This show was held in Lochgelly Town Hall, just outside Edinburgh. This is an old mining town which is now being regenerated. The venue inside was really beautiful with a free car park as well, something to be cherished. The entry of 62 quality) dogs was very complimentary and I very much enjoyed my day. Thank you every one for inviting me, we so enjoyed your Scottish hospitality and I also had an excellent steward. .

V (5, 3)

1 Watson's Gregval Modesty With Lynruce, 10 years, in top condition, very balanced, Gold in colour, liked her head and expressive eyes, good body, level topline, correct highset tail, moved with drive BB;

2 Jones Hazgaye's The Clansman With Jondot, fawn brindle male 7 years, excellent expressive head, dentition in excellent condition, well bodied, moved well, not as compact as 1.

MPD (4, 3)

1 Llewellyn's Degarbo Dark And Debonair, Black, slight area White, 7 months, balanced head, dark eye, excellent dentition, very good body, moved well but tended to pin in front BPD.

PD (0)


1 Llewellyn's Degarbo Sunset, Cream, really good shaped head, correct mouth and dark eye, well bodied, level topline, good tail carriage, movement excellent, so much to like about this dog RBIS;

2 Wilson's High- land Cookie Surprise For Skiannach, CreamlWhite, full coated, excellent condition not so compact as 1;

3 Reynolds Lisimo Now I'm Here.

YD (2)

 1 Paradise's Shard low Pilot Of The Future JW SHCM, Silver/Black tips, so much to like about this dog, very expressive head, dark eye, such a nice head, good body, level topline, correct highset tail, moved with such drive and character;

2 Smith's Wyndcatch Against The Odds, Cream, a very well constructed dog, not the front of 1.

ND (0)

 PGD (2,1)

1 Smiths Wyndcatch Against The Odds.

 (LD) (8,1)

1 Watson's Lynruce Prime Suspect JW SHCM, Gold with an appealing expression, nice size, dark eye cat feet well feathered, correct tailset;

2 Hamilton's Gilderdale Rumour Has It, Gold, 3 years, very balanced, level topline, well bodied, in good coat;

 3 Sumner's Truern Match Point.

OD (4, 1)

What a quality class this was and I just had to make a decision, this was my placings.

1 Pointon's Ch & Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me To Ballito imp, Silver/Sable, overall picture so good, loved the head carriage on the move, nice neck, level topline, good body and tailset, head so balanced, good ear placement, well feathered, moved with purpose around the ring with drive BD & BIS;

2 Scarll's Ch Timazinti Motoro JW;

3 Watts Am Ch Hylan Shotru Brandy Alexander For Kenida.

MPB (6, 2)

1 Sumner's Truern Total Eclipse, this really was such a quality class. Gold/Black/Cream 9 months, so feminine, classy head, melting expression, dark eye, good reach of neck, level topline, good body, well constructed, moved with drive BPB & BPIS;

2 Finnie & McLellan's Mitsui Lulus Back In Town, Gold/White, pretty expression and excellent head, dark eye, correct bite, level topline, nice bone and coat;

 3 Barthorpe's Patarch Amazing Grace.

 PB (3,1)

1 Scarll's Timazinti Daniella, Gold 10 months, level topline, good body, pretty head and darkest eye, moved and showed well, one to watch for the future;

2 Finnie & McLellan's Mitsui Lulus Back In Town;

 3 Hughes Mitchella Elova Entrance.

JB (5, 2)

 1 Hamilton's Gilderdale Waltzin Matilda, another close decision where dogs could change places, very nice coat texture and liked her expression, so arrogant, good body and neck, moved so well, certainly one to watch;

 2 Llewellyn's Degarbo Sunrise, very similar to 1;

 3 Hughes Mitchella Elova Entrance

 YB (2, 1)

1 Wright's Larool Marguerite;

NB (1)

1 Wright's Larool Marguerite.

PGB (7,3)

 1 Kostiw's Rincin Precious, 2 years Cream bitch, classic head for breed, dark medium size eye, large nostrils, good reach .of neck, ears well placed and well feathered, good body and bone, round feet well feathered, moved and showed well;

2 Pearson's Simuje Alysiar At Elisamay, Black/White, another quality bitch with lots of good points of breed as above, just moves slightly closer behind than 1;

3 Finnie & McLellan's Campsie Majic Moments.

LB (5,2)

1 Barthorpe's Patarch To Perfection, Cream, had a very good head, dark eye, large nostrils, excellent bite, good ear placement, nice neck, level topline, very soundly constructed, lovely temperament;

2 McNally's Angadema Ask For Me, Gold and White, smaller head and eye than 1, shorter in muzzle, well presented with an abundance of coat, moved well;

 3 Smith's Wyndcatch Sweet Dreams.

OB (5, 2)

1 Pearson's Elisamay's Angelica, Gold/White, altogether very nice bitch, dark eye, good bite, reach of neck, good body and tail carriage correct, moved well;

 2 Bushell's Chtaura Primadonna For Jamikasova, silver, longer cast and bigger than 1, excellent head properties, large nostrils, dark pigment, moved with drive;

3 Paradise's Shardlow Party Popper JW SHCM.


  1 Watson's Lynruce Prime Suspect JW SHCM;

2 Ferrier's Giogan Miss Molly. Rita Morgan (Judge) 8 .......