My general observation were good.  Presentation as always in the breed was very good.  I was looking for a typical Lhasa who fit my interpretation of correct standard &  I felt I found that.  I was looking at Lhasa expressions & heads & found a few scissor bites which completely square off the jaw & loses the required chin & expression .  Included in this fronts are much improved but we do have a few funny back ends.  Which are reflected when the dog moves.  Things to look out for & correct in the future but as I said please don't loose expression & movement in our breed.  That with attitude makes the Lhasa what it is as a breed.


1 Phillips' Dimara Top Of The Morning, very promissing, excellent head & eye, excels in front assembly ie front neck & shoulders, level topline, sound quarters, went well .
2 Waghorn's Sukisha Diamond Dust, different type to 1, not as mature.  Loved his head & expression, good rib & quarters.  Just needs more time
3 Cochrane's Chancienn Star Rhapsody.
1 Luscott's Jalus Kriss Kross, excellent prospect, correct in head & expression, good neck & shoulder, firm topline, ribs well back, well muscled quarters, went well:
2 Pointon & Webster's Quaytown Share The Wish, excellent type, not as mature as 1.  Good neck & shoulder, correct rib & quarters, went well:
3 Davis' Jamikasoka Masquerade at Narmoak:
JUNIOR DOG (10. 2)  
1 Luscott's Jalus Krystiano, litter brother to Kriss Kross but different in type & more mature, such presence, loved his front assembly& body properties, excellent movement  & showmanship. BP
2  Bell's Vallena Almeida, different type to  1 & not as mature in body.  Excels in head & eye, good shoulder & topline, well presented, went well:
3 Barthorpe's Patarch Hallowein
1 Dungate & Minton's Forochel Toonado, liked this dog, loved his head & expression, super front & rib strong in  quarters, hocks well let down which showed as he moved, excellent presentation:
2 Green's Samorrey Hello Tiger, another very sound dog with a lot to like, excels in front & rear, correct gait on the move.
3 Ogdens Absosengkye Donny
1 Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore's Terendak's Record Signing, what  a picture, immaculate presentation & showmanship, really asked for the RCC, will easly make up, good chin & expression, correct eye, excellent front, rib & quarters which show when he moves. RCC:
2  Blake's Kenworth Ultra Vox at Gallerio, correct honest grey, correct head & expression excellent rib & body properties, moved well.
3 Hardman's Nemmi Benevolent.
OPEN DOG (9)  
1 Holland's Vaderlands Feel The Force, well what can I say, loved this dog, fits the standard, not overdone anywhere, so sound, loved his head & expression, excellent front & shoulder, well ribbed , loved his solid body properties & general soundness in quarters. CC his third
2 Gillman's Mytilene Midnight Cowboy, another dog who interprets the standard very well, correct head eye & expression, super rib & quarters. Just didn't give his all but has so much to offer the breed.
3 Jennings' Ch Cossy's Chip 'N' Pin
1 Shoemark's Luekiki Elara, 6 months baby, very immature, but what you saw is what you're going to get when an adult.  correct height loved her head, Correct front & shoulder, went well.
2 Phillips' Dimara Irish Mist, typical Lhasa, very promising, more mature than 1 but was being difficult.  Excels in expression & rib, sister to MPD winner.  Two excellent prospects:
3, Waghornns' Sukisha Mirror Image.
1 Gillman's Mytilene Fire Of Phoenix, loved this puppy, correct head & eye, super front & shoulder which showed in her front extension on the move, correct rib carried well back giving good firm topline, sound, strong quarters  went well.
2 Davis ' Jamikasoka Crystal Rose at Narmoak, a lot to offer when mature, everything is in the right place, correct in head & eye, good shoulder & rib, sound quarters:
3 Keill's Giogan Summer Breeze.
1 Gillman's Mytilene Fire Of Phoenix,
2 Torrace's Sinyul Give Me Love, very promising, good body properties & quarters.  Just needs more finish.
3 Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore's Terendak's Educating Rita.
  Very good class, first four will change places many times I'm sure
1 Carter's Lowmots Equality for Alamiks, very exciting prospect correct expression, very good head & eye, excellent front & rib presented & shown to perfection.
2  Ellis & Bells Nedlik Limited Edition, pushed 1 hard same remarks apply very typical & sound went well.
3 Cain & Lock Kutani Shabby Chic.
LIMIT BITCH (8.3.)  
1 Richardson's Belazieth Hello Smartie, now this is very promising, so sound, correct expression, sound front, good shoulder, very good in rib & quarters, Considered for RCC, one I shall watch with interest.
2 Jones' Tarendes See That Bear: Good head & eye, correct front, excells in rib, good quarters.  Went well.
3 Seward's Elleonia On The Dark Side:
  Top class of quality Bitches
1 Anderson's Ch Zentarr Elizabeth, my first words on my notes says WOW! This bitch has it all, fantastic head, eye, chin & expression, super front shoulder & body properties, topped by presentation & showmanship, the best is still yet to come CC,BOB G1 & RBIS
2 Anderson's Ch Polielins Whitney with Tantra, lovely to go over, very sound & true, typical in type & expression, shows well RCC.
3 Scarll's Ch Timazinti Molly.
1 Paradise's Shardlows Ragtaggie Gypsy looked well, good head & eye, good front& rib sound quarters went well