Midland Lhasa Apso Association Open Show

Sunday October 19th 2008.


I would like to thank the exhibitors and the committee for an very enjoyable day with some really lovely dogs for me to judge.

BIS was Ch Chtaura All U Need Is Luv; RBIS Chtaura Shadow Dancer, BPIS. Belazieth Hello Panda and BVIS Ch Now and Forever Deelayne.


MPD: (4) 1. Watts-Catley’s Zanamop Idle Talk. Gold/white,

Nicely balanced youngster, with good mouth, eye and level topline. Well up to size. 2. Scarll’s Timazinti’s Sasica. Gold, Has a good shoulder & straight front . Lost out today to I on maturity. 3. Edwards’s Quito Danny De Vito


PD:  (5,1a) 1. Waterhouse’s Chtaura Rebel Rock. br/silver. Loved the size and balance of this puppy. So compact, good front, head , dark eye & moved really well BPD. 2. Chalmer’s Chethang Nikodemus. gold/white  parti colour, Well balanced with lovely rib, good head so very solid. Ran very close to 1st placing.3. Hazelhurst’s Domensa’s Silver Shadow Over Corroll.


JD: (5) 1. Scott’s Shardlow Ruby Walsh With Wolferlow. Gold superbly balanced young dog/ Liked the good strong front on him . Moved really well.2.Waterhouse’s Could It Be Magic, gold. So very difficult to choose between him and 1st placing. Well arched neck and nicely balanced. 3.Sutcliffe & Fleet’s. Newcliffe Tosca


YD. (5)

1: Hazelhurst’s  Corroll Arizona Pie, grey , Won the class on movement, nice shaped head, good front & pigmentation. 2. Deacon’s Shardlow Air Traffic Control Over Andolyn pale gold,Good conformation with a strong neck . Dark pigmentation & eye and pleasing head.3. Sutcliffe & Fleet’s Newcliffe Tosca


MD: ( 2 1a)

1. Chalmers’s .Chethang Nikodemus.


ND: ( 1 ,1a)


PGD (10 4a) 1. Lewis’s Deelayne Zaar Too Busy, gold, sound fore & aft  and well put together. Deep chest , superb outline, good angulation, excellent presentation. Good mouth and lovely movement RBD.

2. Andersson’s Tantra’s Micah, gold, Excellent body and construction, good movement. Lovely head and expression, moved well.3. Carter’s Vowchurch Chico Time .


LD. ( 8 4a)

1. Paradise’s Shardlow Pilot Of The Future . grey. A really nice dog , I liked his head and his front assembly & movement. Well ribbed up.2. Bradford’s Deelayne Shaken Not Stirred With Besann,  blk/white, Good head , mouth and straight front.3.  Gardner’s Jejuna Bramble


OD ( 7 1a)

1. Waterhouse’s Chtaura Shadow Dancer , grey, This was a very strong class . This guy is so superbly constructed in head, shoulder and rib. Lovely eye and mouth. Level topline , beautiful to watch on the move. BD & RBIS.2. Norris’s Damjoz First Edition.gold. So very close to my first placing. He is a dog I have admired for some time from ringside. Love his construction & balance . Superb expression good tailset. Outstanding on movement. 3. Watts’s Am Ch Hylan Shotru Brandy Alexander For Kenida.


VD: ( 3)

1. Sutcliffe & Lewis’s Ch Now And Forever Deelayne ,red/gold, All 3 exhibits in this class were a credit to their owners and they should be very proud of them. All immaculately presented . Just prefered no 1 overall as he did not put a foot wrong. BVD & BVIS. 2. Scholes’s Ch Sealaw Forever Dreaming Of Rossgilde gold.excellant outline , slightly finer than 1.

3. Lock’s Askja Dance Yourself Dizzy.


MPB ( 6 2a)

1. Watts-Catley’s Zanamop Enchanting Dream gold/ white parti . Litter sister to my MPD winner, So very much like him , lovely head , neck & tailset for one so young. 2. Scarll’s Timazinti’s Hope And Dreams

gold /white parti, Lovely pigmentation & overall conformation. Very promising youngster who should have a bright future, one to watch.3. Old’s Quito Dark N Golden at Tungkoon



PB: (11,2a)

1. Richardson’s Belazieth Hello Panda . blk/white parti. A gloriously balanced puppy, good pigmentation, beautiful head and expression. Good front, well ribbed up . Another one who’s future I shall watch with interest. Pleased to award her BPIS

2.Cassidy’s Exephials Smoken Mirrors red/gold, Yet another promising puppy. Good head& mouth and overall balance. Moved well. 3. Holland’s Vaderlands Star Force.



JB. (12 2a)

1. Paradise’s Shardlow Party Panda   blk/white parti. Superb neck on this young lady into a good shoulder . Level topline, pleasing tail set. Maturing nicely. 2. Surtees’s Showa Silhouette With Katay,  gold, A very well balanced and sound bitch with good front & mouth. 3. Scott’s Shardlow Laid Back Ruby With Wolferlow


YB ( 5 1a )

1. Paradises’s Party Panda. 2. Cropper’s Corrolls Dallas For Coro, Nice outline & well ribbed up. Good neck & level topline . Moved well.

3. Surtees’s Showa Silhouette With Katay


MB. ( 4 3a)

1. Chalmers’s Chethang Nadia , Good angulation, well placed shoulder, level topline & good head proportions.


NB: ( 6 4a )

1. Cassidy’s Exephials Smoken Mirrors. 2. Paradise’s Shardlow Party Gi Gi  blk. Moved well , would prefer a stronger neck  


PGB ( 14 3a)

1. Breakenridge ‘s Camasahla Fait De Complete At Beryscol ,  gold. Good head and eye, nicely balanced, well bodied . Moved freely round the ring. Very eye catching.2. Lewis’s Zanamop Theme For A Dream Del Deelayne. pale gold, Very pleasing outline with good strong body & neck. Lovely movement.3. Richardson’s Belazieth Hello Paper Doll



LB ( 10 5a)

1. Cain & Lock’s Chic Choix Kutani Charisma   gold. Very feminine bitch with lovely dark eye and placement. Well arched neck into good shoulders . Beautifully presented RBB. 2. Paradise’s Shardlow Wiggley Giggley  gold. Super overall balance. Lovely expression. Good mouth & movement.

3 Surtees’s Katay Cinabar


OB ( 8 1a )

1. Waterhouse’s Ch Chtaura All U Need Is Luv,  grey, Such an outstanding bitch with a flawless outline and balance. Strong front , super angulation. Superb neck. Just loved her and was pleased to award her BB & BIS.

2. Paradise’s Shardlow Party Popper ,  blk, A favourite of mine and still a strong contender for top honours. Beautiful conformation and pigmentation.Just unfortunate to compete against 1 on the day.3. Holland’s Vaderlands Electra-Fy


VB ( 4 2a )

1. Sutcliffe’s Coombehall Caramelle Cum Newcliffe. Looking in excellent form. Has a fantastic mouth and dentition, beautiful head shape with a true Lhasa expression. Superb coat , so much like her sire. A credit to her owner. BVB & RBVIS. 2. Free’s Saxonsprings Sunrise At Marpori At 9 years old a pretty, femine bitch .Good outline and tail set. In super coat and beautifully presented


Judge : Graham Holmes.