Timazinti Lhasa Apso’s

John and Joan Scarll                                                 The Turbary                                   



                                                                            South Yorkshire

                                                                       DN9 1PL

Thank you to N.O.E.L.A.C for inviting me to judge at there 4th championship show on the 29th June 2007

It is always an honour to judge a club show Also I would like to thank my very competent steward



!st   Mr & Mrs Phillips - Dimara Gorgeous George ( Brindle) Nice shape skull with dark eye and correct expression good front and level top line moved well

 2nd  Mrs Allen - Anniseed Razzamatazz (Black) Nice front and shoulders well ribbed and moved well

 3rd Mrs Rhodes - Arrayshia Huckleberry


1st Miss G Holland Vanderlands - Feel the Force (Gold) A very confident and well balanced puppy. Very good shaped skull with correct shape dark eye and nice expression Good shoulders and front level top line witch he keeps on the move B P I S

2nd Mr &  Mrs Casling, - Meranne Against All Odds (Gold) Very nice outline with a super temperament Good top line and moved well

3rd Mrs Allan – Anniseed Bobby Dazzler


1st Mr & Mrs Reynolds - Lisimo Now I’m Here (gold) Nice size boy and very well constructed. Correct head good shoulders and front Level top line making a super outline which he keeps on the move.

2nd Mrs Blake -  Kenworth Ultra Vox at Gallerio (brindle) Well balanced with pleasing head good shoulders and front good sound movement

3rd Mr Norris – Damjoz First Edition JW


1st  Mrs Povey  Perjena Ice and Fire (gold and white) A very well constructed dog, good head eye mouth and expression. Good shoulders front and topline very well muscled rear which showed when he moved all he needs is his coat to finish.

2nd Miss Brown Chethang Kesario (gold) A little bigger than I was looking for, but there is a lot to like about this boy and he has a lovely outline and moved very well.

3rd Mrs Clifford - Rossgilde to Spin a Secret at Woonona


1st Mrs Cains Kutani Secret Agent. (Gold & White) Another top quality puppy from this kennel good head front and top line very well angulated rear quarters.

2nd Mrs Rhodes “Arrayshia Huckleberry” (Gold) Smaller type boy with good head and mouth ,he moved well round the ring

3rd Mrs Allan Anniseed Bobby Dazzler


Kutani Secret Agent

Sp B D

1st “Perjena Ice and Fire”

2nd Mrs Watson “Dalamaya Brandy Snap” (Gold) Nice to go over and in full coat but reluctant to move



Mrs Smith - Wyndcatch Against The Odds. (Gold) Very nice young dog Well balanced head with lovely soft expression Good shoulder and front. Really moved out on the move

2nd Miss Hemsley -Hazgaye Interceptor. A dog I have always liked and still do He is dressed to perfection and moved well I would just like a little more body

3rd Mrs Sumner – Truern Match Point


Mrs Jones - Rishlyn  Rio Bravo For Swaybee, Another dog I have always liked, best head neck front  and top line in the class and kept his out line on the move but felt he just lacked maturity for the top award

2nd Mrs McNally - Ballito’s Ambrose with Angadema Heavier dog than one but still very well constructed


!st Mrs Cains - Ch Kutani Rogue Trader. Not much more can be said that has not already been said about this boy He stood out in the class so well constructed and I liked his length of back and his mature body my DCC and B I S

2nd Mrs Luscott - Ch Jalus Galileo JW Another dog that I love he is also very well constructed and has well muscled hind quarters that he uses on the move my R D C C

3rd Mrs Pointon - Ch/Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me To Ballito (imp) Another very good specimen of our breed a different type to 1st and 2nd but a privilege to have the opportunity to have him in my top 3 dogs



1st Mrs Old - Chenwinds Monty Karlo  9 years old and shown in super condition. Moved well and kept his outline I am sure he enjoyed his day out

2nd Mrs Allen - I’m Nearly Famous For Daraghugh 7years old liked his head but was reluctant to move



1st Mrs Sumner -Truern Total Eclipse Lovely overall balance good head eye and pigment Very confident on the move keeping a good level top line very promising

2nd Miss Crummey Nickanda Simply Divine Another very nice puppy good overall construction and showed well just prefer balance on 1st

3rd Mrs Gardner Jejuna Manhaten



1st Mrs Surtees - Katay Cinabar  Overall a very well balanced puppy with a lovely head and expression. Good front and top line and was happy moving round the ring

2nd Mrs Lewis - Deelayne Not Only But Also. Another very good puppy to go over Very nice head  good front level top line gave her mum a hard time in the ring so just needs to settle

3rd Mrs Shoemark and P Hughes Rossgilde Dream Lady


1stMrs Blaber - Chethang Laurencia at Jastina. Very feminine head with sweet and soft expression Good shoulders front and top line. Super coat texture for age and presented to perfection

2nd Mrs Gardner Jejuna - Octavia Not much in these two girls I liked her short back and rib I’m sure she will change places with one when she settles

3rd Mrs Bushell - Jamikasoka Shady Lady


1st Mrs Waterhouse - Chtaura Sealed With A Kiss. Very well constructed with lovely head good shape dark eye  Moved well keeping her shape     

2nd Mr & Mrs Paradise - Sangchenla Persephone at Shardlow  Another very well constructed bitch with plenty of drive on the move



1st Chethang Laurencia at Jastina

2nd Katay Cinabar

3rd Larool Babycham with Saranbeck



1st Nickanda Simply Divine

2nd Mrs Surtees Katay Miss Dior. A quality bitch and very well balanced. Unsettled today

3rd Larool Babycham with Saranbeck



1st Mrs Bushell - Chtaura Spinning Around For Jamikasoka  Fell in love with this bitch. Has the most gentle eyes and soft correct expression. which a lot of our Lhasa's are loosing today. Strong neck and correct shoulder placing good front level top line and moved with plenty of drive Shown in super coat R.B C.C

2nd Mrs Seward - Elleonia On The Dark Side J.W Have always liked this bitch from the ring side and was not disappointed very well constructed Lovely outline and movement.

3rd Mrs McNally Angadema Ask For Me


1st Mrs Luscott Jalus Goldilocks Very nice head with correct expression Strong neck and front well ribbed back level top line and moved with plenty of drive

2nd Miss Holland Vanderlands Electra-fy Another excellent example of the breed good head an expression, front and top line moved well

3rd Miss Davidson-Jones Peakajay Lady Ellawiza Sh Cm      


1st Mrs Luscott - Jalus Dizzy Lizzy A bitched I have always liked from the ring side and was not disappointed She has a natural movement and holds her shape at all times. Gentle expression with correct shape dark eye and pigment. Strong muscled neck correct shoulder and front. Well ribbed back giving a level top line making a super outline B C C


 2nd Mrs Waterhouse -Ch Chtaura All U Need Is Luv J.W. This is another super bitch from this kennel

Very well constructed with correct head and expression Moved with plenty of drive and kept her outline at all times a worthy champion of the breed

3rd Mrs Bushell - Chtaura Prima Donna For Jamikasoka Another super example of the breed.


                                                                                                                                     Joan Scarll