Judge:  Kari Jarvinen

MPD (7, 1) 1 Jones' Tarendes Tis That Bear. Young  dog with excellent proportions, very good in front and hindquarters, nice tail  carry, excellent head, correct expression, moving well, promising coat. 2  Chalmers' Chethang Storm. Very similar type to first, very good head with good  expression, good tail carry, promising coat, moving well, still a bit 'baby  soft' in body. 3 Chalmers' Chethang Stefano.

PD(8)  1 Cain's Kutani Skyfall. Excellent puppy, excellent head and expression,  correct proportions, excellent topline, very promising body, excellent  movement, promising coat, should have a bright future in the showring. Best PD.  2 Mathias' Eyrescot So You Think. Very good boy with very good lines, strong  body, very good head and expression, very good tail, very good coat, moves very  well. 3 Waterhouse's Chtaura When Smokey Sings.

JD(1)  1 Bushell's Jamikasoka's Nigel Gearsley. A dog with very good head. I prefer a  bit more neck, good proportions, could be a bit more angulated, especially behind, coat needs more time, moves well.

YD(2)  1 Williams' Chtaura Moves Like Jagger. Strong dog with good head and body, a  bit short in neck, still woolly coat, moving well. 2 Young's Sinyul Al Pacino To Avonbourne. Well bodied dog with good lines, a bit strong in skull and light  foreface, eyes could be darker, very good coat, moving very well.

GD(5)  1 Holland's Siimline Quest For Glory. A dog with good lines, very good head and  expression, good body, good front and hindquarters, moving well, very good  coat. 2 Sutcliffe &Fleet's Newcliffe Rameses. Another dog with very good  lines and proportions, good front and hindquarters, too heavy in head, very good coat, moving well. 3 Williams' Chtaura Moves Like Jagger.

PGD(3,  1) 1 Langford's Quaytown Acer. A little long bodied dog, he should have more  neck, very good head and expression, soft coat, moving well. 2 Barnett &Carter's Amdo Quiz Master With Alamiks JW. Better topline and proportions  than first, head and expression are not so typical as the winner, very good  coat, moves well.

LD(8, 2) 1 Luscott's Jastina  Trailblazer To Jalus ShCM. Excellent lines. Handsome dog with an excellent  head, in very good body, correct tail, excellent coat, excellent mover. Res CC  today. 2 Sabine &Katja Rauhut's Lux JCh Chic Choix Five Miles Out. Strongly  built dog, strong skull, good foreface, very good dog when standing, but in movement  a bit too long. 3 Baxter's Fengolas Chanson D'amour.

OD(10)  1 Anderson's Ch Zentarr Morgan. Handsome dog who could be a bit smaller, very  good head and expression, excellent body and bone, the best mover today,  excellent coat. Today he wanted to win, and he did it. CC and BOB and third in  very strong Utility Group under Mrs Brenda Banbury. 2 Richardson's Nemmi  Impetuous Belazieth. Another excellent dog with very good head, expression,  also very good body and excellent coat, also moves very well. 3 Lock's Ch Littondale Vallentino JW.

V (4) 1 McCarthy's Hayana  Miss Georgia. Its always a pleasure to see veterans in excellent condition.  Very good head and beautiful expression, good lines in body, he moves like a  youngster, excellent coat, it was my pleasure to award her Res CC. 2 Gillman's  Mytilene Midnight Cowboy. Handsome black male, excellent body and legs,  excellent coat and conditions. A bit too heavy in skull which makes the  expression not so typical. 3 Reynolds' Lisimo Now I'm Here.

MPB(10,  3) 1 Andersson-Hamill's Tantra's Second sight. Very well built bitch puppy with  good body lines, correct and very good skull, a bit too light in muzzle, very  promising coat, she moved very well. 2 Harmer's Remrah Maybe Baby. Very  beautiful young bitch, excellent body, excellent neck and topline, good skull,  underjaw needs time to develop, very promising coat, moves very well. 3 Jones'  Tarendes It's That Bear.

PB(5, 1) 1 Langford's  Quaytown What A Wish. Very well built puppy, correct proportions and body  lines, very good head, nice expression, moves well, promising coat. 2 Roach's  Anjesics Beaulieu. A bit lightly built, as first, very good expression, correct  proportions, good tail, moves nicely, promising coat, needs a bit more time to  develop. 3 Keegan's Ghiang's Scarlett Grace.

JB(7,  2) 1 Curtin's Chanceinn's Lady Penelope At Larlius. Beautiful bitch, good head,  a bit too strong under bite, excellent body, bone and proportions, very good  coat, correct tail, very good movement. 2 Scarll &Sykes' Narmoak Indee Rose  With Timazinti. Good lines in body, very good head, good strong body, correct  proportions, very good movement, excellent coat. 3 Catley's Zanamop's Truely  Scrumsious.

YB(4, 1) 1 Clutterbuck  &Paju's Siimline Glorious Chic Anatoria. A big strong bitch, very good head  and expression, very good lines and proportions in body, very good tail, very  good coat, very good movement. 2 Ward's On The Edge Of Glory. A similar one to  first with good lines and proportions, short muzzle and strong skull, correct  quality coat, moving very well. 3 Torrance's Sinyul Love Me For A Reason.

GB(3)  1 Clutterbuck &Paju's Siimline Glorious Chic Anatoria. 2 Carrick's Deelayne  Ration Of Passion. Also a big, heavy bitch, not the best coat today, moves well. 3 Lock's Littondale Palloma.

PGB(8,  1) 1 Young's Sukisha Sweet Sensation For Avonbourne. Very good bitch with very  good head and expression. I prefer better proportions, very good fore and  hindquarters, moves well, very good coat. 2 Saunders' Bellellen Bubblicious.  Very good lines in body, very good proportions, a bit narrow in front, narrow  body, good head and expression, good coat quality. 3 Wiehe's Lisimo Mayzi.

LB(9,  4) 1 Luscott's Jalus Lady Layla. Very beautiful bitch. Today the best head and  expression, correct proportions, excellent body, beautiful coat, moves very well. BCC. 2 Horne's Hopeinns Playing With Fire JW. Excellent bodied bitch,  correct lines and proportions, a bit heavy in skull and a bit short in muzzle, excellent coat, moves very well. 3 Andersson-Hamill's Tantra's Mary Grace.

OB(9,  1) 1 Scholes' Rossgilde Touch The Dream JW ShCM. Very well built bitch,  excellent neck and topline, not enough well carried tail, eyes a bit large, excellent coat, excellent mover. 2 Pointon's Raushanara Over The Moon To  Ballito. A bit bigger bitch, strong head, good body and proportions, topline  could be tighter, excellent coat, moves very well. 3 Lock's Ch Chic Choix  Kutani Charisma (Imp Fin).