Sunday 8th February 2015

I would like to thank the committee and exhibitors for making my day so enjoyable.  Thank you for allowing me the oportunity to go over your lovely dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog 3 (1ab)

  1. Bridgens' Chazmeen I Cause Mayhem at Lapchis D 12.6.14 Gold.  Good balance and tail set nice head and expression moved out well.
  2. Culverhouse's Culversado Jack Of Diamonds D 13.7.14 Gold. Nice boy but very much a baby and a little reluctant to show.  Very much like one.  Good pigment nicely ribbed up.

Puppy Dog 3 (1ab)

Not a lot to choose between these two think they will both do well.

  1. Logan's Spyanki Oh Happy Day D 18. 3. 14 Gold.  Nice head , good eye,  excellent mouth and good pigment, well arched neck on to good lay of shoulder, straight back, well ribbed up with good balance.  BPD
  2. Iredale's Askja Needs No Approval  10.4.14  Gold.  Good eye mouth and pigment good lay of shoulder nice front moved well.  Very promising,

Junior Dog 3 (1ab)

  1. Roberts' Marbledale Perfection D 14.12.13 Cream.  A very sound dog.  Excellent bone, good pigment, nice head and mouth lovely eye.  Well muscled rear.
  2. Logan's Spyanki Oh Happy Day.

Yearling Dog 2 (2ab)

Maiden Dog 3 (2ab)

  1. Bridgens' Chazmeen I Cause Mayhem at Lapchis. 

Novice 1 (1ab)

Special Beginners Dog 1

  1. Purvis' Auric Stunning Prince Mit Gyaltsen D 18. 2. 13 Grey/White.  Good pigment and nice head.

Post Graduate Dog 3

  1. Taylor's Jerami First Edition D 9.3.12  Gold.  Good mouth and  nice eye.  Good reach of neck Level top line.
  2.  Dale's Aibrean Eye Of The Storm D 21.7.12 gold.  Very much like one.

Limit Dog 4 (3ab)

Taylor & Johnson's Chanceinn's Sir Gino Avec D 25.10.12  Gold.  A truly handsome dog in excellent coat and handled to perfection.  Nice head and eye, excellent mouth good piment well arched neck. Straight top line and good tail set. RBD

Open Dog 4 (3ab)

  1. Logan's Luekiki Diemos To Spyanki D 9.7.09 Gold.  A really sound dog.  Good front  nice mouth and good pigment nice eye and expression good head .  Well arched neck good shoulder placement and level top line good rear.  Moved out well BD RBIS

Veteran Dog or Bitch 2 (2ab)

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 (1ab)

  1. White & Carter's Bobellam Made You Look B 20.6.14 Black/White.  Very much a baby.  Good pigment nice head well arched neck on to good lay of shoulders level top line good tail set nice rear end.  Good front.
  2. Robinson's Chazmeen In A Dream B12.6.14 Gold.  Nice balance good pigment moved well.

Puppy Bitch 4

  1. Pool & Seward's Marnbri Glint of Gloria to Domensa  B 7.03.14 B  Gold.  A truly lovely bitch .  Good pigment nice expression lovely head well arched neck on to good shoulders level top line well ribbed up nice rear end good tail set nice front really good hocks.  Best Puppy RBB.
  2. Logan's Spyanki Etheral Kisses B 18. 3. 14 B Gold.  Another nice girl.  Nice head mouth and expression lovely balance.

Junior Bitch 2

  1. Thompson's Chanceinn Kiss This at Toynbee B 1.2.14 Gold.  Good pigment excellent mouth  lovely eye well balanced moved well.
  2. Purvis' Magic of The Night Mit Gyaltsen B 16.10.13 Black.  Lovely pigment good tail set nice eye.

Yearling Bitch 2

  1. Luscott's Jalus Pollyanna B 1.8. 13 Gold.  In excellent coat.  Lovely pigment good mouth nice head well arched neck level top line well ribbed up good rear end.  Nice front in excellent coat. BIS BB
  2. Purvis' Magic of The Night Mit Gyaltsen.

Maiden Bitch 4 (1ab)

  1. Logan's Spyanki Etheral Kisses.
  2. Taylor's Deelayne Magella at Jerami B 1.3.14 Gold.  Lovely head nice balance.  Moved well

Novice Bitch 2

  1. Al-Bazi's Phylcher's Un De Pen Dance B 4.7.12 Gold.  Lovely head sweet expression good neck level top line.
  2. Thompson's Chanceinn Kiss This at Toynbee.

Special Beginners 3

  1. Al-Bazi's Phylcher's Un De Pen Dance.
  2. Thompson's Chanceinn Kiss This at Toynbee.

Post Graduate Bitch 4(1ab)

  1. Roberts's Marbledale La Creme B 14.12.13 Gold.  Nice head and eye good pigment level top line well balanced.
  2. Holland's Shiawandi What If B 6.3.13 Gold /Black.  Good head and eye well arched neck level top line.

Limit Bitch 4 (2ab)

  1. Logan's Spyanki Exquisite Kisses B 26.4.10 Gold.  Lovely pigment eye and head nicely arched neck good shoulders well ribbed up good rear.
  2. Holland's Vaderlands Feel The Fashion B 5.12.12. Gold.    Good head and neck level top line good rear.

Open Bitch 2 (1ab)

  1. Nutley & Agnew's Marnbri Miss Miranda B 12.12.11 Black/White.  Lovely head and sweet expression good pigment well arched neck on to level top line good rear end.

Mrs Pamela Ogden (Absosengkye)