BORDER UNION, 2003 – Lhasa Apsos


Thanks to Border Union for inviting me to judge at this popular show and to the exhibitors for a super entry – numerically the strongest in the group. Many of the classes were very mixed, and some of my ringside favourites lost places due to poor construction. There were just a handful of exhibits with the correct head properties (ie moderately narrow skull with muzzle about 1/3 the length of nose to back of skull), many being far too broad in skull and some short in nose; conversely there were a few with longer than ideal muzzles, some also lacking sufficient stop, giving a 50/50 head ratio. Presentation on the whole was good but a few exhibits had oily coats and one seemed to have a very chalky feel to it. The majority of mouths had the correct reverse scissor bite, but there were a couple of level or scissor bites which resulted in a lack of true Apso expression.


MPD (6, 1a):

1 Surtees’ Katay Pied Piper, nicely balanced 8 months g/w parti who held his shape on the move, pleasing head, good pigment, well made, good topline, moved soundly without exaggeration, good coat texture coming through;

2 Pearson’s Chethang Fergus at Elisamay, attractive, lively 7 months cream who was a little difficult to assess on the table, slightly bigger and heavier boned than 1, pleasing overall shape and balance, excellent pigment, moved freely and soundly, an abundance of puppy coat, well presented;

 3 Cassidy’s Exephials Fit The Profile, raw 6 months red, ideal skull shape, lovely dark eyes, excellent pigment, very soundly made, good topline, lovely straight coat well presented. Hope he doesn’t grow any more.

 PD (2):

1 Watson’s Lynruce Virtuoso;

2 Lewis’ Deelayne Brother Beyond. Two lovely puppies with little to choose between them, slightly different in heads, both are of ideal size and balance, have excellent pigmentation and are similarly made. 1 was a little more settled standing and on the move.

JD (4):

1 Temperley’s Mitsui Technicolour Dream, masculine g/w parti, pleasing shape when standing, preferred head, eye and front construction to 2, good pigment, inbetween coat but good texture coming through;

 2 Hazelhurst’s Sinyul Latin Lover at Corrolls JW, heavier boned br/w parti, good pigment, strong well arched neck, sturdily made, an abundance of coat, well presented;

3 Kemps’ Kadaz My Lord Spencer at Zaylon, overall balance OK, good pigment, correct coat texture, a little more neck would enhance outline.

 ND (2):

1 K Pied Piper;

 2 Offen and Collins’ Linconor Watermark, good eye shape, coat very inbetween, needs to tighten in front, unhappy on the move, dropping his tail.

PGD (7, 1):

1 Horne’s Every Which Way Deelayne, gold, won on size, balance, maturity and outline, pleasing head, dark eye, good tail set and carriage, correct coat texture coming through, well presented;

2 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Rock DJ, quality grey brindle, rangier than 1, lovely dark eyes, good pigment, good skull shape, excellent construction, lovely arch neck, good topline and tailset, lacking verve on the move, abundance of junior coat;

3 Church’s Duguid A Star Is Born for Askja, masculine cream well up for size, typical head with correct proportions, good pigment, good arch neck, needs to tighten in upper arm, good topline, hind movement a little exaggerated, lovely straight coat of correct texture, well presented.

LD (9,2): Lovely class of quality exhibits.

1 Lewis’ Deelayne Ficky Stinger, exciting youngster, masculine and sturdy without being coarse, excellent front and rear construction, in super weight and condition, lovely head of ideal proportions, super Apso expression, excellent pigment, lovely dark eye, rangier type but very well balanced holding his topline on the move, ideal tailset and carriage, free jaunty movement. Unfortunately he was unsettled by something during the challenge but he has time on his side;

 2 Reece and Webster’s Kandykone Kontradiktion, gold, another lovely young dog who exudes type and quality, similar in shape and make to 1, just preferred head of 1, stunning outline, excellent coat very well presented;

 3 Lock’s Askja Dance Yourself Dizzy, sturdy and compact g/w parti dog of correct size, would just prefer a little more reach and sweep of neck, typical masculine head of correct proportions, good pigment and eye, excellent topline, good tailset, showed well but a little unsettled going away, excellent coat texture and presentation.

 OD (8, 2): Another lovely class.

 1 Gay’s Ch Hazgaye Red Alert JW, sound unexaggerated mature red dog of similar make and shape to 1 and 2 in LD, very typical and correct head, good pigment, good arch neck, excellent ribbing, good topline, lovely tailset and carriage, moved soundly and typically, lovely straight coat well presented. DCC;

2 House’s Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted, pale gold, slightly bigger than 1 and shorter coupled, full of quality, masculine without being coarse, correct head proportions, lovely eye shape, good arch neck, super topline, lovely outline and balance, good tailset and carriage, moved well today, striding out, in lovely bloom and condition, excellent coat texture well presented. RDCC;

3 Wright’s Larool Lexican, sturdy, well made masculine dog, won his place with his soundness and free flowing movement, good coat texture, topline and tailset.

MPB (9,1):

 1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Kiss Me Honey;

2 House Cossy’s Brown Sugar for Jodak;

3 Phillips’ Dimara Wannabee. These three are all delightful with little to choose between them, very similar in size, shape, type and balance, all well made with good pigment, heads and eyes, they will no doubt change places many times during the coming months.

PB (7, 1):

1 Roberts’ Marbledale Yakity Yak, shapely, balanced black and tan, although nearly 12 months old still very much a baby, stood out with her superb outline, different in head to many of my other winners but very sweet expression, very sound fore and aft, lovely arch neck, good topline, lovely tailset and carriage, well presented, superb movement combined with a jaunty air won her the class and later BP;

2 O’Doherty’s Deelayne Contradiction, super feminine red/gold, shorter coupled than 1 and beautifully balanced, holding her shape at all times, another sweet head, soundly made, super topline, good tailset and carriage, moved with almost a little too much verve, lovely coat beautifully presented;

3 Pearson’s Deelayne Elle-Louise at Elisamay, feminine cream, well proportioned head, arrogant expression, excellent pigment, darkest of eyes, nice arch to neck, well made fore and aft, good topline, coat a little inbetween which belies her true shape, could move with a little more purpose to great advantage, well presented. JB (8,3):

1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Disco Diva, feminine grey brindle of ideal size, lovely shape and arch to neck which was at times obscured by her junior coat, sweet head, nice dark eye, good skull shape, well made fore and aft, good tailset, free movement when she settled;

2 Lock’s Askja Stars In Yer Eyes at Littondale, well balanced gold sable, larger than 1 and shorter coupled but still feminine in head and bone, typical head with good skull shape, well made front assembly, excellent topline kept on the move, good tailset, hindquarters need to firm and tighten which showed in rear movement, coat a little inbetween;

3 Church’s Askja Worse Than Wicked, striking br/white parti, ideal size, lovely outline and balance standing which she lost a little on the move, different in head to 1 or 2, good pigment, typical front, good coat texture well presented.

 NB (5,1):

1 Ogdens’ Absosenkye Ghabbi;

2 Ogdens’ Absosenkye Ghobbi. Litter sisters at different stages of development, 1 more together than 2 today, both g/w parties with good coat texture coming through, good pigment, excellent mouths, preferred head and movement of 1;

3 Surtees’ Katay Penelope Pitstop, litter sister to MPD winner, typy gold of good size, shapely outline, slightly heavier cast, especially in front assembly, needs to tighten all round which showed on the move.

PGB (6,0): Quality class.

1 Howe’s Hazgaye Fascination at Ladakhpass JW, fabulous young g/w parti bitch, full of type and quality, shapely outline which is completely natural, super head with arrogant expression, excellent pigment, darkest of eyes, lovely arch neck, sound fore and aft, ideal ribcage, firm topline, good tailset, lovely free flowing jaunty movement, fabulous coat and condition, well presented. RBCC;

 2 Hazelhurst’s Patarch Prim and Proper at Corrolls, feminine b/w parti of similar shape and make to 1, although a month older not quite as mature, sweet head and expression, lovely arch neck, good topline standing but just losing it a little while gaiting, well made fore and aft, good tailset and carriage, plenty of extension on the move, good coat texture and presentation;

 3 Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Mandzari at Chobrang JW, g/w parti, similar balance to 1 and 2, sturdy yet feminine, well made fore and aft, good topline, moved soundly and freely, good coat texture and presentation, just lacking head furnishings and could lose a little weight to advantage.

LB (11,3): 1 Strong class.

 1 Llewellyn’s Zentarr Sunflower among Degarbo, feminine pale gold, ideal size and balance, sweet head of correct proportions, well made, good topline and tailset, moved soundly and positively with her head held high;

2 Sumner’s Truern Hot Off The Press, br/w parti, liked her type, size, shape and balance, a little heavier cast than 1, very mature for age, typical head, good pigment, lovely arch neck, well made, good topline and tailset, moved freely and soundly, excellent coat texture and presentation;

3 Wright’s Timazinti Bon Ami for Larool, lovely typy feminine g/w parti bitch, not on form today but did enough to secure her place, lovely head and expression, well made, good coat texture, could still lose a little weight to advantage.

OB (9): Fabulous class, some lovely bitches had to go cardless.

 1 Cassidy’s Exephials Tears N A Sad Story, mature lady in full bloom, loved everything about her, super outline, so well balanced, sturdy yet feminine, glorious head and expression, excellent pigment, darkest of eyes, super arch neck, very well made fore and aft, firm topline, super tailset and carriage, excellent coat put down to perfection, flowed round the ring despite the increasing heat. BCC and BOB and delighted to see her go on to win the group;

2 Deelayne Ever Decent, gorgeous, feminine g/w parti of ideal size, compact and balanced, well made and bodied, spirit level topline, in full bloom, lovely coat gleaming in the sunshine, just preferred head and sweeping neckline of 1, very well presented;

3 Church’s Tirkane Daffy Duck, 9 year old g/w parti, similar in make and shape to 2, just a little more of her and beginning to show her age, moved with a little too much verve which unsettled her movement.


Sally Pointon (Judge)