JUDGE; Britt-Marie Young

Thank you to the committee and the exhibitors for a warm welcome. The venue was in a lovely location. I was very pleased with overall entry and felt honoured to be given a chance to go over some quality dogs on the day. Seventy seven dogs were entered with fifty four being present. There were a lot of up and coming youngster showing great promise for the future, boding well for the breed. I was really spoiled for choice, and it was down to nitpicking in the end. I awarded BIS and RBIS respectively, to the winners of Veteran Dog and Veteran Bitch classes. The Lhasa takes a long time to mature, and like a good wine he does improve with age. I was delighted with my top winners at seven and eleven years respectively. They possessed the quality, maturity and finish I was looking for, coupled with showmanship. There were many different types present and different colours. Heads varied quite a lot, upright shoulders are still very apparent, as was lack of correct forward reach. Stuffy necks there were a few. Hind angulation is getting better, although good muscle tone was lacking in many and as a result some were moving very close behind. Some coats were on the soft side, but can be forgiven in a youngster. Pigmentation in general was good but for a few summer noses. A few bites could have been better, with a few undershot ones and narrow underjaws. It was unfortunate, that some of the dogs did not like the mat for some reason, and did nor perform as well as they could have and missed out on better placings. Best in Show: Houses Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted. Reserve Best in Show: Reynolds Chethang Georgette. Best Puppy in Show: Youngs Avonbourne Touchy Feely.

VD Three excellent representatives of the breed

.1 Houses Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted. Surprised he is not made up yet. Upstanding gold, masculine, excellent posture. Excellent outline, really filled the eye, well balanced, with a super head, dark eye, and arrogant expression., Lovely neckline and level topline, good tail carriage decent front and good hind angulation.Good coat texture, good depth of chest, finished in all respects, free mover, covering the ground very well. Super showman. BD and BIS.

 2. Reynolds Ch. Jardene Cantona. Another one in top form. Good head proportions, dark eye and good expression. Straight front, decent shoulder placement, level topline, well angulated hind quarters, good coat quality and in super condition, moved freely.

3 Walker Ch. Shigatse Tyler.

MPD (4)

 1 Wildeys Chamando High flyer. What a little poppet, only 6 months old, and showed so well for his young handler, compliments to them both. Pleasing in outline, good proportions, lovely head, correct bite, and melting expression, level topline, good coat for age, just showed and showed, should do very well. BPD.

2 Paganis Tamsuegani Serious Black. Another lovely baby, almost 9 months, slightly longer in back, could be sturdier, good pigmentation, nice head, good neckline, not as positive on the move.

 3. Jennings Cossys Dexys Midnite Runner.

 PD (4)

1 Torrance Sinyul Here Comes the Sun. A real character, so full of himself, would not stand still for a second., 11 months and in a super jacket of correct texture. Straight front, nicely angulated rear, good topline, good shape and just right for substance. Head nicely proportioned. Moved well when he decided to, should do well when he settles down.

2. Ellices King of the Forest. Another lovely puppy, good body and head proportions expressive dark eye, level topline and well angulated rear, good coat, a little on the soft side.

 3. Paganis Tamsuegani Orsom Wells.

 JD (3)

 1 Bromleys Cossys Jammie Dodger at Jardene. I liked this lad a lot, masculine, maturing in the right direction, so well made all round, head of good proportions and exc. pigmentation, lovely neck and topline, decent front and good rear angulation and good tailset, in super condition with abundant coat, which was a little on the soft side, but he is only young, good driving movement. Noticed he is sired by my BIS winner.

2 Scarlls Timazinti Motoro. Another super representative of the breed, I liked a lot, and was splitting hairs with 1 and 2. I am sure they will change places many times in future. Similar notes apply, but just preferred the length of back of 1.

 3 Saunders Bellellen Boy o Boy.


 (4) 1 Cossy’s Jammie Dodger at Jardene

. 2. King of the Forest

 3. Bellellen Boy o Boy.

GD (2)

 1 Cossys Jammie Dodger at Jardene

2 Timazianti Motoro.


(1) Bushells Jamikasoka Skater Boy. Attractive boy, still needs some time to mature, would have liked a bit more masculinity all round, decent lay of shoulder, level topline, good hind angulation, good coat quality, moved a bit erratic.


 (4) 1 Gillmans Mytilene Budweizer JW. G/W This dog just oozes quality, Lovely to go over in all respects, very well constructed, super balance, level topline, good heartroom, good coat quality, free flowing movement, maturing very well, Should go far. Will watch with interest. RBD.

2 Crymmeys Nickanda Otello. Another quality dog, Very appealing in outline, and of good conformation, well made head, super pigmentation, typical expression, good topline, which he kept on the move, just unlucky to meet no. 1 today.

3 Davies Marchtru San Marquis at Narmoak.

OD (1)

1 Skillings Cossys Jimeny Cricket among Nosneb. Gold. A very handsome dog. Nice head and enquisitive expression, Lovely temperament, of good balance, good coat quality, well angulated hindquarters. Would have liked a bit more animation, moved well.

VB (1)

1 Reynolds Chethang Georgette. Gold. Such a feminine bitch, and in peak condition all round. All in proportion, super bite, dark eye, lovely expression, good front and rear angulation, well ribbed, good substance, super coat and condition, Movement was free and jaunty. Could teach the young ones a thing or two. Best Bitch.

MPB (4)

1. Jennings Tasharies Krista Belle at Cossy. Most mature of all the four babies in this class at 7 months, sturdy and balanced, and with a level topline, scored in front and rear department and on movement.

2 Allsops Chamando Little Diva, and she was, Very pretty, little to choose between her and 1, but topline not as firm yet and 1 scored on coat quality, very positive on the move.

3 Youngs Avonbourne Beguile.

PB (11)

An impressive class of upandcoming youngsters of different types, some need to watch their weight.

 1 Young’s Avonbourne Touchy Feely. B/W. Absolutely adorable, so feminine, stood out in this class with her presence, super outline, lovely to go over, soundly put together and correct pigmentation, darkest of eyes, good expression, level topline, good coat quality. Another one with a bright future no doubt BP.

2. Torrance Sinyul Can 't buy me Love, g/w.quality puppy of good conformation, well angulated fore and aft, well ribbed, good head, good bite, lovely expression, sound movement.

 3 Chalmers Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chethang.

JB (7)

1 Wiehes Timazinti Golden Angel for Lisimo. Very pretty feminine bitch, so appealing in outline, beautifully proportioned. Head and body maturing in the right direction, good pigmentation and lovely expression, super hindquarters, very positive on the move. One to watch.

 2 Paradise's Shardlow Funky Fairy JW. Another good bitch shown in good coat and condition. Soundly made and nicely balanced, lovely head, good bite and appealing expression, moved well, just needs a bit more animation.

 3. Ellis Nedlik an Paris.

NB (3)

1. Browns Beranjo Carmella Gold Heart. So much to like about this lovely young girl, just 12 months old, great character, very confident, sturdy and balanced , nice head and expression, good pigment, her dentition could be better, moved and showed well.

2 Ellis Nedlik Look at Lyndsey. A lovely bitch to go over, sound in all respects, just wish she had been a bit more enthusiastic and showed better.

3 Wildman’s Belazieths Ms Dynamite at Skaldan.

 GB (3)

Three feminine bitches. Preferred heads and maturity of 1 and 2.1. Bushells Aibrean Destiny at Jamikasoka. Lovely outline, nice head piece and expression, good front and rear, adequate neckline, good depth of chest and just right off for substance, good tail set and good coat quality, moved well, but would have liked a bit more enthusiasm.

2 Reynolds Bridnelli Blowing Bubbles. Nicely constructed bitch and a very fluid mover, level topline, super condition, coat a fraction soft.

3 Wildmans Ms Dynamite at Skaldan.

PGB (4)

1 Young's Avonbourne Bemused. B/W 3 year old. Smallest of the three in this class, oozing feminity and scored in conformation, good length of back, well ribbed, level topline, good neckline, good tailset, lovely head, dark eye and pigmentation, typical expression, free flowing movement, coat just right RBB.

2. Bushells Jamikasoka Bellerina Girl, another lovely type with a lot to offer, nicely constructed, good head, eye and sweet expression, nice neckline and level topline, well placed tail, moved well.

3 Torrance Sinyul Lets stay together JW.

LB (6)

1 Luscotts Jalus Dizzy Lizzy. Liked her type very much, gold, so feminine, really coming into her own now, lovely head, dark eye and sweet expression, nicely proportioned, decent front and nicely angulated rear, good neckline and topline, in good coat and condition, moved out well with drive.

2 Paradises Shardlow Ragtaggle Gypsy JW Sh Cm caught my eye with her super outline, she has presence, a fabulous expression. Liked her shape, quality of coat and topline, moved with good typical action.

 3 Wiehe's Lisimo I love to boogie.

 OB (8)

1 Torrance Sinyul Brief Encounter. This is a lovely bitch to go over, good conformation, good quality grey coat, good head, eye and expression, nice neckline and topline. She moved adequately well. I would just have liked to have seen a bit more drive and animation.

2 Davis Timazinti Paris. Black, smaller than 1, very feminine, good topline, super pigmentation and darkest of eyes. Moved well, hind movement could have been tidier. Preferred head and movement of 1.