Midland Lhasa Apso Association


I would like to thank the committee and exhibitors for the warm welcome and wonderful entry


1.       Scholes’ Rossgilde Dream of Gold.  Mature and well made body, deep brisket and is free and sound moving,  with  an even and jaunty gait.  Good front.

2.       Ellis’ Nedlik A Splashing Moment.  Slightly younger black dog of quality.  Strong coat coming, good mouth and a well made body.

3.       Phillips’ Diamara Macca Pacca


1.       Hazelhurst’s Corroll  Arizona Pie.  Brindle dog, built on good lines.  Holds profile whilst on the move, which is easy and flowing.  Good head piece, strong neck and good shoulder. Arrogant look.

2.       Lewis’ Deelayne Zaar Too Busy.  Slightly less mature gold of imposing outline with a stronger coat texture than the winner.  Well off for shape with good body proportions.  Stylish mover when concentrating.

3.       McNally’s Angadema Are You Ready


1.       Hollands Vanderlands Feel The Force.  Good size gold with masculine head and a good chin, giving a lovely expression.  Fair neck into well made body, well muscled.  Coat coming.  Deep rib and a free and easy mover.

2.       Cain’s Kutani Secret Agent.  Striking particolour with good presence.  Strong mover, well made body and a good textured and presented coat.

3.       Llewellyn’s Degarbo Dark and Debonair.


1.       Chalmer’s Chethang Lucien.  Masculine cream with expressive headpiece, lean behind the eyes.  Good flow of neck into neat shoulders.  Standing well over front, level topline and good hindquarters.  Moved soundly and proudly around the ring.

2.       Hart’s Zentarr Warwick of Knazedel.   Similar style of dog, good for size and balance.  Pleasing head.  Strong topline and well muscled with deep chest.  Easy mover.

3.       Young’s Avonbourne PoPo


1.       Llewellyn’s Degarbo Dark and Debonair.  Handsome and stylish black with good overall shape and coat.  Lovely outline, needs to firm up in front.

2.       Jones’ Fairlou Rhett Butler.  Young puppy with a lot of quality point.  Young as yet.


1.       Cain’s Kutani Secret Agent.


1.       Carter’s Vowchurch Chico Time.  Quality dog with good presence, appealing and masculine head with a good moderate stop and good jaw.  Fair neck into deep rib, well ribbed back.  Compact loin, stands well over front, free and easy mover.

2.       Skerm’s Chethang Lisandro.  Typy and shapely, Moved with deportment.  Good male head and chin.

3.       Reynold’s Lismo Now I’m Here.

LIMIT DOG (12,3)

1.       Allen’s Deelayne Que-de-Que.  Sh CM.  Gold coming into maturity.  Pleasing balanced head with a true expression and chin.  Medium neck into fair shoulders.  Deep chested, good topline and an easy mover.

2.       Ardquin  Alexis Gold of good breed type, proud and slightly arrogant look.  Good topline and a easy mover.

3.       Ballito’s Ambrose with Angadema

OPEN DOG (9,3)

1.       Luscott’s Ch Jalus Galileo JW.  Glamorous dog of good breed type.  Classical outline, put down so well.  Goodsize with noble outlook and well arched neck into shoulders.  Level topline and a firm body.  Fluid and sound mover. BEST DOG.

2.       Davies Marchtru San Marquis at Narmoak.  Typy grey and white with good head qualities.  In good textured coat, well made body and well ribbed back.  Again an easy mover.

3.       Watt’s Am Ch Hylan Shotru Brandy Alexander for kenida (imp)


1.       Waterhouse’s Ch Chtaura Dream Machine Gold 8 years old in fine form, lovely style.  Good flowing lines, masculine head and a good expression.  Good neck into good shoulder and well made body .  Free and fluid mover.    Res Best Dog Best Veteran.

2.       McCarthy’s Chamando Verdi at Hayana.  Handsome gold and white,slightly larger and again in good condition, although a little reluctant.


A lovely class, I was spoilt for choice.

1.       Ellis’ Nedlik Limited Edition.  Glorious black and white with attitude, really strode around the  ring   .  Built on classic lines.  Feminine head with dark expressive eye and lovely dentition.  Well shaped and placed shoulder leading to good front, level topline, good coat texture on its way.  Shall watch her progress with interest.  Best Bitch Puppy.

2.       Seward’s Elleonia Shades of Darkness. Quality brindle with flowing topline, well made body with deep chest and well ribbed .  Easy mover.

3.       Allens Ardquin Abbie with Quaymore. 


1.       Cropper’s Corrollo Dallas for coro.  Litter sister to PD winner.  Quite mature and stylish puppy with good overall balance.  Typical head and expression giving an arrogant look.  Arched neck into good shoulder, moved with style.

2.       Gardner’s Jejuna Libbity.  Classy puppy with a good outline, stylish on the move.

3.       Hall’s Shenedene Dora the Explorer.


1.       Gillman’s Alamiks Lady In Red at Mytilene.  Very typy classy gold, lovely balance and proportions.  Pleasing head, standing well over her front, deep chest.  Well ribbed back, in good muscle tone and moves with style and arrogance.

2.       Crummey’s Nickanda Simply Divine.  Similar type head with good shin and good balance of skull to foreface.  Nice flow of neck into fair shoulders.  Well let down behind and an easy mover.

3.       Sumner’s Truern Total Eclipse


1.       Gillman’s Alamiks Lady In Red

2.       Scott’s Wolferlow Charlotte.  Classy black and white bitch with a feminine and balanced head with good dentition.  Good neck leading to good shoulders.  Deep chest, well ribbed and she held her topline on the move.

3.       Breakenndge’s Camasahla Fair de Complete at Beryscol.


1.       Gillman’s Alamiks Lady In Red

2.       Scholes’ Rossgilde Tis Only A Dream.  Smart rich gold puppy with a lot of presence.  Well schooled, classical outline and well proportioned head and dark, expressive eye.  Good body balance, moved freely.

3.       Seward’s Elleona Shades of Darkness.


1.       Sumner’s Truern Total Eclipse.  Glamorous and typy bitch, densely coated cream with good presentation.  Dignified expression, free mover and well bodied.

2.       Allen’s Arquib Abbie with Quaymore.  Young quality puppy.


1.       Dimara Lola RoseJW.  Quality bitch with lovely balance.  Showed well, typical head with expressive eye and good jaw.  Well knit body, deep and well ribbed back.

2.       Carter’s Vowchurch The Wonder of You.  Jaunty gold with pleasing overall outline.  Certainly comes together on the move and will only get better with a little more maturity.


1.       Torrance’s Sinyul Can’t Buy Me Love.  Grey and white, looking glamorous and in grand coat of good texture.  Lovely outline, well muscled and developed body.  Deep chest, well ribbed back and has a lovely tail carriage.  Moved happily and jauntily.

2.       Gay’s Hazgaye La Costadais.  Very glamorous cream,  presented in lovely coat.  Noble head and expression with a dark, well shaped eye.  Lovely pigment.  Really strode out going around.

3.       Hall’s Dimara Miss Izzabella of Shenedene. JW.


What a class!

1.       Lewis’ Ch Deelayne Indulgence.  Extremely typy, classical black of ideal size.  Most bewitching expression with a dark eye and good nose placement.  Good neck into well knit body.  In grand coat and moving so well. Best Bitch and BIS

2.       Scholes’ Ch Rossgilde Tamegans Dream JW Sh CM.  Glamorous gold with shapely outline and pleasing head qualities.  In grand condition, free and fluid mover. Res Best Bitch

3.       Breakenridge’s Camasahla Camellia.


1.       Langford’s Britroy’s Caught In A Shower at Quaytown.  Very glamorous parti colour of lovely size.  Glorious condition both in coat and body.  Good muscle tone, showing for all she was worth.

2.       Bromley’s Ch Jardene Dazzle Me Do.  Black with a good outline and balance.  Stylish mover.

3.       Torrence’s Sinyul Brief Encounter.