I'd looked forward to returning to the UK to judge again, this clubs open show. I would like to thank the club for a lovely day, my stewards were very helpful & kept my ring organised and running smoothly from class to class. The venue was large and well lit & made for plenty of room to show off our beautiful Lhasa's. It was my pleasure once again to see and be Introduced by Mr Ken Marsh, the Clubs President, what a charmer he is


As a breeder since 1974, I take judging very seriously. I always consider that my final winners may have an impact on future generations, based on my opinion of them today. I ask myself, would I breed to or from these dogs I am awarding? On this day I would definitely say yes. My Best in Show winner especially, Timazlntl Motoro JW. The fact that I also gave firsts to some of his get, just re-afflrmed that decision. My RBIS was a beautiful Champion bitch, Rossgilde Tamegans Dream and she was the whole mature package for me.


 I believe that almost all my 1 st place winners displayed the Important breed characteristics I look for & recognise In the Lhasa Apso. Correct outline for a small dog from Tibet both in height & length of body, moderate overall size and bone. Correct coat texture with a pleasing head and eye and apso expression, being able to easily distinguish these elements of breed type I found many good examples of this today.


For the most part I appreciated the high standard of grooming and presentation in my ring today. I enjoyed my judging appointment very much.


Thank you again for Inviting me and bringing me so many lovely Lhasa's.




Minor Puppy Dog - 3 (IA)

  1.  Reynolds "Lisimo Now I'm Here" Lovely golden puppy, moved very well, very typey head with dark eyes, lovely body with correct coat texture. Best Puppy Dog.

  2.  Hamilton's "Gilderdale G'Day"

    Pretty grey sable puppy, a bit smaller, moved well held its outline. Just a little less mature

        than 1.


; Puppy Dog - 3 (IA)

  1.  Routs "Simuje Nartika"Nice outline, head & eye. Good size and moderate over all, balanced.

  2. Robsons "Elleonia Dark n' Debonair at OIliberry" - Typey grey & white with good coat texture.

 Junior Dog - 3 (IA)

  1. Cliffords "Rossgilde To Spin a Secret" Taller, stronger puppy with an excellent topline and tail set, very well presented.

  2. Phillips "Dimara Sergeant Pepper Moderate outline, grey brindle colour. Nice head, moved well from the side.

Yearling Dog - 4 (1 A)

  1. Clifford's "Rossgilde To Spin a Secret

  2. Gowletts "YorclifViking Spirit at Bentina" Black & white parti, nice head & expression, good shoulders, not as finished as 1.

  3. Edwards & McDougalls "Zuthis Hot Chatter of Quito"

Maiden Dog - 1


  1. Routs "Simuje Nartika"

Novice Dog - 2


  1.  Routs "Simuje Nartika"

  2. Gowlett's "YorclifViking Spirit at Bentina"

Special Beginners Dog - 5

  1. Hemsley's "Hazgaye Interceptor" Golden in colour, correct coat. PrettY head & eye, lovely expression. Moved well with level  topline at all times, beautifully presented. Reserve Best Dog

  2. Routs "Simuje Nartika"

  3. Harrisons "Brendellas Old Spice JW"

Post Graduate Dog - 8 (IA)

  1. Sumners "Truem Match Point" Beautiful outline and coat texture, classic head & expression, moved well, nice size.

  2. Wragg's "Eromdop Pitch n' Putt at Lhasku" Red & white in excellent condition, lovely coat texture with good movement and top line. 3rd Routs "Simuje Lexara Donarti"

 Limit Dog - 6 (lA)

  1. Allen's "I'm Nearly Famous for Daraghugh" Lion golden, beautiful size & outline with level back, prettY expression correct head planes, moved very well.

  2. Jones' "Rishlyn Sommersby"Golden larger boy with the best coat texture of the day. Straight front legs and beautiful presented.

  3. Bromley's "Cossy's Jammie Dodger at Jardene JW"


 Open Dog - 4 (2A)This was one of the most competitive classes as both dogs are of great value to me as a breeder.

  1. Scarll's "Timazinti Motoro lW" Golden male with the darkest correct shaped eyes, good mouth with very correct expression. Large nose leather and moderate stop, good fall away behind the eye and moderately narrow back skull. Good front  legs set well under his body, excellent shoulder lay on level topline. Long loin, well muscled & angulated rear assembly. This dog was presented at a good speed showing his very typey outline at all times. He is a perfect size, both in height and bone, has wonderful coat of correct texture, easy choice for me. Best Dog BIS

  2. Pointon's "ChiAus cli Arnesen Come Fly with me to Ballito (Imp) Beautifully presented and moved very well coming & going around. Pleasing head and expression, dark eyes with moderate stop. Lovely neck and shoulders, nice coat texture. Not as mature yet and a bit longer in body than I, still, nicely balanced with a beautiful ITont assembly, well angulated rear movement and nice topline at all times. A dog I would find  easy to own.       

Veteran Dog or Bitch - 6

  1.  Sumner's "Ch Truem Pole Position"In beautiful condition for his age-moved well, perfect texture of coat and beautiful head & expression. Best Veteran

  2. Old's "Chenwinds Monty Karlo" Another with classic outline, coat texture and movement. Nice size, well presented.

  3. Ogden's "Absosengkye Tanith"

Minor Puppy Bitch - 6

  1. Phillips" Arrayshia Knock Knock who's at Dimara" Good size, coat texture and head with correct expression, moved very well, red golden in colour, had a lot of pizzazz today.

  2. Barthorpe's "Patarch French Connection" Also moved well with good outline perferred the head on 1.  Nice front & rear movement.

  3. Hazelhurst's "Patarch Naughty but Nice at Corroll


Puppy Bitch - 5 (3A)

  1.  Sumner's "Truem Sister Act"Golden, nice size, beautiful head & expression, eye and stop, nice outline moved very well. Excellent coat texture. Best Puppy Bitch BPIS. Just out-moved the puppy boy at the end of the day.

  2. Ogden's "Absosengkye One and Only You" Also nice little girl, red golden lovely coat, top line and balance, moved well preferred the head of I today.

Junior Bitch - 7 (2A)

  1. Gay's "Hazgaye Solitaire JW"  Correct coat texture on this golden girl, moved very well, pretty head, well presented.

  2.  Hall's "Dimara Miss Izzabella of Shenedene" Nice size and outline, preferred the head of 1, overall nice movement.

  3. Hazelhurst's "Corrolls Hoo La La"

Yearling Bitch 3 (A)

  1. Scarll's "Timazinti Molly"

    Lovely golden girl of perfect size and length. Good top line, well lay-backed shoulder and excellent front & movement. Pretty eyes and excellent expression, very feminine. Coat condition and texture were wonderful. She showed herself with great happiness. A classic

         outline and length of body for a female.

 Maiden Bitch - I

  1.  Surtees' "Katay Miss Dior"

    Red golden, nice size, head and expression, good topline.

Novice Bitch - 2

  1.  Sumner's "Truem Sister Act"

  2. Surtees "Rossgilde Thyme to Dream at Katay"

Special Beginners Bitch - 4

  1. Palmer's "Arasmas Babycake" Gold & white, nice size, overall balanced outline, moved well. Pretty head and expression

  2.  Clifford's "Mia Golden Sunshine" Nice size, pretty head, good outline moving

  3.  Old's "Tungkoon Nu Chang"

Post Graduate Bitch 9 (4A)

  1.  Ogden's"Absosengkye Gha bbi"  Golden white, nice size, pretty head and eye, nice front, good texture of coat, quite feminine.

  2. Barthorpe's "Patarch to Perfection"  Bigger girl than 1, very pretty head, excellent coat and finish, moved well

  3. 3rd Palmers "Arasmas Babycake"

Limit Bitch - 8 (2A)

  1.  Davidson-Jones' "Peakajay Lady Ellawiza" Red golden, beautiful texture of coat, nicely presented. Classic head, eyes and very balanced Outline. Good size, very feminine. Moved well coming and going away. Good top line moving or standing. Reserve Best Bitch

  2. Phillips' "Dimara Pic a Chick" Lovely coat texture, well presented, nice front, good top line. Pretty head and with dark oval eyes, nice shape overall makes the picture..

  3. Routs "Simuje Anastazia ShCM"

Open Bitch 9(A)

  1. Scholes "Ch Rossgilde Tamegan's  Dream JW shCM" Lovely feminine head, long neck into good shoulders with straight front legs.  Good length of body for a bitch, well developed rear with good angulations.  Perfect topline and tailset.  Beautiful mature lion golden coat of superb textured.  Moved very well from all angles, despite her handlers nerves.  She would be of great value to anyone's breeding programme. Best Bitch & RBIS