MPD (3) 1 Watts-Catley’s Zanamop True To Form, utterly charming at just 6 months, he scored on balance on the move, excellent layback of shoulder, good pigment & mouth. He went so well if still a touch babyish in front, holding himself with the greatest of pride. Most exciting; 2 Hall & Kares’ Chic Choix Roof Of The World, red gold with gorgeous head, eye & expression, in the best of coat & condition with good firm body, well angulated shoulder & hindquarters. Lovely outline standing but, although a happy, energetic showman, for reasons of his own would insist on putting his head down, on the move. Another lovely youngster; 3 Thomas’ Heidiflic’s Roman Candle.
(5) 1 Cain’s Kutani Skyfall, glamorous & typy, this happy masculine gold sable & white parti surely has the wow factor. Beautiful head & expression, super for size, make, shape & balance with good mouth, in very mature coat & the hardest of muscular condition, he moved to match the excellence of his conformation. Close up to the green edged cards. His turn will surely come. He is gorgeous! BP, his owner apologised for not being able to compete in the puppy group as she had a very painful accident to her knee. A shame & only hope she feels better now; 2 C C Roof Of The World; 3 Waterhouse’s Chtaura When Smokey Sings.
(5) 1 Quelch’s Deelayne Pharare Ardquin, r/w parti of excellent make, shape & size with good mouth & layback of shoulder, in hard condition. Very accurate mover in splendid coat with excellent topline, good tailset & carriage; 2 Bushell’s Jamikasoka’s Nigel Gearsley, black with decent shoulder & good topline, energetic & sound on the move, in excellent coat, lovely head, eye & expression; 3 Richardson’s Belazieth Smarties Ice.
(6) 1 Devereux’s Dimara Real Riot at Belazieth, well balanced & conformed grey silver, who won here with some ease, scoring on his good layback of shoulder. Very sound & energetic on the move, going particularly well behind with good reach in profile, I see he is proving his worth having sired both the enchanting 6 months old MP winners; 2 Bradford’s Deelayne Stolen Thunder over Besann, lovely headed pale gold in full glamorous coat with an excellent mouth, well set & carried tail. Energetic showman, rather over full of himself to start with, but when he calmed down, moved very well indeed; 3 Deacon’s Andolyn Fly Me To The Moon.
(5) 1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Hippy Hippy Shake, pale gold, who scored on size & type with firm sturdy body. A good mover, well made all through with good layback of shoulder & well set & carried tail; 2 Rauhut’s Chic Choix Five Miles Out, tall glamorous pale cream, well conformed, just a touch longer in body than 1, super sound & impressive on the move; 3 Harmer’s Deelayne Mister Magnum at Remrah.
(9) 1 Radstock’s Int Jun Ch Close To Perfection Next To You, pale gold, full of quality, in superb coat & condition, so good for make, shape, size & type. An excellent mover, whose enthusiastic showmanship just tipped the scales here. CC, which I gather is his first & BOB; 2 Hall’s Multi Ch Shenedene All About Me, another handsome pale gold with lovely masculine head & big wide nostrils. His fully mature coat can give the impression that he is larger than he is but, in reality, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with his size. So well made all through & this was reflected in the soundness of his movement. Close up to the winner. RCC; 3 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Well Did You Ever.

MPB (11) 1 Watts-Catley’s Zanamop Lady Arabella, this delightful 6 months br/w simply stole my heart! She has the most beautiful head with an irresistible expression in her well shaped eyes. Naturally seemed to know what it was all about & how to do it. Loved her assertive attitude & balance, so proud of herself & beautifully made with well laid shoulder & good turn of stifle. Moved so very well for her age, going better & better the more she went. Very similar to the winner of MPD & see they are brother & sister. An utterly charming couple! BPB; 2 Jones’ Tarendes It’s That Bear, gold with good mouth & shoulders, lovely head, eye & expression, well made all through with good shoulders. She too moved very well indeed for her age, in excellent coat & condition, enjoying herself to the full; 3 Andersson-Hamill’s Tantra’s Second Sight.
(6) 1 Langford’s Quaytown What A Wish, glamorously coated gold with grey & white who scored on front movement & substance here. Sturdily built with beautiful head & expression. Well balanced, lovely for size & type with good mouth & layback of shoulder. She moved very well indeed; 2 Watts’ Kutani Pussykat for Kenida, very stylish pale cream with grey, well laid shoulder, excellent topline with well set & carried tail. Good mouth & balance. Just needs more body to complete the picture. She went with style & panache; 3 Dorrell’s Cossy’s Louisiana.
(10) 1 Richardson’s Belazieth Smarties Red Gem, impressive red gold, who holds herself with such deserved pride. She is a joy to handle with all the parts fitting neatly & firmly into the whole. Lovely for size, type, make & shape with a good mouth, super sound & positive on the move with good length of stride in profile. Most exciting & then later to find I had given her dam, Ch Hello Smartie BP at Paignton in 09 saying that she was close up to the green edged cards. RCC; 2 Watts-Catley’s Zanamop’s Truly Scrumsious, golden cream, full of quality & type again with a good mouth, just a touch longer in body than 1. Lovely head with dark eye & pigment. Beautifully made & moved to match the excellence of her conformation; 3 Horne’s Chanceinn’s Nutty Tart.
(7) 1 Horne’s Lady Willamena at Chanceinn, charming b/silver of lovely size, type & balance with good layback of shoulder, holding herself with such pride, great showgirl going particularly well behind & in profile; 2 Carter’s Vowchurch Viva La Diva, gold brindle with excellent hard textured coat, good topline & well laid shoulders, she moved very well; 3 Dye’s Wrenwrox Whos That Lady.
(6) 1 Torrance’s Sinyul Close Encounter, feminine dark grey & silver, who scored on pigment with good big wide healthy nostrils. Charming head & expression, excellent shoulder, topline, tailset & carriage with a particularly impressive hard textured coat; 2 Langford’s Quaytown Make A Wish, pale gold with good layback of shoulder, good mouth. Beautifully made with high set tail, could just do with some summer sun on her nose. Very good mover; 3 Andersson-Hamill’s Tantra’s Mary Grace.
(8) 1 Pointon’s Raushanara Over The Moon to Ballito, ultra glamorous & feminine with jet black pigment contrasting sharply against her fully mature pale cream coat. She has such a superior expression in her well shaped dark eyes. Beautifully made all through with well angulated shoulders & hindquarters, so very sound & positive on the move, lovely for size & type. Did all that was asked of her & finally that little bit extra to earn her the well deserved CC, which, I gather, is her second. May the third come soon; 2 Hamilton’s Gilderdale Waltzin Matlida, neat little pale grey, full of quality & so well balanced, beautiful head & most intelligent expression, again lovely for make, size & shape with excellent pigment, well set & carried tail & a very good mover. Ideally coat texture could be harder; 3 Scholes’ Rossgilde Touch The Dream.