Lhasa Apso Association of Wales and the South West Open Show

Judge: Anne Reynolds

Firstly my sincere thanks to the LAAWSW for the invitation and the honour to judge this show and to my steward Fred Gadd for keeping us all in good order. There was a lovely ringside atmosphere

Veteran dog

  1. Carter's Vowchurch Chico Time. 7 year old gold and white parti. Solid dog with a pleasant outline. Had good spring of rib and rear angulation. A little stubborn on the move but gathered pace showing some jaunty movement for the veteran challenge. BV

Minor puppy dog

  1. Waterhouse' Chtaura When Smoky Sings. 9th month old grey of sturdy structure, good shoulders and level top line. Lovely masculine head and superb dentition. A sound young man. Good stride but showed a little reluctance on return in challenge for BPD.

Puppy dog

  1. Blakes Fengolas Simply Wonderful. Gold mature puppy with good solid bone structure and again very sound. Pleasant head, dark eye and good bite. Nicely balanced with good depth of chest. He moved freely and with great confidence. BPD

Junior dog

  1. Bushells Jamikasoka Nigel Gearsley. Eighteen month boy with the most glorious black coat. Very much liked his head and length of muzzle. Nicely put together, balanced in profile and good upper arm. Moved with vigour and showed drive.

Novice dog

  1. Blakes Fengolas Simply Wonderful.

Post graduate dog

  1. Deacons Andolyn Fly Me to the Moon. Gold and white coat, mid maturity. Pleasant head of good proportion and a nice length of muzzle. Balanced with good tail set. Used the ring and showed a strong rear movement.

Limit dog

  1. Scarll & Sykes Timazinti Danio. Lovely gold and white in glorious coat and looked super in profile. A gentle masculine head with dark eye and good pigment. Nice reach of neck and well placed shoulders. He covered the ring enthusiastically, just would have liked to have seen a little more rear action. RBD.

  2. Richardsons Nemmi Impetuous Belazieth. Gold boy of sturdy bone and very mature, good length of rib and moved confidently fore and aft. Good dentition and broad jaw. Preferred the balance on 1.

Open dog

  1. Radstocks Int.jun CH Close to perfection Next to You. At just 3 years old this boy this young man is maturing nicely. Gold coat of good texture. Such a pleasant handsome head, lovely eye and good length of muzzle. Excellent pigment and a good mouth. Well placed shoulders and he has a good length of body and was well ribbed back. Nice length of upper arm and moved with confidence and drive. BD and RBIS

  2. Bushells Shigatse You Can Call Me Al at Jamikasoka. Gold boy, so nicely put together and has such a gentle head. Lovely mouth with broad under jaw and liked the length of muzzle. Good shoulders and topline. Just lacked a little vigour on the move today.

Veteran bitch

  1. Carters Vowchurch the Wonder of you. 7 year old bitch with pleasant head proportions and showed a good reach of neck. Coat of good quality, excellent muscle tone and rear.

Minor Puppy bitch

  1. Roach's Anjesics Beaulieu Gold, nicely balanced. Sweet feminine head, good pigment and excellent dentition. She was very confident on the move, maintaining good top line and head carriage. Good front.

  2. Waghorn's Ebony and Ivory. Black and white baby, longer in back than 1. Again a lovely feminine head, dark eye, good bite and length of muzzle. Just lacked a little confidence on the move.

Puppy bitch

  1. Watts Catley's Zanamop Truly Scrumptious. Loved this girl, pale gold and super head proportions and length of muzzle, very expressive. Nicely laid shoulders and length of upper arm. Liked the balance and she moved out with drive. BP

  2. Waghorns Sukisha Guilty Pleasure. Black and white with lovely head and a dark eye. Super mouth more confident than her litter sister. Preferred the rear angulation of my class winner.

Junior bitch

  1. Scarll & Sykes Narmoak Indee Rose with Timazinti. Gold and white of good size and pretty feminine head. Nice reach of neck and good fronts. Very nicely balanced in profile. Moved out confidently.

  2. Bushells Jamikasoka Holly Shiftwell. Another bitch with pleasant head features, good length of muzzle, reach of neck and made with substance. She exhibited good angles move but was slightly unsettled. Just needs to gain confidence.

Novice bitch

  1. Wards On the Edge of Glory. Gold young lady with a nice feminine head and dark eye. Held top line and moved with enthusiasm albeit would have preferred more drive.

  2. Carters Belazieth Smarties Dream of Vowchurch. Young bitch in profuse strong red coat and moved well at all times. Well conditioned with super muscle tone, preferred the head of proportions of 1.

Graduate bitch

  1. Wards Mytilene Midnight Beauty at Alamiks. Mature bitch with lovely head, good bite. Good bone structure but would have preferred more lay back of shoulder. Coat in glorious condition and handled well. Moved out with vigour

Post graduate bitch

  1. Waterhouse Shingsa Total Eclipse with Chtaura. Mature young lady with the most glorious outline, feminine head with the softest features. Good bite and reach of reach of neck.. Lovely black coat oozing excellent condition. Prime body and muscle tone, moved well.

  2. Carters Vowchurch Viva La Diva. Sable gold bitch with nice head proportion and dark eye. Good depth of chest and nicely bodied. Just preferred the over all balance and rear of 1.

Limit bitch

  1. Super class, headed up by Scarll & Sykes Timazinti Liberty. This young lady just exudes elegance and quality. Lovely head and dark eye. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder complimented by a level top line. Good spring of rib and so balanced throughout in the stand and in moving effortlessly. Lovely gold coat of correct texture. Well deserved BB and BIS.

  2. Waghorns Sukisha Fire n 'Ice. Pale gold and white not dissimilar to 1. Feminine head with excellent bite. Good front and depth of chest. Nicely proportioned, maintaining level top line and moved soundly

Open bitch

  1. Jones Ch. Tarendes See That Bear. Sweet soft feminine head complimented by a dark eye, good mouth and lip. Soundly made, good bone and well balanced throughout. Striking in profile and moved with jauntiness

  2. Waterhouse Chtaura Everybody in Love. Delightful cream bitch with soft expressive head, good pigment and bite. Another with shapely balance and used the ring to exhibit soundness of movement