LHASA APSO Club Open Show


The Lhasa Apso Club held an open show where BIS was Jalus Lou-Ella at Vaderlands; & RBIS, Shogandale Cubra Libre.

It was a pleasure to spend the day surrounded by your lovely dogs. With a BBC film crew & camera filming on an off throughout the day, I wonder if this may have been a reason for the high absentee rate? In any event I enjoyed my day & wish to thank the committee & the exhibitors for a very pleasant day out in ideal dog showing weather.

MPD (2)
1 Andersson-Hamill’s Tantra’s Alexander, what a great way to start the days judging, in this stunning 6½ months b/w youngster, such a super prospect with his balanced, compact body well ribbed back, strong short loin, correct level topline, very good balanced angles fore & aft, his head is a total delight with correct proportions of length of muzzle to skull, dark brown oval eyes correctly placed, excellent mouth with very good width to jaw & neck, moved quite freely. RBP;
2 Davis’ Narmoak Buzz Light Year, just 6 months, at his first outing & enjoying himself quite a bit, good head & expression, medium brown eyes, good body for age but is longer in back & not as compact as 1. Freely moving with excellent rear gait. Needs more time.
(5) Great variation in head & body properties in this class.
1 Rout’s Cortez Captivated Simuje, another cracking example of the breed, this 9 months gold dog was quite naughty moving & wouldn’t settle initially, but finally came to his sense & showed himself off to good advantage, by far the most typical in head with correct Lhasa expression, ideal size with a lovely body shape & proportions in this class, excellent forehand & front & should provide some stiff competition at higher level as he matures in mind & body;
2 Lewis’ Deelayne Don Juan, 10 months b/w who is a good example of the breed, but I preferred the proportions of length of muzzle to skull in 1, good eyes & neck, body is coming but is a tad longer cast than 1, is very free in gait & has excellent side movement, but is a shade narrow in rear action;
3 Chichvarkin’s Kutani Alexander.
JD (1)
1 Francis’ Mokadream Allium Gladiator, almost 16 months g/w which is quite mature already in head & body, strong masculine expression, good eye & balance ratio of muzzle to skull. Level topline but is a tad long in loin. Excellent coat. Moves out with freely but is somewhat extravagant in rear drive.
1 Williams’ Chtaura Moves Llike Jagger, gr/br with good overall body proportions, his head is a shade too long & narrow in muzzle which affects expression. Dark oval eyes, very good neck & front, good coat texture & on the move shows correct gait.
1 C Captivated Simuje;
2 D Don Juan.
1 M Allium Gladiator;
2 C Moves Like Jagger.
(5) A.
(5) Excellent class, not much separating the first two.
1 Harmer’s Deelayne Mister Magnum at Remrah, the most typical in outline, balance, head & expression, an excellent head, correct balance of muzzle to skull, skull shape, excellent forehand, very good front, body developing well & moves out freely. RBD;
2 Scarl’s Timazinti Danio, close up in quality, this cr/w is another one with excellent outline, front, forehand & body, well ribbed back as well, very good gait especially in rear, head wise is another one with very good mouth & eyes, but preferred the balance of muzzle to skull of 1, overall another excellent dog;
3 Baxter’s Fengola Chanson D’Amour.
(7) Fronts were a problem in this class.
1 Leaver’s Shogandale Cubra Libre, g/br of correct size, excellent head & expression, dark oval eyes, very good mouth, good neck, correct topline & tail, moderate throughout & has excellent gait, his overall balance & harmony of proportions as well as excellent movement in the challenge gave him RBIS;
2 Hart’s Zentarr Elgar of Khazedel, 5 years, masculine head & expression giving lovely outline, well balanced, correct topline & tail, excellent coat, moves quite freely & jaunty. Preferred the forehand of 1 but one of excellent quality & type.
1 Reynold’s Lisimo Now I’m Here, 7 years gold of overall excellent balance, correct head proportions but mouth is showing age now, very good front, forehand & neck, body correct being well ribbed back with short loin, very good gait. BV.

MPB (7)
1 Holland’s Vaderlands All For One, 6½ months red baby of excellent size & shape, lovely conformation, correct forehand, good legs & feet, well ribbed back, true free & jaunty gait, excellent quality throughout, once she gets her ‘showing hat’ on straight will trouble the best, I think, just needs more time;
2 Baxter’s Fengola Oh So Sassy, 8½ months g/w, very flashy & close up to 1, very good to go over, preferred the front of 1. Very good neck, level topline, free & jaunty movement, quite promising;
3 Andersson-Hamill’s Tantra’s Fabulous Fanny.
1 Harmer’s Remrah Maybe Bab, 9½ months g/w, excellent conformation, very good neck & body, well ribbed back & excellent gait, quite typical feminine head & expression having dark eyes correctly set & correct proportions of muzzle to skull length;
2 Rout’s Vivasious Kasara with Simuje, 9 months gold puppy, excellent feminine head & expression, excellent shoulders, good body. Just needs more time to come together but quite typical & promising in quality & type;
3 Lewis’ Take Me And Make Me A Deelayne.
1 Scarl’s Narmoak Indee Rose with Timazinti, 17 months cream, excellent pigmentation, feminine head & expression, dark eyes that I would prefer a bit more oval. Excellent forehand, very good body, well ribbed back, moderate throughout, excellent movement;
2 Francis’ Mokadream Zinnia Ruffles, 16 months feminine bitch with lovely head & expression, very good mouth but is not as well conformed as 1 so her neck length & forehand not as one would like. Very good coat quality, good body, level topline & moves well.
1 Torrance’s Sinyul Love Me For A Reason, 23 months with preferred outline, very good balance, neck & forehand, very good proportions of muzzle to skull length, excellent conformation throughout & very good on the move;
2 Francis’ Mokadream Zigadenus, small feminine bitch, good body & coat, fairly well ribbed back. Eyes a shade bold so this affects expression.
1 V Kasara with S;
2 Take Me And Make Me A D, dark eyes, good body & front, moves out freely, coat developing well;
3 Anjesics Beaulieu.
1 M Zinnia Ruffles.
1 Ogden’s Absosengkye Inky, cr/g, moderate throughout, feminine head & expression, excellent muzzle to skull proportions, dark eyes, very good shape, OK neck & front, moderate body, fairly well ribbed back, good gait & overall size & balance.
1 Holland’s Jalus Lou-Ella at Vaderlands, red of excellent quality, so typy, fabulously feminine head that is for me so correct in its balance, expression, mouth, eyes & skull, has a first-rate shoulder & front assembly, correct neck, very good body, well ribbed back with short, strong loin, coat is moderate with correct texture, so although not the abundance & the flash & dash of some others on the day, she ticked the boxes for me, moves very true & freely, this is the one I would take home, so I had to make her BIS;
2 Scarl’s Timazinti Liberty, of excellent quality, very good front, excellent coat, level topline & moves very freely, prefer the eyes & compactness of 1 but close up for quality;
3 Sutcliffe’s Fengola Super Sassy at Newcliffe.
1 Andersson-Hamill’s Tantra’s Mary Grace, b/w with excellent conformation, correct eyes, excellent reverse scissor bite with very good width to lower jaw & in a straight line, moves out well, but is carrying too much weight. RBB;
2 Roach’s Anjesics Gypsy Rose, 5 years gold, love her size & balance, feminine head & expression, very good head properties, good front & movement;
3 Yaxley’s Chethang Olesia at Dardanelles.
(2) A.
1 Roach’s brace, well matched for size, shape & expression, moved together well to present a well matched pair;
2 Harmer’s brace, similar heads & expression, but not as settled in movement as class winners.