Judge: John Norman



I would like to thank the very friendly and hospitable committee for inviting me to judge at their Breed Club Open Show. I would also like to thank my very able steward, Bruce and the exhibitors for the quality entry.

 Veterna  Dog/Bitch (3)

1 Watson's Gregval Modesty with Lynruce. 7 yr old gold brindle. Well balanced, moved well, good coat texture which was well presented.

2 MacFarlane's Zaylon's Francesca of Sunaami.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1 Surtees Showa Bobby Dazzla For Katay. As his name implies, he really is a bobby dazzler. 8 months old gold brindle. I loved everything about him. He has loads of ring presence and moved really well. Had he been a little more mature he would have been a strong contender for best dog. Must have an exciting show career. BPIS.

2 Sumner's Truern Match Point.

 3 Waterhouse's Chtaura Knock On Wood.

Junior Dog (5)

1 Hanlon's Fernagair Starlight. 17 months gold. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Dark eye. Best mover in the class

. 2 MacFarlane Sunaami Fat Boy Slim.

3 Watson's Lynruce Prime Suspect.

YD (2)

1 Watson's Lynruce Prime Suspect. 14 months gold brindle. Liked her head and expression, well presented, moved well.

Novice Dog  (1)

1 Surtees Showa Bobbyt Dazzla for Katay.

 Post Graduate Dog  (2)

1 Schofield's Rienach Carries The Flag. 2 yr old cream dog. Good pigment, compact dog, nicely balanced. Good length of neck, well placed shoulders, well ribbed. Reluctant to move at times.

2 Hughes Silent Angel.

Limit Dog (3)

1 Phillips Saxonsprings Buddy with Dimara. 31/2 yr old gold brindle. Well balanced with good coat texture which was well presented. Moved better than

2 on the day. BOS. 2 Holland's Vaderlands Glory Alle-~Luya.

 Open Dog (2)

1 Sumner Ch Truern Pole Position. Nearly 6 yrs old gold. Balanced dog with good head and expression, beautifully presented.

2 Jones Hazgayes The Clansman With Jondot.

 Minor Puppy Bitch (4)

1 Waterhouse's Chtaura Crazy For You. 6 months old gold brindle baby. Showed and moved very well for one so young. Sweet head and expression, nicely balanced.

2 Hazelhurst's Corrolls Latin Love Affair.

 Puppy Bitch (2)

1 HughesTeah Mharia of Mitchella. 11 months. Good coat texture. Didn't move very well could do with losing some weight. She was too heavy.

Junior Bitch (5)

1 Phillips Dimara Lola Rose. 14 months gold brindle. Good pigment. Lovely sweep of neck, nice outline. Moved well.

 2 Chalmers Rossgilde Silvergilt at Chethang.

3 Seward's Elleonia Hopes Dreams.

 YB (1)

 1 ChalmersRossgilde Silvergilt at Chethang. 14 months gold and white. Good pigment, very well presented, moved well.

Novice Bitch (3)

 1 Phillips Dimar Lola Rose.

2 Seward's Elleonia Hopes Dreams. I placed this bitch third in Junior as she was being stubborn and wouldn't move. Pity! Just turned 12 months cream sable. A beautifully balanced bitch, just my type.

 Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1 Watson Cheolview Im Special for Lynruce. 20 months black and white. Lovely balance in silhouette, moved steadily.

2 Brown Marrclova Just Abeleen.

Limit Bitch(3)

1 Waterhouse Chtaura All U Need Is Luv JW. 2 yr old silver brindle. Sweet head and expression, dark eye, good pigment. Lovely outline in stance. Excellent coat texture which was beautifully presented. Moved well which earned her BIS.

2 Phillips Dimara Miss Tical JW.

3 SurteesKatay Penelope Pitstop.

Open Bitch (5)

1 Holland Ch Deelayne Ever Decent. 4 yr old gold and white brindle. Well balanced. Ultra feminine head with lovely expression. Presented to perfection. Moved well. Pushed the limit winner all the way. RBIS.

2. Waterhous's Chtaura Rhythm Is A Dancer.

3 Chalmers&; Chethang Emily Lane