the breed, beautifully coated, excellent head and expression, moved exceptionally well, strode out across the ring, really showed off in terms of conformation and movement.

2 Scholes’s Rossglide Touchstone, another nice one, couplings somewhat on the long side, mouth not as tidy as it might be, in excellent coat, moved quite well.

3 Rout’s Riff Raff Von Simjue, nice dog, eyes a little full.

ND (2) 1 Riff Raff Von Simuje.

GD (2) 1 Rossglide Touchstone.

PGD (6)

 1 Lovely set of dogs, one or two perhaps too tall or too short in back so didn’t give the correct outline. l & RBD Yates Jones’s Rishlyn Rio Bravo For Swaybee, this is a excellent example of the breed in my view, just the right amount of coat and just the right quality too, lovely head and expression, moved extremely well, I really like this dog.

2. Church’s Askja Cousteau’s Kid, another good one, perhaps just a little taller so the outline a fraction squarer, good example of the breed, nice level back.

3 Pearson’s Chethang Fergus At Elisamay, bigger dog altogether, very nicely coated, good eye and moved very well, everything right but just a bit much of everything.

LD (6) 1 Tricky class this, some nice features from all four before me but also a couple of poor fronts and a couple of coats that are not what the breed really requires.

1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura New Dimension, lovely example of the breed, nicely coated, moved extremely well at the rear although a little uncertain at the front.

2 Gillman’s Mytilene Budweizer JW, another good one, very nicely shaped, coat very smooth not quite silky but just a little too fine, very good head and expression, good eye.

3 Davis’s Marchtru San Marquis At Narmoak, another good one, good movement, bit shorter in back, preferred the outline to 1 and 2.

OD (6)

 1 A very good class again, not a lot to choose between the winners, particularly between the first two. 1, BD & BOB Luscott’s Ch. Jalus Dan Dare, super dog, just the right outline, I was particularly impressed with the mouth and the movement was exceptional.

2 Hazelhurst’s Sinyul Latin Lover At Corrolls just the right height, not quite the neck carriage of 1., coat just a bit longer and finer.

3 Warners’s Sowtalia Tsi-Lu-Pa-Boy, another nice one but let down by movement in this case.

VD (1) 1 It was a very close run thing for Best Dog and Reserve Best Dog, I am aware that there are several different types within the breed all of which fulfil the requirements of the standard and my Best Dog was clearly one type and my Best Bitch was clearly of another, but they were both very, very good examples of the breed.

MPB (6)

Lovely set of puppies, really beautiful. 1

 Lewis’s Deelayne Alice Blue Gown, really beautiful example of the breed, moved extremely well, lovely outline, lovely head and expression, good coat coming, still a fraction fluffy of course but otherwise fabulous.

2 Witham’s Dobriach Chinarose, another good one, just a little bit shorter in back.

3 Luscott’s Jalus Flirty Felicity, another good one, excellent mouth, moved extremely well, just a little bit too long for its height.

PB (12)

1 This was an absolutely cracking class, full of really nice puppies. I was particularly pleased with the quality of the mouths, most of them were really very good indeed. Those that survived the first cut should be very pleased with themselves. 1. & BP Cassidy’s Exephials The Love Spell, this is just a fabulous looking dog, moved beautifully, fabulous head, super coat, would like perhaps another half an inch in the back but the rest of it is so superb I couldn’t get past it.

2 Holland’s Vaderlands Glory Daze, another cracker, just the right outline, coat still to come on a little but nevertheless beautiful.

3 Brown’s Beranjo Carmella Gold Heart, so much going for it, lovely coat, lovely expression, beautiful movement.

JB (10)

 Another smashing class.

 1 Wiehe’s Timzinti Golden Angel For Lisimo, beautiful example of the breed, lovely head and expression, moved extremely well, lovely in every respect.

2 Sutcliffe’s Newcliffe Audition, close up to 1., another good one, good eye, excellent movement, very good outline, not quite the head carriage of 1.

3 Church’s Askja Tantrums ‘n’ Tears JW, bit more open faced but still an excellent dog, very good class.

NB (5)

1 Warner’s Snowtalia Nuptse Girl, a very nice example of the breed, perhaps coat a little soft, moved extremely well.

2 Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Touch And Tell, another good dog, close up behind.

 3 Lock’s Deelayne Lap Dancer Among Littondale.

GB (5)

1 Bushell’s Aibrean Destiny, very nice example of the breed, beautiful outline, good conformation, moved very well indeed, lovely head.

2 Snowtalia Nuptse Girl.

3 Wright’s Larool Daisychain, charming little dog, did like it very much indeed but a bit too short in back for the breed, but everything else is beautiful.

PGB (6)

1 Leaver’s Iced Gems At Shogandale, Lovely example of the breed, beautiful outline, good head and expression, moved beautifully.

2 Bushell’s Jamikasoka Ballerina Girl, another lovely bitch, liked this one too, just a fraction long in the loin, otherwise excellent.

3 Holmes’s Showa Tafetta At Chergram, another good one, bit narrow in head, but nevertheless moved very well, excellent Lhasa otherwise.

LB (10) This is an absolutely fabulous class, 10 superb dogs, really very little to choose between them, some different types of course but very good.

1. BB & RBOS Bushell’s Chtaura Prima Donna For Jamikasoka, just beautiful, so lovely, beautiful outline, lovely head, moved well.

2 & RBB Rout’s Simuje Anastazia SHCM, nothing to fault.

 3 Howe’s Hazgaye Fascination At Ladakhpass JW, again we are really working on tiny, tiny differences between this class.

 OB (9)

1 Not as even as the last class but still some lovely dogs. 1 Holland’s Ch. Vaderlands Flame And Fortune, a superb Lhasa Apso in every respect, beautiful outline, lovely carriage of tail and head, super mover, excellent coat.

2 Scholes’s Rossglide Tis A Dream JW SHCM, just a bit smoother in coat, little finer, very nice bitch.

3 Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Mandzari At Chobrang JW SHCM, another excellent example of the breed.

VB (5) Lovely set of dogs, excellent condition. 1 & BVB Leaver’s Mashika Kulu, super example of the breed, could hold her own in any company.

 2 Sutcliffe’s Sealaw Meets The Press For Bedingfield, lovely dog, excellent expression, super coat.

3 Bushell’s Aibrean Destiny For Jamikasoka.