Midland Lhasa Apso Association

Open Show, held on 20th February 2011

At Polesworth Memorial Hall, nr. Tamworth.


Thank you to the committee for inviting me and their very kind hospitality.

This was the third Open Club Show  I have judged.

I enjoyed my day very much and was delighted to have so many excellent dogs to go over, many grateful thanks to the exhibitors for their support.

75 dogs were entered making 90 entries with absentees, making 55 dogs to examine.

The following are my observations;

 I found that presentation is getting better all the time.  Pigmentation has improved, and the shape of the eyes and darkness of eyes have vastly improved over the past few years.  Hind angulation is also getting better. Fronts can still be improved upon as could shoulder placement which was appearant in a few exhibits.    There were many different types, some of  excellent merit, but some lacked  the balance which  is so important.  Coat quality varied, where the hard coat the standard calls for, was clearly lacking in quite a few exhibits. Mouths were in general o.k., with just a few which were

not quite correct  and missing teeth, so needs watching.  I was  quite  disappointed with the lack of good muscle tone in so many of the exhibits.  Overall temperament was superb.

There was nothing exaggerated about my Best in Show, Luscott’s Jalus Krystiano JW

And Reserve Best in Show; Hall’s Dimara Filthy Gorgeous at Shenedine, both excellent breed types, very balanced,  good size, both with good head pieces and of  good overall construction and with free and true movement, it was a delight to see them go round the ring.  It was a very close decision, but the dog had a slight edge on finish, and performed better in the final.




Minor Puppy Dog (5,2).  1. Waghorn’s Sukisha Secret Illusion. Promising, lovely outgoing b/w baby only 6 months old, with a pleasing outline, good shape and size for age, coat coming on well, Lovely head, eye and bite, very positive on the move for one so young..  2. Walker’s Shigatze Alex .Well presented,  handsome  gold youngster  in good coat and condition, more mature, but preferred overall construction of 1.   3. Poole’s Domensa Ar-Ye-Buzzin.


Junior Dog (4,1) 1.Watt’s  Larool Brandy Snap for Kenida.  Promising 17 month old, appealing outline, showing off  his good neck and topline and good tailset.  Well developed head, dark eye and good bite, well bodied, good coat quality, moved so true!. 2.Hall’s Shenedene Hugo Boss. Lovely 13 month old youngster, with lots of potential,  soundly constructed, balanced, coat coming on beautifully, showed  well, just lacked the overall maturity of 1.  . 3. Povey’s. Timazinti Paddy Paws


Yearling Dog (4) 1.Cain’s Kutani Lightning Strike. Another one showing lots of promise, lovely to go over, good construction, everything in proportion, good head and neckline, eye and bite, super expression, good front, coat in good order, sound mover. Should do well.  2. Hall’s Shenedine Hugo Boss. 2nd to another quality dog with more maturity, but his overall quality and performance won him this class.  3.Pointon’s  Quaytone Share the Wish at Ballito



Limit Dog. (5,1) 1.Bromley’s Cossy’s Chocolate Chip at Jardene JW. Stood out in this line up. Good  type  and size, Well balanced, correct topline, good tailset and carriage, good hindquarters and  true movement from all angles, when finished should have a rosy future. RBD.2. Edward’s Zuthis Hot Chatter of Quito. Sh.CM. Six year old shown in lovely condition, slightly longer in back to 1, good type, pleasing in head, with dark eye, good expression, moved well.3. Crummey’s Nickanda Simply The Best.


Open Dog.. (7,2) A wonderful class to judge full of top quality dogs 1.Luscott’s  Jalus Krystiano JW. 2. Lewis’Ch. Deelayne Zaar too Busy.   Gold dog, I liked very much, in excellent coat and condition, Good type. Lovely head with good bite,  eye and  expression, good neckline and level topline,  good front, moved well. Such a happy lad. 3.Holland’s Ch. Vaderland Feel the Force.


Veteran Dog. (2,1) 1.Sutcliffe’s Ch. Now and Forever Deelayne. Old favourite of mine.

9 years old and still in excellent condition, Appealing in outline,  Lovely head and expression, pleasing topline, moved well overall today, but  slightly close behind.


Minor Puppy Bitch (9,3) A class of beautiful babies.1.Holland’s Jalus Louella at Vaderlands.BPin Show. 2. Luscott’s Jalus Lady Layla.  I note 1 & 2 are littersisters. This was a difficult decision as they were so similar, both sound and of good conformation, typical expression, good pigment and dark eye, A slight difference in head  and with 1 more positive on the move, and a fraction more mature.  No doubt will change places many times. . 3.Edwards’ Debs Mystic Topaz (taf)


Puppy Bitch (3) 1.Torrance’s  Sinyl Close Encounter . Promising youngster, Good quality grey coat for her 10 months, good shape,  good head proportions, good bite, darkest of eyes and typical expression, correct front,  sound mover.. 2.Waterhouse’s  Chataura Hot in the City.  Pleasing overall, nicely balanced, feminine,  sweet expression,  good tail carriage and movement.  3.Smith’s Wyndcatch Love Over Gold


Junior Bitch (8,2) 1.Scott’s Wolferlow Emilia Fox. Appealing in outline,  feminine  bitch, full of quality and sound in body and movement. 2.Bromley’s  Jardene Hot on the Button.  Pleasing head, dark eye and good bite,  level topline,  maturing nicely, good  hind movement.. 3.Ogden’s Absosengkye Flash Harriet


Yearling Bitch. (7,2)1. All teenagers in this class, at different stages of development. Roach’s. Anjesics Dream Maker. Cream, shown in lovely coat and condition. Good conformation, pleasing in head, sweet expression, level topline,  moved freely. 2. Crummey’s Deelayne Float my Boat Over Nickanda.  Gold, .Needs more time to mature, well made, good shape, dark eye, sweet expression, positive on the move. 3.Anderson’s Princess Loobeloo





Maiden Bitch (6,3) 1. Anderson’s Princess Loobeloo.  Nice outline and nicely balanced, well off for substance, nice head, good pigmentation and dark eye, sweet expression, coat of good texture, moved well. 2.Anderson’s Whoopie Go Lucky. Litter sister to 1, very similar, same notes apply,  just needs to body up. 3.Sutcliffe’s Newcliffe Forever N’Ever.


Novice Bitch (4,2) 1. Princess Loobeloo. 2. Whoopie Go Lucky


Post Graduate Bitch (4) 1. Scott’s Shardlow Laid Back Ruby with Wolferlow.  Attractive gold in good condition and coat of good texture, Nicely balanced, Good front and hind angulation, pleasing in head with good dark eye, level topline,  moved well.  2.Sutcliffe’s  Newcliffe Moonlight Shadow. Nice, feminine bitch, compact body, Pleasing head, good bite and dark eye with sweet expression, straight front,  moved o.k.3. Ogden’s Absosengkye Princess.


Limit Bitch (8)  1. Lewis’s Deelayne Illustrious.  Feminine 2 year old,

Good size. Lovely head with exc. pigmentation, eye and bite, and sweet expression. Substance just right, level topline,  good tail carriage, moved with drive.  2. Jones’ Tarendees See that Bear. Gold,  Another feminin bitch, very well made.  Pleasing in head with dark eye and typical expression, good dentition,  moved well. 3. Free’s Vaderlands Star Force with Marpori.


Open Bitch (5,1) 1. Hall’s Dimara Filthy Gorgeous at Shenedene. 2. Cain & Locke’s Chic Choix Kutani Charisma (imp. Finland) There is lots to like about this bitch, Very appealing in outline, super presentation, nicely balanced, pleasing in head with a lovely neckline and level topline, coat of correct texture,  preferred overall movement of 1.  3.Jone’s Tarendes Soul Bear.


Veteran Bitch (4,1)  Three delightful veterans, so much to like about each one, and all in  such a good condition, showing that a Lhasa, like a good wine, can improve with age..1.Waterhouse’s Ch. Chtaura All U need is Luv. JW.  RBB. & BV.  Grey, of  good size, shown in exc. coat and condition,  well constructed, Pleasing in head, neckline and topline, moved freely with drive. 2.Walker’s Ch. Zentarr Zeeta at Shigatse. One I have admired in the past, still looking the part, Exc. type,  well made overall, just felt  1, had the edge on presentation and movement today. 3.Roache’s Cossy’s Pistachioo Cream at Anjesocs.


Britt-Marie Young (Judge)