I would like to thank exhibitors for such a super entry,i was blessed with many lovely quality dogs to go over,in many classes the quality was so high that many went cardless.



What a lovely way to start the day 3 wounderful Vetran dogs.

1 ,Mr K & J Warrington & Mcintyre ,Ch Piplarie Luke Again . Truly sound dog throughout ,7 years old ,beautiful head exceptional expression nice fall away from corner of eyes, good mouth and great pigment a lovely topline strong loin ,good depth of rib, correct tail set ,which he held whilst on the move was shown with the minimum of fuss by handler and showed his socks off .

2, Mrs H Liasen Brunes , Nor Du Ch Panaphias Midnight Flyer nw 13 PLW 16 .

A well presented 9 year old shown expertly , nice head level top line and good front he has a good depth of rib , and moved with plenty of drive both front and rear.

3, Mr R & Mrs L Church ,Lechoix Catch Me If You Can At Askja. Sturdy type and looking great for 12 years old , not only a credit to his owners but to the breed as still sound and looked every bit a top class lhasa .


1,Mrs G H Ritchie Cheolview Paws For a While .Well balanced puppy with a lovely expression nice chin and dark eyes ,sturdy boy with a great depth and length of rib, he as a good shoulder lay and a nice front , strong level top line ,good tail set , he moved out well with great confidence . 2,Mrs I Watts Timazinti Britski at Kenida Well ribbed and nice depth of chest good bone , good pigment , strong top line which he kept on the move , lovely coat and really moved with drive and focus .

3,Mr C Mrs J & Mr Baker & Keeble , Zanamop Does Ya Mother Know . Brindle with a lovely expression showing a adequate amount of chin , pigment is wonderful, he is well balanced has a good tail set ,which he carry well over his back whilst on the move.


1 ,Miss L Owen ,Viewtop Mistic Black Knight at Gatchinyo .What a sound young black dog , he as a lovely depth of rib and a well muscled frame I can tell he does plenty of free running , a beautiful expression with correct length of muzzle to scull , good mouth and showing right amount of chin. Coat is of good texture , just needs a bit more to finish off .

2, Mrs S Saunders,Bellellen Double Ducie Strudy well balanced dog good depth of chest standing on good well boned legs excellent front , level strong topline lovey head proportions , presented in good coat.

3,Mrs J Bromley Jardene Diamond Geezer Lovely gold and white parti darkest of pigment gives him a lovely expression, moved with plenty of drive


1 Ms L & Mrs L Maxwell &Chalmers Dimara to be Shure of Aintshe. What a lovely expression this young dog as, such a well balanced head with the sweetest yet masculine expression he as a lovely shaped eye and a lovely amount of chin a good wide mouth. He has a wonderful front assembly great shoulders and plenty of well arched neck ,shown in good coat .

2 Mrs A E Luscott Snow-Lions Modus Vivendi with Jalus (imp dkk). Moved out so well , really using his strong hind quarters he as a good depth of rib , good front and strong level topline, a very pleasing head with good mouth and plenty of chin, he is so attentive to his handler .

3 Mrs W Cain Sandauri Showstopper for Kutani (imp rus ) Level topline pleasing expression good pigment, lovely coat , showed well .


1 PJ&MG Phillips Dimara Soulboy Gold dog with the most amazing coat texture , he as a lovely shoulder lay and a well arched neck, strong level top line a well rib body and a good depth of rib , correct skull and length of muzzle gives him a nice yet all male expression. Good mouth with good width ,moved with purpose and drive .RDCC

2 Mr S &Mr A Barnett & Carter Alamiks Dare to Dream Lovely balanced gold dog sound through out , he is well boned and well muscled , moved out well both going away and returning , kept a good level topline at all times and was shown off to his best by his young handler .

3 Mrs D R Richardson Belazieth Jack of Hearts Sturdy lad with a nice expression great pigment and good chin , he as a firm topline which he kept on the move a good coat with excellent head fall.

LIMIT D 16 (3

1 Miss J L & Mr M House & Hincliffe Dimara Roll the Dice Sturdy dog with a lovely balance , he as a beautiful head and correct shaped dark eye, good straight front standing on well boned legs , so well muscled he moves out well with lots of drive .

2 Mrs A E Blake Longsdale Lets Rock Gallerio JW Deep chest and well sprung rib level topline and strong short lion ,nice tail set good coat texture, showing a good chin with good pigment .

3 Mrs K Paji Slimlines Love Legacy Truth Eu JW 16 Multi JCH Beautiful head on this boy, correct skull to muzzle proportions , has a wonderful expression which is enhanced by his dark pigment . good front and strong level topline .

OPEN D 18 (3)

1 Mrs Radstock CH Int CH Close to Perfection Next to You. What a beautiful Lhasa ,nothing over exaggerated here, nice size good mouth and expression good fall behind the eyes, excellent pigment ,your hands just flow over his compact body ,good front angulations , strong quarter which are well muscled, he moves around the ring like he is on a mission, all male without any coarseness. DCC BOB. 2 Mr D J Mrs W Lock & Cain CH Littondale Replay Kutani Love the expression on this boy nothing you would change here , dark lovely shaped eye, super rear which he uses to power around the ring .

3 Mr A Waterhouse CH Chtaura Hippy Hippy Shake Sturdy well bodied good depth of rib , lovely mouth with excellent chin , good hard coat texture.

GOOD CIT D 4 (1)

1 Mr R & Mrs L Church Crystal Eyes Piece of Cake (imp dk ) stylish dog with a super expression lovely dark pigment , well balanced and moved out with style a lovely sound dog.

2 Ms L & Mrs L Maxwell & Chalmers Dimara to be Sure of Aintshe.

3 Mrs T Gillman Mytilene Caspion Prince JW ShCM sound overall with a good depth of rib , level top line and good tail set . moved out well.



1 Mrs M &Mr G Roach CH Anjesics Dream Maker JW ShCM Beautiful stylish girl she is in good firm condition , has a lovely expression dark eyes , good shoulder placement and reach of neck , well balanced and moving out with great reach and drive both fore and rear.

2 Ms E S Carrick CH Deelayne Illustrious another great veteran who is in excellent condition she as the most lovely head , correct rib cage with nice length and depth , firm topline good coat texture.


1 Mr S & Mr Barnett & Carter Alamiks Simply Solo Very much a baby put taking it all in her stride level topline and good tail set , showing a lovely amount of chin and signs of having a good mouth , moving with confidence and drive.

2 Mrs G R Hinshell Wood Muirfauld Sunset on Silk very promising puppy lovely balance and head , great reach of neck , her coat feels like it will develop into a good texture ,moved well.

PUPPY B 7 (1)

1 Mrs LJ & Mr RA Davis Timazinti Millie Mae at Narmoak Nicely made puppy with well covered body, good head proportions , nice chin and mouth, lovely neck running into correct shoulder lay, strong firm hind quarters ,very confident on the move a very happy puppy enjoying her day .

2 Miss A M Mccoy Terendak Parti Time Lovely head correct lenght of muzzle to skull proportions ample neck flowing into a level topline. Coat texture coming on nicely .

3 Mrs G R Hinshelwood Muirfauld Sunset on Silk


1 Mrs A G O Doherty Manbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell Such a beautiful well balanced feminine yet sturdy bitch, she as the most lovely expression dark eyes correct balance of muzzle to skull , super front assembly shoulders well laid flowing into a firm topline that she kept at all times , beautifully presented in good coat of nice texture scored in profile on the move, used her well muscled hind quarters to power around the ring effortlessly BCC.

2 Mr D & Mrs K Thompson Toynbee Miss Clemintine Good rib with nice depth of chest , straight front good tail set, nice mouth and ample chin . wonderful coat texture.

3 Miss N A Al-Bazi Phylcher One Vision . Balanced with sweet feminine expression well ribbed strong back end with good muscle tone, moving with good forward reach and rear drive


1 Mrs S J Hattrell CH Remrah Scarlett Ribbons at Khinjan Excels in front assembly good shoulder and upper arm angles , she as a firm topline good length of rib , well angled rear quarters allowing her to drive effortlessly around the ring .

2 Mrs P Torrance Sinyul Let There be Love Lovely expression , dark eye of correct shape , she is sturdy yet feminine , nice depth of rib , good front , keeping level topline on the move ,coat of good texture .

3 Mr JA & Mrs AM Reynolds Kutani Jitterbug Nicely built well balanced , good lenght of neck firm topline , good tail set .


1Mrs J Seal Lhasenna Jomo Balance head with good jaw and dentition , well laid shoulders firm topline ,ample rib in length and depth, moved with good reach and drive .

2 Mrs D A Allenby Anniseed smokey pearl . Sturdy well boned , lovely balanced with a good front essembly she as well angled rear , nice mouth wide and full dention , good coat texture .

3 PJ& MG Philips Dimara Fabulous Fanny . Super forehand straight front , well laid back shoulders flowing into a level topline , showed a correct outline in profile on the move .

LIMIT B 19(2)

1 Mr K McLaughlin Jalus Quintessence Love the overall shape of this one a really hard to fault bitch , feminine yet strong frame , lovely head correct lenght of muzzle good pigment , a real dark eye , shown in the most beautiful coat .

2 Mr T, Mrs S ,Mr R &Mrs J Poole &Seward Marnbi Glint of Gloria to Domensa JW. Good depth and length of rib , beautiful feminine expression coat of good texture , topline firm and strong and tail set good. Wonderful profile .

3Mr D J & Mrs J Lock Littondale Gisella . Balanced throughout , good neck and shoulder placement , feminine yet sturdy moved out with stye and drive .

OPEN B 15(5)

1 Miss M D Hall CH Shenedene Miss World JW Mature looking gold bitch feminine head set on good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders level topline good rib spring and depth, , with well angulated well mucsled rear , moved out with drive .RCC.

2 Mrs J &Ms S Scarll & Sykes Timazintis Dream Girl JW . lovely expression with correct skull to muzzle proportions dark eyes good pigment, wide mouth with good amount of chin , good depth of chest , firm topline .

3 Miss N J Horne CH Hopeinns Playing With Fire JW ultra feminine very sound good straight front , nice flow to neck to shoulder to topline . good forward reach .


1 Mr J A &Mrs A M Reynolds Kutani Jitterbug

2 Mr R & Mrs L Church Sengemos Starlight Express at Askja Sweet expression with great pigment , well balanced overall good rear angulation .

3 Mr R & Mrs L Church Askja Baby Boo Super front , coat of correct texture , moving out in a good balanced profile.

Sue Roberts.