MPD (4)

1 Jones’ Tarendes Tis That Bear, 8½ months gold of great promise. Beautifully balanced head with reverse scissor bite & typical expression. Ideal length of neck, firm topline, so well balanced with correct angulation that reflects in his typical Lhasa gait. Beautifully bodied & presented. A future star I feel sure. BP;

 2 Andersson-Hamill’s Tantra’s Alexander, 7 months parti who has such a pleasing way of going. A little fuller in skull than 1 & not quite as straight in foreleg but very well balanced, nicely conditioned & sensibly presented;

3 Booth’s Deeply Devoted

. PD (2)

1 Hall & Kares’ Chic Choix Roof Of The World, 10 months gold, beautifully presented, ideal size & shape, a little strong in backskull & could have straighter forelegs. Still moved soundly;

2 Thomas’ Heidiflic’s Roman Candle, 9 months fawn, preferred his head balance to 1 but he is longer cast & tends to run up in topline which hopefully will improve with age. Very stylish mover, nicely presented.

 JD (2)

1 Anderson’s Zentarr George, 15 months gold, not the most overtly masculine of dogs but so full of quality. Beautiful head & expression with excellent reverse scissor bite, clean well balanced outline, forelegs could be a little straighter but nicely bodied & in super coat immaculately presented. Sound & stylish mover. Topline needs to firm up. Real Lhasa character;

2 Blake’s Fengolas Simply Wonderful, 14 months gold, lots of type about him & very solidly built but mouth is much more undershot than 1 & he is slightly longer cast. Steady mover & again very well presented.

PGD (6)

1 Quelch’s Deelayne Pharare Ardquin, r/w parti of excellent size & shape, correctly balanced head, nicely boned & bodied, could be a little firmer in hock, pleasing coat texture, real Lhasa character & typical mover;

2 Bradford’s Deelayne Stolen Thunder over Besann, gold of quality & very typy, lovely head, good neck & topline, not quite as well bodied as 1 & so well angulated in front which is possibly why he picks his front feet up a little high. Very nicely presented;

3 Seward & Poole’s Elleonia Rick O’shay Tu Domensa.

LD (5)

1 Hall’s Magic Prince Azurowa Amhara at Shenedene, b/w parti, full of attitude, excellent head type & expression, nicely bodied & in firm hard condition. Very eager mover, sound & stylish, quality coat sensibly presented. The fact that he tends to look lovingly up at his handler all the time & appear to lose neck, & does not have excessive coat on his rear makes him look even more compact than he is – & being surrounded by some overly long coupled dogs doesn’t help;

2 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Hippy Hippy Shake, pale gold of pleasing type but a little fuller in skull & longer cast than 1. Really beautifully conditioned & groomed, steady mover;

3 Ventura Moore’s Doubletrouble at Terendak.

 OD (7)

1 Radstock’s Ch/Dutch/Bel/Ger/Lux Ch Close To Perfection Next To You, gold of excellent overall type, beautifully bodied & conditioned. Quality head, typical expression, perfectly balanced under his coat with correct neck & firm topline. Moved steadily & with style. CC;

2 Hall’s Fin/Sw/Norw/Est/Lat Ch Shenedene All About Me, another gold solidly made & all male. Pleasing head, balanced outline, not quite as firm in hock as 1 but pushed hard. Again a quality coat well presented. RCC;

3 Anderson’s Gib/Fin/Port/Rom Ch Zentarr Morgan.

MPB (7)

1 Jones’ Tarendes It’s That Bear, 8½ months gold, solid yet feminine & excellent type all through. Charming head, excellent overall balance, strong bone, immaculate topline, sound & typical mover in good coat well presented. Litter sister to BP I see;

2 Holland’s Vaderlands Feel The Fashion, very similar in basic type, almost 9 months pale gold. Again appealed in head & outline but preferred 1 going away;

3 Devereux’s Labweiler’s Born To Be Wild.

 PB (6)

 1 Baxter’s Fengola Oh So Sassy, 9½ months g/w, beautifully balanced, utterly feminine yet with enough bone & substance. Delightful head, perfectly balanced outline, excellent front with straight forelegs, moved correctly & with style, quality coat nicely presented;

2 Jones’ Tarendes Luv That Bear, 9 months g/w of excellent overall type & shape. Ideal size, correctly balanced, lovely head type, not quite as well let down behind as 1 & not as true up & down;

3 Harris’ Rossgilde Kissing Kousins with Vonstry.

JB (9)

1 Richardson’s Belazieth Smarties Red Gem, as soon as this bitch walked into the ring I felt my heart miss a beat as at last I had found what I was looking for & I prayed she would be as good on the table as she was on the ground. She was! 18 months red of exquisite type all through. Beautiful head & expression, perfectly balanced outline, superbly bodied & already in full coat with marvellous texture. Her outline is simply classical with the correct length of neck, the proper Lhasa tail carriage (so many are getting flatter & flatter on the back) & a flawless topline. Immaculately presented & she moved like a Lhasa should. Absolutely the star of the day for me & nothing came close. Her first CC & BOB but not her last;

2 Shoemark’s Luekiki Better Than A Dream, 14 months shaded gold of high quality, out of a slightly smaller mould than 1 but she still has substance, balance & lots of type in a nicely presented feminine package;

 3 Jennings’ Cossy’s Jay Lo.

 NB (3)

 1 Paradise’s Wrenwrox Mum’s The Word for Shardlow, 6 months brindle baby full of promise, typical head, classic proportions & she has a lovely way of going. Raw but with lots of potential;

2 Roach’s Anjesics Beaulieu, 13 months gold carrying plenty of body, good basic head type, well balanced outline, nicely angulated throughout & a reasonable mover, well presented;

 3 Paradise’s Halloween Hellz Bellz Ring for Shardlow.

PGB (2)

1 Holland’s Jalus Lou Ella at Vaderlands, gold of excellent type all through, beautiful head & expression, forelegs could be straighter, classic outline, quality coat, sound & steady mover;

 2 Carter’s Vowchurch Viva La Diva, shaded gold, a little fuller in skull than 1 & longer cast but essentially typical & sound mover with excellent coat texture.

LB (5)

1 Andersson-Hamill’s Tantra’s Mary Grace, dark gr/w of classic type & moving accordingly, beautiful head & expression, excellent neck & topline, nicely presented. Well deserved the RCC behind the thrilling Junior bitch. Should gain her title;

 2 Sutcliffe & Fleet’s Fengola’s Super Sassy Ay Newcliffe, gold of excellent overall type, substantial but still full of quality. Pleasing head & expression with good basic construction but a shade longer coupled than 1. Sound & stylish mover masterfully presented;

 3 Allen’s Deelayne Etoile Russe with Quaymore.

OB (5)

 1 Roach’s Anjesics Gypsy Rose, beautifully groomed gold of excellent size & shape, pleasing head but I would like a stronger underjaw & a little more underbite. Moved steadily & typically but can soften a little in topline on the stack. Still won on her lovely silhouette moving;

2 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Everybody In Love, paler gold with excellent head type & good overall balance. Quality coat, moved steadily but preferred 1 in front;

3 Jones’ Ch Tarendes See That Bear.