Thank you to the committee for this most enjoyable day.  The weather was kind with the sun staying in, perfect for Apso showing.  I was looking for a more 'mid range' height, essentially having enough leg to be able to cope with the correct shaped rib and being able to move freely on fairly rough grass.  I was impressed with the quality of the puppies especially the bitches,  The limit bitch class was the strongest of the day, all seven being very sound and I was lucky to be able to find my ideal balance and size in my first two places.  I believe an Apso to be a normally constructed dog, having well balanced angles with good strong hocks to be able to  cope with its native terrain.  When I refer to 'balanced' in my critique it is how I see the individual exhibit  the shape the length of its neck flowing into its topline, the way the back end is supporting the dog, to the complementing way the shoulders and upper arm is supporting the pro sternum and rib.  The head and expression is the is the feature that gives it it's breed character.  As far as mouths are concerned I believe the jaw must be right shape and I do not have a problem with teeth slightly out of line in favour of a clean perfect mouth but in more of a curve giving quite often a pinched look which can loose the important expression.  Depth of under jaw is important as I  did feel that some seemed to fall away underneath losing the softness in the expression.  Our breed standard is really very straight forward and is easy enough to feel underneath the coat .  I enjoyed very much the opportunity of being able to appreciate fellow exhibitors Apsos.


  1. Skilling Deelayne Making A Mark for Noseneb, 8mth Gold nice balance, very sound body with good balanced angles fore and rear. Nice soft expression with a good skull shape, nice clean movement.
  2. Youngs Avonbourne Touch & Go b&w parti very sound to go over, very nice shoulders and upper arm and sound rear.  Moved very freely.  Very nice skull shape and good mouth.  Just preferred expression of 1.
  3. Church's Askja Insatiable


  1. Lee Nedlick Classic Attraction.  Beautifully made g/w parti.  He has a very good front assembly with correct shape rib that has good depth and length.  Well muscled rear and hocks.  Nice shaped skull, perfect mouth, good dark eye.  A little naughty on the move but did enough to show his lovely free jaunty action.


  1. McNally Ballito's Ambrose with Angadema.  Nice size gold with good pigment lovely coat texture.  A little longer in balance with good ribbing.  Soft expression, nice skull shape.  Showed well. 
  2. Scott's Wolferglow What a Gossip.  Gold/white parti Slightly longer type, nice straight front and good pigment


  1. Watterson's Rictovia Somebody to love.  Gold slightly higher balance.  Very good head with lovely expression excellent pigment.  Good shoulder and upper arm into very sound front.  Correct rib shape of good length.  Nice sound rear with strong hock.  Allot to like in this young dog.


  1. Watterson's Rictovia Somebody to love.
  2. Ellis Nedlik Classic Hugo.  G/w parti with good pigment.  Very good coat texture.
  3. Scott's Zadophie Blackbeard via Wolferglow


  1. Waterhouse Chtaura Shadow Dancer.  My find of the day  Really loved this silver brindle dog's soundness and honesty to go over.  Lovely shaped skull with well placed dark eyes.  Excel's in expression with a very good shaped wide jaw and good mouth.  I found his angles on his front and rear to have great balance which could be really seen in his movement that was free and jaunty.  His size and balance is my ideal for a male.  Would love to own him.  Hope he makes his title. BIS
  2. Clacey's Clancaniter Floridian Gold with good pigment, nice size.  Very nice skull shape.  Good shape rib, lovely coat texture.


  1. Church's Le Choix Catch Me If You Can at Aska JW SHCM.  Very stylish gold brindle, slightly higher in balance for me but I can definitely see his appeal.  He has a good shaped skull with lovely expression.  Good shoulder assembly with a good long shoulder blade into well returned upper arm.  Good shape rib, strong loin and rear.  A real showman.
  2. Scott's Wolferglow Merlot.  Very sound red gold.  Good sound construction that moved very well coming and going.  Good shaped skull and eye, for me he could just benefit from more under jaw.  Well balanced.
  3. Skillings Cossy Jimeny Cricket Among Noseneb.

OPEN DOG (6,3a)

  1. Waterhouses Eng/Am Ch Chtaura Dream Machine.  Pale Gold with good pigment.  6yr old dog that has matured so well since I last went over him.  He is a lovely size that is very solid in muscle and has wonderful depth and length to his rib.  Lovely soft expression that is all male.  Moved very well.
  2. Pointon's Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me to Ballito.  Very stylish silver sable of a nice size.  Different balance then 1, moved well keeping a good outline.  Nice soft eye with good pigment.  Very well presented.
  3. Wilkes Miricle Moonshine at Monkspath.


  1. Ellis's Nedlik Classic Claude Rich gold/white parti, blackest pigment.  Nice size.  Very nice type and style sound throughout moved well.


  1. Young's Avonbourne Tender Touch.  Beautiful made B/W parti baby .  Excellent dark eye and lovely correct head.  Very good shoulders and upper arm.  Typical shaped rib into good topline with strong hocks and lovely tail set to finish the picture.  Would be proud to have bred her.
  2. Church's Askja Popcorn and Peanuts.  Lovely balance gold brindle.  My notes say so sound.  Slightly longer then 1 with excellent rib with good topline.  Very pretty head and expression.  Two lovely puppies.
  3. Seward's Elleonia on the Dark Side.


  1. Bedford's Sangchenla Pandora.  Ultra sound gold/white parti.  Well balanced head, black pigment and dark eyes.  Good shape jaw and nice mouth.  This puppy felt like my own An-dreus to go over at this age.  Wonderful front assembly with good angels.  the best shape and length of rib of the day.  Nice back end without exaggeration.  Good coat.  Hope she matures as I would imagine. BP
  2. Ellis's Nedlik Simply the style.  Gold with wonderful black pigment and dark eyes.  Very well balanced with sound body construction.  Very good muscle tone on one so young.  Stylish movement with excellent extention of upper arm balancing well with backend.
  3. Bedford's Sangchenla Persephone.


  1. Waghorn Avonbourne Lucy Lastic with Sukisha.  Very mature b/w parti that is so soundly made.  Good shape skull and nice eye and pigment.  Well balanced anglesmand topline.  Moved true.  Very well presented coat .  A good bitch of true type.
  2. Fleet. Mytilene Peggy Sue Cum Newcliffe.  Black/silver sound bitch, pretty expression with good movement, just a little longer in balance than 1 and not as mature.


  1. Waterhouse Chtaura Boom Boom Bang.  Very nice balanced b/w parti.  Good skull shape and eye.  Moved with good topline and lovely tail set. Well presented


  1. Paradise Shardlow Rose Petal fall over Cedarpoint.  Gold bitch that is so sound to go over.  Well balanced head with good pigment and mouth.  Very good quality coat texture.  Her body has well balanced angels with a stronng backend with well placed hocks.  Moved well I was very impressed with this bitch.
  2. Waterson's Rictovia She's The One.  Another very sound bitch.  similar to handel as 1 but with slightly different head.  Very strong hocks and rear, slitely unhappy on the move, hope she gains confidence.
  3. Bedfords Avonbourne Electra.


  1.  Bushells Spinning Around for Jamikasoka.  Lovely size gold with excellent pigment.  Slightly round in head but very pretty. So sound to go over and moved well with good style in good balance of angels.  Immature in coat at the moment but has a lovely texture.
  2. McNally's Ask For Me.  Nice size gold in good finish of coat.  Kept good topline on the move, just preferred front on 1.
  3. Smith's Wyndcatch Sweet Dreams.


My favourite class

  1. Young's Avonbourne Bemused.  My ideal size for a bitch is this b/w parti.  She has matured so well since I last judged her as a junior.  Lovely skull shape, soft eyes and well shaped jaw gave sweet expression.  Very sound body with good depth of chest into straights forelegs and a good lay of shoulder and balanced upper arm.  Level strong topline into sound backend and well set hocks.  Just the type of bitch I would choose to own, for her type and honesty.  I would love to see her become a CH for I feel that she is such a worthy example of the breed.  BB, RBIS
  2. Ellis's Nedlik An Paris.  Lovely size b/w parti.  Very well marked with a lovely textured coat.  Nice skull shape with excellent jaw and mouth.  Very well made body with balanced angles and typical rib cage.  Slightly larger type then 1 with good muscle tone.  RBB
  3. Church's Askja Tantrums 'N' Tears.


  1. Torrance Sinyl Brief Encounter.  Very typical grey of lovely size  Lovely sweet head and expression.  Nice balance and sound ideal textured coat.  Another top draw bitch.
  2. Church's Worse than Wicked.  Very glamorous g/w parti, put down to perfection.  Very sound body with lovely balanced movment.  Just preferred expression of 1
  3. Waterhouse Ch Chtaura All U Need is Luv


  1. Holmes Chergram Private Dancer.  This 8 year Black bitch looked so well and was presented in great coat.  So sound to go over with a lovely sweet head.  Slightly longer but balanced in herself.  A lovely Apso BV
  2. Sutcliffe Sealaw Meet The Press at Bedingfield.  Well made 12 year gold.  Nice head and moved so soundly with a good topline.  Good coat texture and pigment.
  3. Chamberlain Chobrang Sharazam


  1. Ellis.  Well matched g/w parti of even size

Mrs Helene Bell