Midland Lhsa Apso Club

Really enjoyed my day judging this wonderful breed. Great to see several experienced well established breeders at this show and still producing the goods. Many top quality dogs on show here. Some were unfortunately not presented as they should being rather dirty and having knots in the coats. Some seemed rather longer in loin and this isn’t where the length should come from this should be the longer rib cage. The breed needs a short and strong loin. I am also not keen on this exaggerated neck that seems to be creeping in. I really do apologies for the lateness of this critique. I was very honoured to judge this well organised breed club show.

Vet D 1

1st Luekiki Diemos to Spanki JW SH. CH.

Such a good size and shape. Excellent head and expression. Good eye shape. Straight in front. Good in body with correct rib length. Good topline and tail. Steady typical movement. Quality well-presented coat. A good one to start the day.


1st Kutani Taboo

Very excitable and exiting youngster. Super type loved his arrogance with that typical Tibetan look. Perfect size . Balanced.Good neck and front. One for the future. Steady mover. Quality. Naughty but nice.

2nd Gallerio Lets Get It On

Excellent type with a good head and expression.Good topline and tail.Moved well with decent front extension.Good coat.

3rd Belazieth's Master Tom

PD 6

1st Timazinti Britskil at Kenida

Very promising youngster here. Loved his overall balance ,size and shape. Super expression. Very confident.

Super head and eye size and shape. Mature in body and strong in loin. Good tail. Excellent rear with good hocks. Moved with drive and pizazz. Quality. Well-presented coat.Sure to go all the way.Res CC.

2ndAspera Snowstorm

Not as mature as one. Good size. Typical head and expression.Quality coat. Well resented. Sound rear and a good mover.

3rd Zanamop Does Ya Mother Know

JD 6(1)

1st Sandauri Show Stopper For Kutani

Stunning young dog in his prime. Classic breed type. Masculine .Super head and expression. Good eye shape. Clean neck and front. Good rib length. Strong loin. Well angulated rear with strong neat hocks. Super coat texture. Perfect presentation. Free and easy mover with no exaggeration. Just loved him to pieces. Presented a perfect picture of the standard to me.CC & BOB

2ndRedsun Name My Day Via Alamiks

Exellent type and a good size and shape. Typical head proportions. Good neck and topline.Sound rear. Moved well not as advanced as one. Well presented and a steady mover.

3rd Jardene Diamond Geezer

YD 3(1)

1st Alamiks Dare To Dream

Smart looking dog of a good type and masculine. Sturdy and a good overall shape. Rather enthusiastic on the move.Could have a little more body. Very well presented. Quality coat.

2ndAnjesics Kingsmaker of Khazedel

Good size and shape. Coat still maturing. Excellent expression. Moved well.

MD 1

1st Archirondel's Beau Regarde

Exellent size. Very good head and expression.Neaded to steady in previuos classes which he did here. Coat coming through well. Well presented. Sound rear with neat hocks.

ND 2

1st Archirondel's Beau Regarde

2ndDynamite Jack for Zanamop

Rather hesitant. Could have a stronger muzzle. Quality coat.Good ribs and loin. Smart mover.

GD 2(1)

1st Remrah Mad Stuntman at Toynbee

Very good type.Well-proportioned head and good eye shape and size. Good size and shape. Coat is still maturing. Well-muscled rear which he used well. Good tail and well presented.


1st Remrah Rave On

Very smart young dog of top quality. Super type, size &shape. Lovely temperament. Coat maturing. Very good mover. Well constructed with good muscle condition.

2ndBelazieth's Jack Of Hearts

Shown in super coat and condition with a super head and expression. Very good ribs. Moved well. Slightly longer than the winner.

3rd Bellellen Double Ducie

MLD 6(2)

1st Amesen Watch Me Fly To Ballito jw

This dog is really maturing well. Love the fact that he is not big or bulky. Super head with good dentition. Very well placed eyes which are a good size. Good neck and front. Good ribs ,rear and tail. Typical mover. Excellent coat which was well presented.

2ndSpanki Oh Happy Day jw sh cm

Excellent shape.Good size . Very good head and typical expression. Not as mature in coat as 1. Good topline. Well presented.

3rd Deelayne Stolen Thunder over Besann

LD 5(3)Two totally different types here. Both good examples of the breed.

1st Longsdale Lets Rock Gallerio

Very smart and well-presented grey/black dog of quality. Won this class on his overall maturity. Really super expression with lovely dark eyes. Very good neck & front. Firm topline . A tad long in loin.Smart mover. Sound hocks. Super coat. Shown in good hard condition.

2ndDeelayne El Conquistador

I liked the size and shape of this one. He is still maturing in body and coat. Excellent head with good mouth and eyes. Moved well. Correct topline & tail.

OD 6 ( 2)

1st Nickanda Something Special

Very smart looking dog. Fully mature in body and coat. Super head and expression. Clean neck and front. Good ribs. Sound rear with neat hocks. Good tail. Very well presented and a really typical mover.

2ndCH Marbledale Perfection sh cm

Exellent type. Very good shape. Good coat texture. Mature in body .Very good rear. Correct tail. Presentation could have been better. Sound typical movement.


VB 1

1st Ch AnjesicsDream Maker JW 

Really gorgeous bitch in fabulous condition. Oozes breed type with a melting expression. Good neck and front. Perfect size and shape. Shown in exceptional condition. Good ribs and loin. Correct rear with good hocks. Moved well and super presentation. A joy to judge.

MPB 6 ( 4)

1st Culversapso Ever So Clever

Very smart baby of a good type, Balanced and a good shape. Very typical expression with good eye shape and pacement. |Good neck and front. Moved well with neat hocks. Coat coming along nicely. Well presented.

2ndDeelayne Felicity with Carribrae taf

Super expression. Good size and shape. Typical movement. Good hocks. Excellent coat coming. Looked slightly longer than the winner.

PB 8(1)

1st Timazinti Millie Mae at Narmoak

Real star in the making here such classic breed type. Super size and shape . Everything as it should be. Sure to make it to the top. Exellent coat and presentation. Such a positive easy mover. Only beaten by her brother for BP.

2ndAlamiks Simply Solo

Quality girl that at present is still looking immature however everything fits well. Very feminine. Clean lines. Sound rear. Cute expression.Moved well and well presented.

3rd Marbledale One To Pick

JB 11(2)

1st Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell jw

Stunning young girl with a perfect expression. I have admired here and judged her a few times and just think she is just scrummy. Ultra feminine. Nothing coarse about her just pure quality all through and so perfectly schooled and presented. Future Ch. For sure and so close to winning the CC today but just pipped by the maturity of the eventual CC winner. Res CC.

2ndDamjoz Moon Lady at Claelamir

This is another classic looking Lhasa. Just loved everything about her and she was close up to the winner in many ways. Such quality.a joy to judge. Effortless typical mover.

3rd Spyanki Enigmatic Kisses

YB 3 (1)

1st Timazinti Kienke

I could have taken this one home just adored her style shape an ring presence. Super expression . Good etye shape and size. Excellent front. Very good in body and loin. Moved with va va voom. Quality well presented coat. Perfect presentation. Surely one for top honours.

2ndKutani Jitterbug

Slightly taller girl but another quality one. Super head. Clean front. Good top line and tail. Very easy mover. Well presented. Super coat.

MB 4 (1)

1st Alamiks Simply Solo


2ndAvonbourne Sweet Mariette

Qulity black of good breed type. Slightly longer cast than the winner. Good mover. Exellent coat. Good mover.

3rd Katay Pleasures

NB 3 (1)

1st Alamiks Simply Solo


2nd Katay Pleasures

GB 2 Two really smart girls here.

1st Kutani Electra with Chazmeen

Very smart with a super outline. Very good head and expression. Lovely neck & topline. Moved well the neat hocks. Good coat and well presented.

2nd Spyanki Enigmatic Kisses

Close up to one. Good quality super type. Moved with style.

PGB 7 (1)

1st Chtaura Message To Martha Via Chysauster

Really lovely grey of excellent type ,size and shape.Good prportions. Really sweet expression. Good eye shape. Good jaw. Really good body and topliine. Good tail. In excellent coat and condtion. Moved as they should.

2nd Kutani Electra with Chazmeen


3rd Remrah Babooshka at Marpori

MLB 5 (3)

1st Sinyul Let There Be Love

Really feminine girl full of breed type. Really good size and shape. Exellent mouth. Really good in front. Good neck and topline.Well carried tal. Good hocks. Super coat and condition.

2nd Labweiler Real Opal for Vowchurch

Really good type. Exellent head and expression. Balanced. Good coat and presentation. Not the movement of the winner.

LB 7 (1) Quality class

1st Deelayne Demerara

Amazing breed type in this one. Such a super shape. True Lhasa expression. Good eye shape. Mature in body and coat which is a really good texture. Correct in ribs and loin with a really good rear. Moved well. Very well presented.

2nd Shiawandi What If (imp Esp)

Exellent type size and shape. Good head and expression. Good neck and topline. In super coat. Typicak mover.

Very well presented.

3rd Zanamop Truly Scrumscious

OB 8 (3)

1st Timazinti  Dream Girl

She certainly is my dream girl I have admired her from afar. You just look at her expression and think Lhasa. So femine yet sturdy and able to move like a dream. A lesson in how they should be constructed. I was captivated by her. So well presented without any fuss. Truly a special one. CC

2nd Anjesics Dreams Come True jw

Another quality girl with so much to admire. Love her size and shape. Moved well. In super coat and condition.

Exellent head. Good eye shape. Flowing neck and topline. Well presented.

3rd Ch Shenedene Miss World jw