Midland Lhasa Apso Association
8 April 2018

Firstly a huge thanks to the Committee for their kind invitation it is always an honour to be asked to do a Club Show more so when it is not your own breed.  I enjoyed my day very much on this showing I felt there was more depth in the Bitches with some very nice youngsters in the earlier classes.

I felt a lot were very narrow in front but that mouths had improved several in my view had too much coat the standard does say it should not be too excessive.

Veteran Dog (3)

1/ Lock - CH/ Littondale Valentino, lovely head with excellent pigment good mouth neck and shoulders in good coat and moved out well fore and aft.  Felt he scored for balance over the second.

2/ Waterhouse - CH/ Chtaura Hippy Hippy Shake , good head and eye excellent mouth, scores in front assembly just a tad long in body but very sound and positive on the move.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1/ Gilman - Abscarrytee Shadow Master with Mytilene, very smart youngster with better pigment a little long and heavy in bone but has good balance and is overall well constructed much more settled on the move than the second.

2/ Devereux - Terandak Northern Hope, I preferred the size of this baby who is already showing a lot of promise just needs time to settle in movement particularly in front .

Puppy Dog (6)

1/ Taylor & Johnson - Sifrasons Military Hero, lovely head with great expression open nostril and first rate pigment.  Body is developing well and he has good front and rear assembly. Won on movement here top line just needs to tighten. Best Puppy Dog

2/ Phillips - Dimara Cool Runnings, not quite as together on the move and certainly has a better top line presents a good outline close up to winner.

3/ Baker - Zanamop Midnight Warrior

Junior Dog (6)

Very mixed Class

1/  Hemsley - Taemarus Neverending Story, felt he was the best constructed here, a little strong in head but very balanced, very good top line held on the move which was sound and steady.

2/ Clutterbuck - Kutani Shockwave , more glamorous male mouth could be better good ribbing and tail set very good going away but needs to settle in front.

3/ Baxter - Fengola Sassy Boy 

Yearling Dog (5)

1/ Hemsley - Taemarus Neverending Story

2/ Pointon - Archirondels Beauregarde, scores for balance good bone and feet, well made body with good quarters not quite the reach in front of winner.

3/ Baker - Zanamop Does Ya Mother Know 

Maiden Dog (1)

1/ Gilman -Abscarrytree Shadow Master with Mytilene

Novice Dog (2)

1/ Taylor & Johnson, Sifrasons Military Hero

2/ Gilman - Abscarrytree Shadiw Master with Mtilene

Graduate Dog (2)

1/ Hemsley - Taemarus Neverending Story

2/ Thompson - Remrah Mad Stuntman at Toynbee JW,  good head and eye but is a little narrow in front which resulted in poor front action positive going away and has a very good coat.

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1/ Schuckardt - Timazintis Peppermint at Frenchlands JW, very well constructed lovely front assembly bone and feet.  Top line is good and held on the move which is sound and positive both ways.  Correct texture to coat.

2/ Haigh - Marbledale Jenson Button, has good balance and not a bad head and xpression, not so good in front as winner which affected his movement, that's aide went well going away.

3/ Jones - Tarendez See This Bear

Mid limit Dog (4)

1/ Carter - Zanamop Trader Jack at Vowchurch,  very typical in all respects excellent front assembly well laid shoulder, good neck and top line outmoved the others here.

2/ Owen - Viewtop Mystic Black Knight at Gatchinyo , a little longer in body than first and needs to tighten in front.  Moved soundly but not with the reach or drive of the winner.

3/ Waterhouse - Shingsa Sultan of Swing Via Chtaura

Limit Dog (7)

1/ Luscott - Snow-Lions Modus Vivendi with Jalus (imp),  lovely head eye and mouth, clean well laid shoulders with excellent bone and feet.  Body is well made with good ribbing and firm top line, strong quarters used to advantage.  Good coat condition presented well, felt he was a little light in body condition but close up to major winners.

2/ Phillips - Dimara Soul Boy, looks good on the stack and handles well, scores in neck and shoulders firm well made body perhaps slightly over angulated in rear and didn't make the best of himself on the move.

3/ Barnett & Carter - Alamiks Dare to Dream

Open Dog (11)

Strong Class full of quality

1/ Blake - Longsdale Lets Rock Gallero, put down to the minute and looked the part has a lovely head with dark pigmentation, lovely eye and expression.  Excellent mouth, clean neck and well laid shoulders.  Good ribbing firm topline with just enough angulation behind, good front action but could make more effort going away I felt overall he did enough and I was pleased to award him his third CC.  Being hypercritical he could carry a little less coat.

2/ Hall - CH/ Shenedene Don Carlos, very glamorous and as always put down to the minute, more compact than the winner and better behind just a little unsettled.  Scores in head and outlook lovely bone and feet good top line maintained on the move RCC close up.

3/ Anderson - Zentarr Tobias

Veteran Bitch (1)

1/ Scarll & Sykes - CH/ Timazintis Liberty, alone here but after going over her and moving her I thought she would be hard to beat and this proved to be the case.  I absolutely loved her, bang on for size beautiful head and eye well set ear first rate mouth, good bone and feet.  Well laid shoulder and enough neck she is well ribbed and her body is strong and muscular excellent top line and tail set, Good quarters used well to propel her round the ring with drive and precision.  Good quality coat and length. CC and BOB with something to spare.

Minor Puppy Bitch (6)

1/ Scholes - Rossglide Silver Dawn, ultra feminine very stylish with so much to like scores in size and balance lovely head and eye body developing well excellent mover for such a baby.

2/ Whetton - Lippylous Silver Lining, another promising puppy has a little more substance than the winner but refused to use her tail on the move.  She is good to handle with a lovely head and mouth another who just needs time.

3/ Hazelhurst - Elleonia Meant to be With Corroll

Puppy Bitch (13)

1/ Baker & Keeble - Jadeish Fascination, bitch with substance and a lot of style lovely coat texture, nicely angulated both ends with correct bone and good feet.  Clean neck and shoulders very good ribbing and top line.  Body is firm and muscular and she moved well both ways and in profile. Best Puppy

2/ Francis & Pearce - Longsdales One Last Time, very glamorous bitch beautifully presented and such a good mover looks a picture when stacked and handles well, close up to winner felt her coat could have been a little harsher.

3/ Blake - Marbledale One and Only Gallerio

Junior Bitch (14)

1/ Hattrell - Remrah Kinky Boots at Khinjan, felt she had the best balance is this very good class, scores in neck and shoulder well off for bone and good feet.  Excellent mouth and head properties, body is well made and she is well ribbed with strong hindquarters moved out with purpose both fire and aft to take RCC.

2/ Hall - Shenedene Reckless Secret, more compact than winner and handles well would prefer a little more neck but she is well balanced has a lovely head and eye and uses herself to advantage in the move.

3/ Clutterbuck - Kutani Material Girl

Yearling Bitch (6)

1/ Horne - Taemarus Miss D'Appointment with Chanceinn,  much more together in this class very well made right through with a good head mouth and eye.  Good front angulation and neck  more substance than others plus good movement fire and aft.

2/ Young - Avonbourne Sweet Mariette, lighter in body than winner but very smart mover particularly in profile feminine head with nice pigment and expression.

3/ Jones - Tarendes See This Bear

Maiden Bitch(9)

1/ Scholes - Rossglide Silver Dawn

2/ Gillman - Mytilene Lucy Love it, loved her outline, neck and shoulders scores for bone and feet and moves smartly not the presence of the winner.

3/ Whetton - Lippylous Silver Lining

Novice (6)

1/ Hall - Shenedene Reckless Secret

2/ Gillman -  Mytilene Lucy Love It

3/ Whetton - Lippylous Silver Lining 

Graduate Bitch (3)

1/ Horne - Taemarus Miss D'Appointment with Chanceinn

Post Graduate (4)

1/ Hemsley- Taemarus Amazing Grace, ultra feminine with excellent pigment and expression, enough bone and good feet good coat condition very smart positive mover.

2/ Beddoe - Kutani Bella Rosa For Aspera, more substance than winner but not quite as feminine, scored in top line and quarters which she uses well on the move looks good in profile.

3/ McCoy - Terendak Parti Time 

Mid Limit (4)

1/ Gillman - Cossys Star Attraction Via Mytilene JW,  best made her has substance yet retains femininity good shoulders and bone enough neck and well made body good tail set outmoved the others.

2/ Jones - Belazieth Hello Miss Marple at Tarendes, excellent pigment dark expressive eyes, not a glamour girl but handles well and retains a firm top line in the move.

3/ Russell - Sonsi Miss Precious

Limit Bitch (9)

1/ Scarll & Sykes - Timazintis Kienke, very smart lovely head and eye , good mouth nicely angulated front with clean neck and shoulders.  Scored in top line and rear angulation and outmoved the others here.

2/ Davis - Timazintis Millie Mae at Narmoak, not dissimilar to winner and much of same comments apply good reach in front but a little close behind.

3/ Bell - Vallena Dara

Open Bitch (8)

1/ O'Doherty - CH/ Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnsoell JW, very well put together and outmoved the others in this class, lovely head and expression good expression nice set of ear. Clean in neck and shoulders good bone and feet firm body with good ribbing, correct top line and tail set.

2/ Hall - Shenedene Paloma Faith JW, out of a smaller mould but all the attributes needed to take her to the top just not putting all in I the move today.  Very good head and mouth balanced body with excellent ribbing and quarters.

3/ Jones - CH/ Tarendes it's That Bear

Ernie Paterson