31ST March 2013

Judge Mr Alan Carter


First of all I would like to thank the old committee and the members for giving me this chance to judge your breed club open show.
I would like to thank all those that entered and supported me. Truly I was honoured to have a really good entry.
On the day I was disappointed for the exhibitors waiting almost 2 hours for judging to start due the AGM over running.
Once the judging started I felt a great day was had and really enjoyed the day.
Here are my concerns with the examples I had in front of me today. First of all I felt the mouths were in a bad way, a lot of mouths over shot far too much
and teeth not even in a straight line on the lower jaw.
Another area of concern for me were fronts, the breed standards ask for a straight front, on some of the dogs the front were no way near the standard.
A few fronts were built like Tibetan spaniel's with the slight bow and elbows sticking out and not tucked in.
Presentation was excellent on the whole and many examples looked stunning stood but I guess it's the age old rule never judge from the ring side,
you really need to get your hands on the dogs to see how its built.

 Minor Puppy Dog - 8 entries (4 Abs)

  1. Waterhouse's - Chtaura When Smokey Sings - BPD/Res BPIS
    8 month grey, Prefectly put together, a true picture stood, lovely head and expression with strong black pigment,
    correct bite giving him overall that true apso expression. Well arched neck into well placed shoulders, ribs well back, level topline.
    Balanced and compact. Hind quarters well developed, well set tail carried nicely onto his back.
    Shown in lovely condition moving out well so proud to show for his owner.
  2. McBride's - Dizzydazzles Baileys on Ice
    7 month old gold, Liked him for his size and compact outline. Not the head I would be looking for slightly heavy,
    mouth ok but a lot of merit too about him. Straight front, good chest, enough reach of neck into well placed shoulders,
    well ribbed, level topline, nicely set tail carried well, moved and shown well.
  3. Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore's - Terendak Star Attraction
  4. Dale's - Aibrean Eye of the Storm

Puppy Dog - 4 entries (3 Abs)

  1. Breakenridge's - Meranne Touch of Magic
    10 month old black n white, stood looked a lovely boy, when going over had just a little too much muzzle, mouth ok,
    great reach of neck to his overall profile, well placed shoudlers, well ribbed, level topline, well set tails,
    good made hindquarters, being a true apso on the move playing up, was hard to assess his movement, really gave his handler a hard time.

Junior Dog - 4 entries

One of my favourite classes of the day, really enjoyed this class of dogs.

  1. Phillips' - Bentarsna Waking Ned Divine - Res BD
    17 month old gold brindle, Wow what a male to go over. So well made, Excellent apso head with an expression that just pulled you in,
    strong black pigment, correct bite, nice and strong jaw, lovely head coat on him, strong arched neck, well made body, shoulders correct,
    well ribbed, enough chest with straight front, tail set well, lovely adult coat coming through, free and jaunty movement, so proud, pleasure to watch
  2. Hughes' - Terendak's Ron Day Voo
    17 month old black, I was surprised by this lad, very honest is what my notes say and he was. Lovely head and expression pigment prefect,
    correct well made bite. Strong arched neck well placed shoulders, straight front, well ribbed body,
    only thing he is carrying a little too much weight, well set tail, effortless movement,
    free and proud my notes say and he was.
  3. Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore's - Terendak Don't be Kruel
  4. Taylor's - Jerami First Editio


Yearling Dog - 3 entries
  1. Hughes' - Terendak's Ron Day Voo
  2. Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore's - Terendak Don't be Kruel
  3. Taylor's - Jerami First Edition

Maiden Dog - 2 entries (1 Abs)
  1. Waterhouse's - Chtaura When Smokey Sings

Novice Dog - 3 entries (2 Abs)
  1. Blake's - Elleonia Buzzin Around Gallerio
    14 mouth old grey, a dog I've watched and his litter brother who was not here today. Loved his type, balance and compact.
    Mouth ok, Head and expression prefect, strong pigment, strong arched neck into well placed shoulders, straight front,
    sight rise over the loin when stood on floor but on table and move fine, well set tail carried proudly onto his back, moved free jaunty.
    I would just consider a little trim on this coat. I considered him in the final 3 males.

Special Beginners Dog - 2 entries (1 Abs)
  1. Aibrean Eye of the Storm
    8 month old gold pup, 4th in minor puppy dog, on the big side for me, which was not giving me the outline and profile I was looking for.
    Strong head mouth ok, moved well.

Post Grad Dog - 3 entries
  1. Hicks' - Seingtye Black Fox
    4 year old black, again a real treat to go over. Loved the head and expression on this lad, enough neck well made too,
    well placed shoulders, straight front, my only concern would be he is carrying a little more weight than I would like.
    Well set tail, Hind quarters strong, coat in great condition, moved well. Pleasure to have gone over him.
  2. Breakenridge's - Damellias Best Buddie
    4 year old grey and white parti, lost out on the head to 1, but again a nice boy to go over.
    Loved his shape and profile, so balance and compact. Just could do with a little trim on the coat.
    Body well ribbed, Tail set well, Moved ok, just please don't run him.
  3. Watts-Catley's - Zanamop Dizzie Heights

Limit Dog - 3 entries (1 Abs)

Two lovely males, so different to go over but very much lovely boys.

  1. Devereaux' - Dimara Real Riot at Belazieth
    2 year old grey, prefect size. Again lovely head and expression, really took me in. Mouth good, well made neck into well placed shoulders,
    Straight front with good chest. Well put together body, well ribbed, level topline, well set tail, strong hind quarters.
    Pleasing coat coming through for this grey, Moved well once settled, excited to be out I think.
  2. McCosh & Logan's - Luekiki Diemos to Spyanki JW ShCM
    4 year old gold, as I said above different in type but lovely to go over. Just not the shape I was looking for but offered me a lovely head and great mouth,
    strong arched neck, level topline, straight front, well set tail, in a great coat, moved free and jaunty, very proud boy.

Open Dog - 4 entries (2 Abs)

  1. Waterhouse's - Chtaura Well Did You Ever - BD/BIS
    2 and half grey. A dog I've watched from the ringside and wanted to get my hands on and I was not disappointed. Prefect outline and shape I was looking for,
    Lovely head and expression offering my great pigment and correct bite all teeth straight. Enough neck for his shape. Well placed shoulders, ribs well back,
    level topline stood and on the move, shown in an excellent coat. Put down to perfection my notes say.
    If I was giving CC today he would have gone home with one. Best Male and my pleasure to award him Best in Show.
  2. Hicks' - Seingtye Black Fox
    Winner of Post Graduate dog, shame to be in the open class with the winner as would have liked to seen him on the line up.

Veteran Dog or Bitch - 3 entries (1 Abs)
  1. Waterhouse's - Ch Chtaura All U Need is Luv JW - Res BB/BVIS
    Wow what a show girl, 10 year old grey bitch and a treat to go over. I've always loved this bitch and it made my day to finally great to go over her.
    Prefect head, offering great eye shape and black pigment on rims and nose, yes teeth missing at her age but you can clearly see the bite.
    Prefectly formed arched neck, into well placed shoulders, straight front, well ribbed back. Moved at easy for a 10 year old bitch, she still got it.
    All I can say is mother like son. Pleased to award her Res Best Bitch and Best Veteran in Show
  2. Waterhouse's - Ch Chtaura Shadow Dancer

Puppy Bitch - 5 entries (1 Abs)

  1. Watts-Catley's - Zanamop Truly Scrumsious
    and as her name she was. 10 month old gold bitch. Wow what a picture stood, so balanced. Great head on this bitch, everything correct and how it should be,
    great black pigment, correct reverse scissor bite, enough neck into well laid shoulders, straight front, everything just put right,
    well ribbed, level topline, strong loin, well set tail carried onto her back, hind quarters well put down, shown in a lovely condition coat.
    Movement just want I was looking for but let herself down as played up a fair bit, seen enough to win the class
  2. Taylor & Johnson's - Terendak's Queen's Chalice at Sifrason
    8 month old gold, truly beautiful picture stood, very clean head showing off her beautiful expression, great pigment, mouth too over shot for me,
    1st having better mouth. Good strong neck into well made body, well ribbed, level topline, good tail set, lovely coat on her,
    moved so well effortless around the ring. Just a shame of her mouth.
  3. Eagland's - Meranne Maggie May
  4. Dix's - Meranne's Midnight Charm

Junior Bitch - 5 entries (2 Abs)

  1. Ward's - On the Edge of Glory
    12 month gold bitch. Won the class on her clean free movement. Very pretty head, with great pigment, correct bite, really liked her soft expression.
    Good arched neck into perfectly placed shoulders. Well ribbed, strong loin, well set tail, straight front, real surprise bitch.
    Just needs her show coat now and I think she will do good. Moved free jaunty.
  2. Waterhouse's - Chtaura Just a Feeling
    18 month old grey, Wow another stunning example from this great Chtaura kennel. Only thing that let her down was on her movement.
    Would not settle. All the credits as 1. Really soft expression with great strong black pigment. Level topline on move and stood.
    Honestly one lovely bitch, wish I could have taken her home.
  3. Taylor's - Jerami Meant to Be

Yearling Bitch - 2 entries (1 Abs)

  1. Ward's - On the Edge of Glory
  2. Dix's - Meranne Midnight Charm
    8 month old black n white parti, young girl having her first day out

Novice Bitch - 2 entries

  1. Roach's - Anjesics Beaulieu
  2. Taylor & Johnson's - Terendak's Queen's Chalice at Sifrason

Special Beginners Bitch - 4 entries

  1. Taylor & Johnson's - Terendak's Queen's Chalice at Sifrason
  2. Eagland's - Meranne Maggie May
    11 month old gold, in lovely coat. Was 3rd in puppy bitch. Good shape and well balanced.
    Just not the front as 1 & 2 in puppy bitch. Moved well.
  3. Ward's - Mytilene Midnight Beauty
  4.  Dix's - Meranne's Midnight Charm

Post Grad Bitch - 6 entries (2 Abs)

Mixed class for type but first 3 all had great credits.

  1. McCosh & Logan's - Spyanki Exquisite Kisses
    2 year old gold bitch, one I had judged before and was not disappointed again this time. Very honest bitch. Lovely head with black pigment.
    Lovely soft expression. Correct bite, good neck into well placed shoulders. Straight front, well ribbed, level topline. Well set tail in good coat,
    moved free & jaunty around the ring.
  2. Waterhouse's - Shingsa Total Eclipse with Chtaura
    2 year old black, Wow again to look at truly beautiful. Offers a soft sweet expression, correct bite, good neck, just lost out to 1 on front.
    Well ribbed, strong loin, level top line stood on and move. In a lovely coat. Moved well.
  3. Crook's - Sheer Simplicity
  4.  Ward's - Mytilene Midnight Beauty

Limit Bitch - 5 entries (3 Abs)

  1. Watts-Catley's - Dimara Ma Baker for Zanamop - BB/Res BIS
    4 year old grey bitch with a lovely black mask with black pigment. Wow I really enjoyed going over this quality bitch.
    Her black mask really pulls you in and once in you meet these beautiful soft eyes. Correct bite.
    Well arched neck, real clean neck carrying her beautiful head with proud. Well laid shoulders, well ribbed, strong loin. Straight front.
    Well set tail carried onto her back. Well developed hind quarters. Very proud bitch on the free true and free from all angles.
    I'm sure this lady will carry her crown soon.
  2. Breakenridge's - Nemmi Affinity with Oraysha
    7 year old gold n white parti, what a honest bitch, shame to have met the winner. Lovely soft expression, pigment a little off.
    Strong arched neck. Shoulders and ribs all good. Level top line. Well set tail proudly onto her back. Not as showy on the move.
    When going was spot on but she liked to work her handler.

Open Bitch - 4 entries (1 Abs)

What a lovely class of bitches, I'm sure all 3 will swap places. I real pleasure to have them all in the same class.

  1. Roberts' - Tilantoe Crem de Menth at Marbledale
    2 year old cream bitch with lovely black mask. Won on her head and expression, so soft and appealing. Offering great pigment, with correct bite.
    Lovely head coat. Really did lovely her head. Good reach of neck. Lay of shoulder, straight front, well ribbed and strong loin.
    Moved proudly, holding herself well. My only comment in my notes was to trim her coat a little.
  2. Roach's - Anjesics Dream Maker JW
    3 year old cream, in great condition. A bitch I've judged as a pup and was not disappointed this time around.
    All the credits as 1, really pushed her hard. Lovely soft bitch.
  3. Waterhouse's - Chtaura Everybody in Love