Open Show

Thank you so  much to the committee and competitors for a lovely day. Some lovely dogs so had  to make some tough decisions. A few dogs peddling instead of any drive and  upright shoulders, but on a whole some lovely dogs.

MPD (2) 1 Harts  Anjesics Albony Of Khazedel. 6 mth old gold dog, has a lovely level topline,  very good mouth and correct head, his movement was straight front and back  liked his overall balance. 2 Yaxleys Dardanelles cosmic creeper.

 PD (2)  1 Seward and Pooles Elleonas Rick O'Shay Tu Domensa. Last day in puupy this  young fellow. Is a very eye catching dog with good bone. Has fab pigment and a  long and strong neck moves so well.such a show man too. A lot to like. 2  Barnetts Alamiks Rough Rider.

JD(3,1) 1 Youngs Sinyul Al Pacino To  Avonbourne. Grey white dog in full coat, a lot to like about this dog, well  balanced moved well has a lovely head and expression, I see big things for this  boy. One to watch.

GD (1) 1 Plumsteads Damjoz Aurora At Showa. Gold dog  with a good coat texture.nice leveltopline.well-proportioned head and neck with  dark eyes. Moved true. Preferd head and front of this dog to 2nds. 2 Davies  Timazinti Woodee At Narmoak.

LD (6,4) 1 Scarlls Timazinti Danio. What a  well balanced dog this is, well turned out, showed his socks off. Moved well  front and back, no peddling, had the shoulders id been looking for. Very nice  to go over. Needs to settle a bit but should go all they way this gentle man.  BOB, BD.BIS. 2 Harmers Deelayne Mister Magnum At Remrah. 3 Yaxleys Dardanells  Wild Basil.

OD (3,2) 1 Waterhouses Chtuara Well Did You Ever. Grey dog  in full coat which had good texture. Nice bone without being course or bog.  Lovely proportion head and eye, level top line stacked and on the move. Well  set shoulders goin down onto nice straight legs.RBD. 2 Harts Zentarr Elgar Of  Khazedel.

VD (1) 1 Gillmans Mytilene Midnight Cowboy Jw Sh Cm.Black,  seven and half year old, what a nice boy. In full coat good texture to it. Deep  chest, good expression and nice head shape. Moved well fron and back RBV.  Looked really well.

MPB (1) 1 Roach's Anjesics beaulie. Gold bitch just one day over 6 mths. Sweetness  personified. Moved well for such a baby, nice conformation, lovely head eye,  and nice shoulders, level top line nice straight legs , loved her, her brother  won mpd, two very nice pups. BPIS.

PB (6, 3) 1 Ward's On the edge. Well  balanced bitch, moved so well and handled lovely. Good level top line, needs a  bit more coat but not take away from her balance. 2 Ellis's Nedlik elusive  spirit. Very nice black, sadly would not show but when I went over her so nice.3  Barnett's Alamiks Good To Be Black.

JB (4) (2) 1 Torrance's Sinyul Love  Me For A Reason. Very nice bitch to go over, everything balanced, nice size and  shape. Moved well but needed a bit of encouragement, this did not detract from  her conformation but did let her down in line up. One to watch. 2 Scarll  Narmoak Indee Rose With Timazinti.

Y 1 Torrances Sinyul Love Me For A  Reason.

NB(2) 1 Roach's Anjesics Beaulieu. 2 Ward's On The Edge Of  Glory.

GB (4)(2) 1 Torrance's Sinyul Love Me For A Reason. 2 Ward'smytilene  Midnight Beauty At Alamiks.

PGB (5,2) 1 Waterhouse's Shingsa Total  Eclipse With Chtuara. Nice sized black bitch in full coat, a picture stacked  has good shoulders and front. Very nice shaped head and eye. Like her shape  size and presence. RBB. 2 Torrance's Sinyul Close Encounter.

LB (4) Very  hard class wish I could have had 4 prizes. 1 Pointon's Raushanara Over The Moon  To Ballito. My best bitch, such balance and good confirmation, when you have  that there isn't much else to say. Has such dark pigment too. Shoulders were  the better in this class. RBIS and BB. 2 Yaxleys Chethang Olesia At  Dardanelles. 3 Scarll And Sykes Timazinti Liberty.

OB (3,2) 1 Barnett's  Lowmots equality for alamiks sh cm. 4 yr old in good good present very well.  Nice bone and good chest. Moved with show presence and drive.nicely balanced  bitch. Good shaped head and eye. 2 Roach's Anjesics Gypsy Rose.

VB (2,1)  1 Plumstead's Simark Lucy Lockette Of Showa. What a lovely made bitch. Black in  full coat moved well front and back, still a true little show lady at 10 yr  old. Has level topline good shoulders and that lovely lhasa head. BVIS.
    Janette Taylor