Judge Joan Scarll

A big thank you to both my stewards.

I tried to judge as always on the virtues of each dog and their performance on the day. Some classes proving much harder than others when the quality was so good. Good temperament was in abundance all day. Some dogs are carrying a little excess weight, may be due to the bad winter but fat should not be a replacement for good muscle. Too many narrow fronts found. Making for shallow chests, this needs to be checked out as Apso should be able to run up mountains in high altitudes so it needs a deeper chest capacity Heads are still a problem but better than last time I judged, some are getting quite long nosed and narrow muzzled some looking at first glance down faced, we then loose that soft sweet Apso expression which is so important. Size is much better




Veteran Dog 4 (0)

1ST Waterhouse - Ch/Am Ch Chtaura Dream Machine (Re-Imp)

At 10 ˝ years old this dog is as his name says, a dream, he enjoys his show days. He has super overall balance and construction, masculine but gentle expression A real ambassador for the breed.

2nd Sutcliff & Lewis –Now & Forever Deelayne  Red gold 8 ˝ years old. Very sound construction in full coat and really moved round the ring.


3rd Watts Caltey – Ch Zanamop Tiger in the Tank  Gold party 7 ˝ years old overall a very sound dog but a little out of coat today


Puppy 10 (0)

1st Luscott – Jalus Krystiano Pale gold 12 months old super young dog correct size and balance. Good head with dark eye and correct mouth and expression moved with confidence


2nd Lewis – Deelayne Dizee Rascal  Red gold, nearly 1 year old very nice overall balance with a lovely head and expression moving freely round the ring.


3rd Podolska & Wozniak – American Gigolo 1 year old Gold with darker overlay. A very nice young boy good head with dark pigment very well constructed and moved out well


Junior 13 (2)

1st Barthorpe – Patarch Hallowein -  Grey and white –Nice size and excellent coat texture Lovely head  shape dark eye with a good mouth correct front level top line and good rear. He moved freely round the ring.


2nd Cassidy – Exephials Smoking Gun  Blk and White Very striking dog with very good overall conformation and balance


3rd Walker – Soda Farl - This grey dog has ring presence, not as mature as 1and 2 but I liked his overall balance and conformation



Yearling 12 (1)

1st Bromley – Cossy’s Chocolate Chip At Jardene  Gold. A very good class of youngsters but this young dog is really maturing. Well balanced head dark pigment good neck muscle into well laid shoulders, well ribbed back with good tail set. Moves with confidence.


2nd Crummey - Nickanda Simply The Best Red Gold. Another very nice young boy, lovely dark eye and expression good front and rear which he used as he went round the ring.


3rd Luscott – Jalus Kriss Kross  Gold. Size and overall balance is very good and he moved and showed well



Post graduate 13 (2)

1st Bateman – Kutani Dante’s Inferno At Baltoro Gold and White parti I liked this dog very much his size is good and has an excellent outline witch he kept on the move. Lovely shaped head with dark eye and correct expression. Strong neck correct shoulders and level top line One to watch in the future


2nd Langford – Hazgaye Worth The Wait For Quaytown Red Gold. Different in head and balance to 1 but has good lay of shoulder and level top line.He has very good muscle and moves freely.


3rd Watts-Catley- Zanamop Idle Talk  Gold and white. Balance was nice and he was confidant moving round the ring




Limit 18 (0)

!st Dickinson, Taylor & Vent – Terendak’s Record Signing Black and white 3years old. This dog stood out in his class he had that “wow” factor for me on the day. He has every thing that says I’m a Lhasa Apso. Beautiful head soft dark eye and lovely expression.  Strong muscled neck into good shoulders. Good depth of chest Well ribbed back level top line and good tail set. Well muscled hind quarters Moved round the ring freely D.C.C.and B.O.B. was delighted to watch him get short listed in the group 


2nd Waterhouse – Chtaura it Could Be Magic Gold Well construted as are all the dogs out of the kennel. Good front shoulders and level top line In good coat and moved well


3rd Reynolds – Lisimo Now I’m Here Gold This dog has really improved since I last judged him He is in good condition He moved and showed himself well

This was my best dog class of the day



Open 12 (2)

 1st Luscott – Ch Jalus Galileo Gold dog , One I have judged before and have always liked and admired Correct size and balance and so sound to go over and today he moved with drive and kept his outline at all times R.D.C.C.


2nd Jennings -  Cream and white. I have watched this dog mature and was not disappoint when I went over him good head, front, shoulders and top line Well muscled and moved well. Not quite the coat finish as 1st

3rd Holland – Vanderlands Feel The Force  Gold Very well presented and has a lovely head and expression nice size and moved well



Good citizen dog 1 (0)

1st Clancy – Clancaniter Floridian 8 year old red gold. I am sure this boy enjoyed his day and he moved round the ring with pride.Congratulations to both him and his handler and good luck in the future good citizen tests.


Who will it be,  on the left all our winning dogs

DOG CC    Terendak’s Record Signing (LIMIT DOG)

RESERVE CC  Ch Jalus Galileo (OPEN DOG)



Veteran bitch 4 (2)

1st Paradise -  Shardlow Party Popper JW.SHCM Black 7 year old  In super condition her coat shone in the light as she walked round the ring. Good balance.

2ND Allen - Quaymore Roseann

  Gold and white. Nice head and expression looking good for her age and moved well.




Puppy Bitch 10 (1)


Three very promising puppies witch I am sure will all have a very promising future


1st   Roach - Anjesics Dream Maker Gold. Lovely head and expression, nice neck shoulders, front and chest.  Level top line good tail set and good angulations A picture standing and when moving keeping her out line at all times One I shall watch as she matures B.P.I.B


2nd Hattrell – Jalus Jazzalicious at Khinjan .Gold Striking puppy loved her outline and construction. Mover round the ring with plenty of drive


3rd Langford - Jamikasoka Hear Say At Quaytown Gold  Again I liked this puppy she has a lot of the same attributes as 1and 2 and she moved with confidence




Junior Bitch 10 (1)

1st Surtees- Katay Mystique  Gold. 14months old Very compact youngster with a correct Lhasa head Good neck and shoulders Both front and rear are well muscled and carry’s her tail well over her back both standing and on the move.


2nd Bell – Vallena Adelia Grey and White Admired this bitch in puppy class’s She is so well put together and has lovely dark pigment and a lovely soft expression not quite as mature in body as 1 today


3rd  Ogden – Absosengkye Princess Cream Gold  This is a very sound bitch with many of the same attributes as 1 and 2 but has a different balance. She moved very well and freely round the ring.



Yearling bitch 11 (2)

1st  Lloyd – Owenavera  Wild China.  Silver grey  Loved this bitch she has so much ring presents both standing and on the move. Compact in balance lovely head good front top line and rear with correct tail set. She just loved the ring and was a picture on the move. R.B.C.C.


2nd   Lewis- Deelayne Illustrious Pail gold  Much the same balance as 1 with the same attributes, not the coat finish as 1 but was quite the baby in the class.


3rd Horne - Chanceinn’s Wizza Dora Red gold Very nice bitch and in full coat but preferred the size of 1 and 2




Post Graduate bitch 18 (1)     

This was a very good class all my three placings are of slightly different types but all fitted the standard perfectly

1st  Chalmers – Chethang Nadia  Cream gold  Super young bitch lovely head with dark eye and that soft expression good reach of neck into well laid shoulders beautiful compact body she was reluctant to move (typical Apso) but she pulled herself together in the end


2nd Ellis & Bell – Nedlik Limited Edition Black and White   Nicely constructed and well bodied bitch moved with style round the ring.



3rd Bushell Jamikasoka’s Shady Lady Solid Grey Another really good bitch who was in full coat and looked a picture.



Limit 11 (0)

This was another very good class with many excellent quality bitches

1st Hattrell  -  Julus High Class At Khinjan JW Cream Gold 3years old Another bitch I have watched grow up and wow what a delight to go over her. She has soundness all over and when she moved she just filled my eye with her quality and style no hesitation in awarding her the B.C.C


2nd Bateman – Kutani Love Affair At Baltoro Darker gold Very nice bitch had most of the same attributes as 1 nicely compact and a good size In full coat of correct texture and moved well.


3rd Seward – Elleonia On The Dark Side Black and White  So well constructed not quite the coat finish as 1and 2 but moved out well



Open Bitch 15 (4)

1st Waterhouse -  Chtaura She Will Be Loved Gold Liked her shape and size and in full bloom. Lovely head compact body good both front and rear and she moved well but in the challenge she just needed that little extra


2nd Watson – Ch Cheolview I’m Special For Lynruce SHCM. Black and White Well worthy of her title Lovely size and balance very well constructed and a pleasure to go over.  Moved freely round the ring


3rd Anderson Ch Polielins Whitney With Tantra JW Black slightly different in type but she is full of quality every thing in the correct place and a pleasure to go over




BEST BITCH CC   Julus High Class At Khinjan JW (LIMIT BITCH)

RESERVE  CC       Owenavera  Wild China.  (YEARLING BITCH)

BEST OF BREED  Dickinson, Taylor & Vent – Terendak’s Record Singing (Limit dog)
All three winners 

BEST OF BREED      Terendak’s Record Singing

                                   Julus High Class At Khinjan JW

BEST PUPPY            Roach - Anjesics Dream Maker


 Terendak’s Record Signing


Good citizens bitch 4 (0)

All four bitches have done their owners proud in achieving their good citizens award so congratulations to you all


1st Briscoe – Bryzobren Artistic Lady For Barbustar Well bodied girl and in nice coat and moved well


2nd Bedford – Sangchenla Pandora Lighter boned bitch but was well muscled


3rd McCosh & Logan - Kenworth Eskimo Kiss For Spyanki Little short on coat but enjoyed her day.



Joan Scarll.