This is the seventh time I have given CCs in the breed in the UK. I have been very lucky to have judged the breed in Europe & Australia & I can tell you the depth of quality is certainly in the UK with several in this entry I really liked going home cardless! OD was the class of the day, all five placed CC quality. Still a little concerned with fronts & toplines, it can’t all be about coat & glamour, definitely a hands on breed – what you see is not always showing the truth! Presentation first class. A Lhasa must have the right expression, be constructed correctly & have typical action for this breed &, with this in mind, the results.

VD (2)

1 RCC, Gillman’s Mytilene Midnight Cowboy, 8 years & looking superb, excellent type, typical in outline & the expression I was looking for along with style & attitude in profile, going round the ring he looked so correct, excellent head carriage & strong backline. Am told he has two CCs & 13 RCCs, added another here, surely on this form worthy of his title, I loved him;

2 Reynolds’ Lismo Now I’m Here, also a super lad, g/w on top form, much to like, excellent shape & a look of quality & balance about him, typical action. Two lovely veteran males obviously well looked after.

 MPD (5)

1 Gillman’s Mytilene Rupert De Bear, 6 months parti, not going to be a big lad, the best front in the class, masculine, liked his shape & he’s so good on the move. Interesting to see how he develops, still very much a baby, even so much to like at this stage;

2 Horn’s Chanceinns Bonkerz, this affix figured high in my awards, I see several from this breeder were well placed. Rich red & so close up, liked the type, profile, size & pleasing movement, immaculate jacket. Not quite the front of 1;

3 Niall & Rothery’s Mytilene King Of Spades at Davenheath.

 PD (3)

 1 BP, Hall & Kares’ Chic Choix Roof Of The World, rich gold instantly takes your eye, lovely expression, good mouth, liked his front & topline, lovely strength behind with that all important strong hock joint, excellent jacket presented to perfection but I would expect nothing less from this exhibitor, has attitude & ring presence, looked so good in profile moving, showing huge promise, I would expect him to do really well in the breed;

2 Gillman’s Mytilene Rupert The Bear, quality baby, overall outline appealed. Not quite the front or balance of 1

 3 Walker’s Petwalk Provocateur.

JD (5)

1 Blake’s Fengolas Simply Wonderful, well named, certainly impressed me, lovely to go over & does not disappoint on the move, light gold & an easy winner, looked quality, liked his head, masculine expression, good neck fitting into good shoulders & good front, excellent topline & strong quarters, immaculate jacket, one with a future;

2 Walker’s Petwalk Provocateur, gold of quality but not the front or rear construction I look for.

 ND (2)

1 M Rupert De Bear;

 2 P Provocateur.

PGD (6)

1 Blake’s Elleonia Buzzin around Gallerio, grey, top class, expression totally appealed, typical head, excellent overall shape & a real look of balance & type about him, the size I like, masculine excellent jacket of quality, so good moving, should not be in this class long, certainly impressed me;

 2 Watson’s Lynruce Black Tie N Tails, as his name suggests a black of lovely quality & type from a kennel that produces one good one after another, typical masculine head, liked his body shape & angulation, strong rear. Just slightly preferred the front on 1 but close up, another who will do extremely well;

3 Bushell’s Jamikasoka’s Nigel Greasely.

LD (4) Strong class.

 1 Walker’s Shigatse Alex, just loved this male, had everything I was looking for in type, shape, size & that all important balance, in excellent jacket, world class presentation, on top form, movement I could not fault, CC quality, should make up, can’t be much wrong with a breed that can come up with so many top class males;

 2 Hall’s Magic Prince Azurowa Amhara at Shenedene, b/w 20 months & looked it compared to 1, showing huge promise for the future, not a big male, still masculine & again had the construction & balance I was looking for, goes without saying immaculate condition, looked so good on the move, personality & attitude plus;

3 Hammer’s Deelayne Mister Magnum at Remrah.

OD (9) All present.

Wow – super class & the final five all CC quality, all different, some good dogs left this class without a card.

1 CC, his third, & BOB, Waterhouse’s Chtaura Well Did You Ever, much my sort of Lhasa, this grey had everything I wanted, looked finished, so good to put your hands on, correct bodyweight for me & when he moved this is typical breed action, in wonderful form, need I say more? I was told later this breeder’s 12th ch;

2 Radstock’s Close To Perfection Next To You, different in type but this dog also impressed & one I would happily sign a CC for, going round never once lost that lovely outline, in excellent form;

3 Hall’s Multi Ch Shenedene All About Me.

VB (0).

 MPB (4)

1 Paradise’s Chanceinns Chasin Fairies over Shardlow, red, a real little poppet, loved her & her first place was never an issue, so very promising, it’s all there, just loved the attitude & style, sure to continue to impress;

2 Ogden’s Absosengkye Light My Fire, g/w super baby, not totally happy, when she gets her act together will do really well, it’s all there but she needs time & a little work put in, it will be worth it;

3 Saunders’ Bellellen Iceing On The Cake.

PB (3)

 1 Harmer’s Remrah Maybe Baby, blonde quality baby, typical in outline, feminine, excellent bite, good front & correct backline, very strong quarters, shows huge promise, again in winning form;

 2 Paradise’s Halloween Hellz Bellz Ring for Shardlow, black, loved the expression, another of quality, not the balance of 1 but they all develop at different stages, will be interesting to see how she comes on; 3 Blake, Francis & Pearce’s Jenroy Miss Understood with Longsdale.

 JB (3)

1 Langford’s Quaytown What A Wish, gold black overlay, such an attractive colour, lovely junior showing much promise, looks quality, liked her overall shape & balance, the size I like, feminine & such a good mover, the expression won the class, so typically Lhasa, I would expect her to do really well in the breed;

2 Walker’s Petwalk Hotter Than Hell, g/w of quality & pushing all the way, again a balanced outline, in excellent jacket. Just slightly preferred the head & expression of 1 but they will swap around I am sure; 3 Paradise’s Wrenwrox Three Times A Lady with Shardlow.

NB (6) All present.

1 Curtain’s Chanceinns Lady Penelope at Larlius, red, nearly gave it away, such a lovely quality girl, love the type, so much to like, at first she was not going to perform then decided it was not all that bad & in the challenge performed to perfection, one always to be considered, seriously I really did like her & on top form could do really well, should not be in NB, has so much to like;

2 Hallowen Hellz Bellze Ring for S;

3 P Hotter Than Hell.

PGB (8) All present.

1 Horne’s Lady Willamena at Chanceinn, instantly caught my eye, love the type, shape & size, looked so balance on the table, looked quite special, stylish & bags of attitude, thought she would press in the challenge but didn’t perform as well as in her class, having said that will be amazed if she does not make up;

2 Torrance’s Sinyul Love Me For A Reason, g/w, loved her size, no mistaking her sex, so very feminine, lovely quality & eyecatching outline, so good moving, this was a good class, sure to swap around with 1 & you wouldn’t be wrong, perfect presentation & handling;

3 Waterhouse’s Shingsa Total Eclipse with Chtaura.

LB (5)

1 RCC, Torrance’s Sinyul Close Encounter, grey much me! & her 1 was never an issue, the one in the entry I would take home given the chance for type, shape & balance & movement, I would not change a thing, typical female Lhasa expression, so close up for that CC, they will surely come her way;

2 Horne’s Chanceinns Nutty Tart, red, totally different in type, quality excellent action, one always to take the eye;

3 Watson’s Lynruce I’m A Celebrity.

 OB (10) Four super girls, all different, all four have much to offer the breed, the fourth I have given a BPIS at a big open show, still love her, such was the quality of this line-up.

1 CC, her 2nd, Horne’s Hopeinns Playing With Fire, a gold with style & real ring presence, lovely neck & such a strong topline, excellent front & quarters to match & excellent presentation, it was on the run round her profile caught & held my eye, she looked stunning but was pressed by the limit winner right till the very end;

2 Pointon’s Ch Raushanara Over The Moon to Ballito, recently made up & was my BP the last time I judged the breed in a different ownership, still love her, certainly a worthy ch in excellent form;

3 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Everybody In Love.