Thank you to all exhibitors for a wonderful entry, high in both quality and quantity. There can be few more impressive sights in dogdom than to see a whole ringful of beautifully presented Lhasas on the move with their flowing glamorous coats of glorious colours and, while obviously better emphasised on green grass, we had the benefit of very good sized covered ring on the day, allowing ample room for free movement.. It almost goes without saying that presentation is second to none but there does seem to be a problem currently with bites as a number, even those with the with the basic position of the teeth right were physically unable to close their mouths fully, at worst with the tongue showing. I have seen this fault in a few other breeds comparatively recently and, if left unchecked, fear it could result in future generations being unable to chew normally.

MPD (7.1).

1 Paradise’s Shardlow Pilot of The Future. Cream sable with dark mask, full of exhuberance, holding himself with such pride. Lovely head, expression and pigment, good mouth, front and layback of shoulder. Just scored on balance.

2 Jones’ Tarendes Follow the Bear. It would have been easier to have had two red cards here as this delightful parti was close up with well laid shoulder and excellent topline, again with beautiful head, pigment and expression.

3 Lock’s Littondale Palladio

PD (10,2).

 1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura The X Factor. Gorgeous black with smart white toes, in excellent coat for his age, an easy winner here, so well balanced and is just as good to handle as he looks being truly sturdy with excellent body and ribcage, well shaped masculine head and darkest of eyes, good layback of shoulder and hind angulation. Super sound and positive on the move. BP

2 Jones’ Fairlou First In the Chase. Gold with black points, full of himself and a very good mover with excellent topline and wide healthy nostrils. Lovely head, dark expressive eye and well laid shoulder. He moved well, just needs to build up his confidence on the table.

3 Phillips’ Dimara Sergeant Pepper

JD (4,0).

1 Sutherland-Bolton’s Khalila Bollinger. Ultra glamorous sturdily built pale gold with dark pigment & eye, in very mature coat for his age, good topline and reach of neck with well set and carried tail. scored on substance, shoulder and balance. Very good mover, reaching out and covering ground in profile. Most exciting. Close up to the big green cards.

 2 Luscott’s Jalus Galileo JW. Well presented handsome pale golden cream with black points, lovely head and expression, good coat, dark pigment, holds himself very proudly with excellent topline, moved very soundly and steadily both coming and going.

3 Keegan’s Corroll's Memphis

ND (5) Abs: 0

1 S. Pilot Of The Future, who scored on mouth here.

2 Scholes’ Rossgilde Top Secret, Slightly larger pale gold who was Reserve in Puppy. Just at the betwixt and between stage at the moment. Steady willing mover.

 3 Lock’s Littondale Palladio

PGD (8 ,2).

 1 Allen’s Deelayne Que De Que. Golden cream, good to handle as he is so well made all through, in excellent coat and condition with dark eyes and pigment. Just scored on layback of shoulder, he moved extremely well with good reach in profile.

 2 McNally’s Ballito's Ambrose With Angadema. Very well balanced with good tail set and carriage, excellent topline would insist on flipping up his front feet with enthusiasm but otherwise moved well.

3 Hutchinson’s Midgeville Soldier Boy

LD (7,2).

 1 Murray-Watson & Dunbar’s Masta Minstral For Diabalo. Alert B/w with lovely head and expression, excellent pigment, brisk mover going with a spring in his stride. Well balanced with good topline and layback of shoulder, well set and carried tail.

 2 Carter & Waddell’s Whispara Strike a Paws For Alamiks. Gold in excellent coat, very steady mover with dark pigment and well laid shoulder.

3 Old’s Chenwind's Monty Karlo

OD (15,5).

1 Cain’s Ch Kutani Rogue Trader. Superbly balanced g/w parti, the excellence of whose confirmation is merely proved by soundness in movement, reaching out and covering ground with happy enthusiasm. Truly sturdy and well bodied, in hard muscular condition with decent bone, good angulation of both shoulders and hindquarters, well set and carried tail, in full mature coat, good feet with firm pads, lovely head, eye, pigment and expression. CC & BOB. Later shortlisted in the Group by Jim Outterside.

2 Corish’s Sealaw Follow Your Dream. High quality gold brindle who is superb now and has all the time in the world to build up that little extra maturity. Scored over the winner in coat presentation, well shaped head, excellent pigment and eye with large healthy nostrils. Won his place here on balance. Super sound and positive on the move. RCC.

3 Luscott’s Ch Jalus Dan Dare

MPB (10,2).

1 Jones’ Tarendes Soul Bear. Charming g/w parti with black tips who, my notes say, is outstanding in every way for her age. So well made all through with good angulation of shoulders and hindquarters, lovely head, expression and pigment with a well nigh irresistible expression in her dark eyes, so well balanced with excellent mouth, topline, tailset and carriage. Very good free mover. Full of herself and her own importance, alert and attentive to her handler and already a most impressive showgirl, who seems to know it all at just six months of age!

2 Brigdens’ Lapchis Smart And Sassy. B/w at her first show and already such a good mover. Good layback of shoulder, scored on mouth..

 3 Ogden’s Absosengkye One And Only You.

PB (14,5).

1 Seward’s Elleonia On The Dark Side. Beautifully balanced grey & white, so good for make and shape with well laid shoulder and consequent ground covering stride, well set and carried tail. Sweet feminine head and charming expression. Sound and stylish on the move. Just scored on maturity to go BPB.

 2 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Sealed With A Kiss. Gold and also lovely with excellent mouth, well balanced with beautiful head, eye and expression, an enthusiastic mover.

3 Scarll’s Timazinti Molly

JB (10,3).

1 Reece’s Khalila Isabella. This glamorous cream certainly has the wow factor in glamour, presentation and balance. Not only this but she is in splendid coat for her age, under which she is beautifully made all through with all the parts fitting so neatly into the whole with firm sturdy body and good angulation of both shoulder and hindquarters. Lovely head, expression, eye and pigment. Never let it be said that I am mouth fanatic but she has the icing on the cake of a perfect mouth with correct close reverse scissor bite. Her movement is, simply, a joy to watch being free sound and steady with good reach in profile. Gather that she is litter sister to the lovely JD winner. What an exciting pair! She outmoved her elders to win the CC which, I hope, will be the first of many. Very similar in type and balance when up against the dog in the final assessment.

 2 Gay’s Hazgaye Solitaire. Also cream and gorgeous! Lovely head and expression, good mouth, well balanced with excellent body, topline and coat. So good for make, shape, size and type. A hard choice for first place here and it was simply a case of splitting hairs. Only wish she had stayed to challenge for the RCC.

 3 Sutherland-Bolton’s Khalila Adrianne.

NB (4,0).

1 Carter’s Vowchurch The Wonder Of You. Feminine gold with dark overlay, lovely in every way with good outline, mouth, head, eye, expression and shoulder, but really had the devil in her on the day and was all over the place on the move although she did just enough to prove that she is sound & stylish enough when she tries with good reach in profile.

2 Hazelhurst’s Corrolls Phenomena. Slightly larger grey with good firm body and basically well made. She moved extremely well, definitely scoring on steadiness.

3 Surtees’ Rossgilde Thyme To Dream at Katay

PGB (13,4).

1 Scarll’s Timazinti Mantilla. Pale gold, beautiful head with good finish to foreface and excellent mouth, scored on balance and reach of neck, well made all through with level topline and good layback of shoulder, in superb coat and condition. Very good mover.

2 Barthorpe’s Patarch to Perfection. G/w parti of similar lovely type with well laid shoulder, excellent pigment, topline, head and mouth. In the best of coat and condition. She, too, moved well.

 3 Wilkes’ Monkspath Dancing Queen

LB (16,2).

1 Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Touch and Tell at Chobrang. Sturdily built b/w who scored on substance and balance. She is well made all through with good firm body, excellent layback of shoulder and hindquarters, good mouth, beautiful head and pigment. Such a free, sound strong willing mover with good drive behind.. Appearances can be deceptive and she typifies this being actually far smaller than might at first appear. Simply for fun and just to prove the point, she was measured the following day to stand just under 10.5" at the shoulder.

2 Luscott’s Jalus Flirty Felicity. Pale gold sable, in hard muscular condition with one of the best coats of the day being truly long, hard and straight. Excellent mouth, lovely head, good topline and firm body, she moved beautifully.

3 Cain’s Kutani Sunkissed

OB (11,3).

 1 Hazelhurst’s Patarch Prim and Proper at Corrolls. Very lovely beautifully balanced feminine b/w with good body, neck & shoulder with well angulated hindquarters. A happy enthusiastic showgirl, she moved well with good reach of stride in profile. RCC

2 Scholes’ Ch Rossgilde Tamegan's Dream JW Sh.CM. Beautiful light gold, oozing quality with lovely head, expression and mouth. Super for size, type and balance. So free and sound on the move, can just do with a touch more body.

3 Chamberlain’s Ch Avonbourne Mandzari at Chobrang JW Sh.CM

Jane Lilley