February Open Show Critique
Open show:Thank you very much to the Midland Lhasa for asking me to judge. Very nice
atmosphere with some very nice dogs to see. Found one or two with upright shoulders and no
depth of chest have noticed this a lot these days. MP (2) 1 Paradise's Shardlow Ice And A Slice.
Light gold just a baby has a lot of coming on to do, moved true from front and back, nice level
topline with very dark pigment which complimented his god head and expression. 2 Brooks' Jalus
Opheus. PD (2,1) 1 Birch's Deelayne Let Loose With Debrichy. Gold dog, 1 year old , good bone
and a nice deep chest. Very nice mouth and dark pigment, correct head to muzzle ratio. When
he moved he kept his topline but needs to settle at the back a little. Very nice coat. JD (5,3) 1
Jones' Terendes Tis That Bear, Light gold of 15 months, very nice sized dog and a treat to go
over, nice bone with out being course, level topline when on the move. Very nice head and a
lovely lhasa expression. Moved true front and back, a nice smart dog. 2 Davies' Normoak Buzz
Light Year. 3 Chichvarkin's Kutani Aleaxander. YD (4,3) 1 Waterhouse's Chtaura When Smokey
Sings. Grey dog with such a good coat and texture to it. Moved with drive and true front and
back, good bone deep chest good shoulders, in fact very nice to go over. Head was that apso
expression to dream of. 2 Blakes' Fengoloas Simply Wonderful At Claelamir. 3 Hart's Anjesics
Albony Of Khazedel. MD (2) 1 Birch's Deelayne Let Loose With Debrichy. 2 Paradise's Shardlow
Ice And A Slice. ND (3) 1 Davis, Normoak Buzz Light Year. Very nice black and white needs to
settle still, but has good bone and a nice should placement, lovely shape and size. 2 Birch's
Deelayne Let Loose At Debrichy. 3 Paradise's Shardlow Ice And Slice. PGD (2,1) 1 Deveax's
Elleonia Stand N Stare At Pieldi JW. Nice light gold of good size and balance. His movement was
straight front and back keeping a good level topline when on the move. Good apso head and
expression with a good mouth. In full coat and good condition, nice chap. OD (3,2) 1 Bromley's,
Cossys Chocolate Chip At Jardene. What a pleasure to go over this dog, well balanced
throughout. Nice mouth and head, lovely front and level topline. Good bone and good depth of
chest. Moved with drive and effortlessly. My BD. Thank you for bringing him. 2 Waterhouse's
Chtuara Well Did You Ever. Very close decision with one but preferred the drive on movement of
1st. Loved the head and eye of this boy. VD (1) 1 Povey's Perjena Ice And Fire.I love veteran
classes some very handsome and well balanced dogs. This dog is a pleasure to go over all fits.
Moves straight front and back with a level topline and still has dark pigment at 8yrs young, again
thanks for coming. PB (5,4) 1 Lewis' Deelayne Demerara. A little unsettled at first but when I went
over her I was won over. Everything so balanced and well put together, can't wait to see what this
bitch goes on to do, a real find. My BPIS. Such a star. 2 Torrence's Sinyule Solitaire, a very nice
black of type and structure, nice flowing coat and a good shoulder set. Very well balanced. 3
Robinson's Kutani Electra. JB (6,5) 1 Jones' Terendes Its That Bear. Very nice balanced bitch,
nice shoulders and front and the back hindquarters complemented this, in full coat and when on
the move moved straight front and back. 2 Holland's Vaderlands Feel The Fashion. 3 Russells'Sonsi

 Miss Precious. SpYB (3) 1 Paradise's Wrenwrox Mums The Word For Shardlow. Grey bitch
with a very nice texture coat, on the move didn't lose her topline and was straight front and back,
very nice head and expression, deep chest and good bone. 2 Jones' Terendes Cherish That
Bear. 3 Birch's Wrenwroxs Sweet Emotion. MB (1) 1 Torrence's Sinyul Solitair. This bitch was in
my puppy class and didn't move as well as she did this time, very nice head shape and
expression, good neck and well balanced shoulders, level topline moved true front and back,
loved her shape. NB (3) 1 Holland's Vaderlands All For One, red in good coat and condition. 14
months old. Loved this kennels dogs heads and she was no exception, very nice. Nicely
balanced through out which showed when on the move, keeping her topline and moving out. 2
Torrence's Sinyul Solitaire. 3 Birch's Wrenwrox Gwendoline Anne. PGB (6,5) 1 Waghorn's
Sukisha Guilty Pleasure, black and white, what a lovely famine bitch, well constructed throughout,
moved with ease keeping her topline and grace. Good mouth and a fab Lhasa expression. RB. 2
Povey's Timazinti Calypso. 3 Murphy's Jardene Written In The Stars. LB (6,3) 1 Torrence's Sinyul
Close Encounter. Grey bitch with good texture to coat. Lovely shaped bitch very typical lhasa
shape, very nice shoulders and level topline, moved true front and back showing the good
balance of this bitch. 2 Waterhouse's Shingsa Total Eclipse With Chtaura. 3 Paradise's
Wrenwroxs Sauvignon Blanc With Shardlow. OB (5,4) 1 Scarll & Sykes' Timazinti Liberty. Hard
class with some very nice bitches in, thank you. Very feminine gold bitch moved round the ring
with such grace and ease, loved her correct proportioned head and very nice expression, dark
eyes dark pigment. Lovely balanced bitch which showed when she moved so effortlessly round
the ring, movement good from front and rear. Long neck and a level topline, loved her shear
style that she oozed all over. My BOB. 2 Roachs, Anjesics Dream Maker JW ShCM. 3
Waterhouse's Chtaura Then I Kissed Her. VB (1) 1 Hamiltons, Gilderdale Miss Wagit. Well made
bitch, nice shoulder placement and good front leading onto a level top line. In correct
proportion's everywhere. Still has it at a tender age of nine, moved with grace and ease true
front and back, my best veteran well deserved. Thank you for keeping such a nice bitch in coat,
Janette Taylor