hank you exhibitors for your entry. I was pleased to find that fronts were mostly good as was balance of leg to rib. More than one or two had rather over-developed spring of rib although nearly all dogs were well ribbed up so it is good to see that the revised standard has had the desired effect. Some hocks were weak and poorly defined, a couple which were flexed beyond the vertical and also one or two sets of cow hocks which I have never encountered in the breed before. The biggest problem was the lack of Apso type in a worrying number of heads; More of the bitches than I would have liked to find had skulls that while still narrow, were round, too deep in stop and short in muzzle with the eyes incorrectly set and the expression, while pretty was not typical of the breed. Some of the dogs tended to be somewhat broad as well as more rounded. It is difficult to balance obvious masculinity with the requirements of the standard; moderately narrow, falling away behind the eyes, but it can be done and I was pleased to find it in the majority of my dog winners. This area needs serious attention by breeders - the Apso is not a man-made Lap Dog, but a breed whose every facet, including head type is designed by nature for survival in one of the harshest places on Earth and while we may want dogs who are competitive in the showring, underneath the glamour and the style they should still be built for life in Tibet. On the plus side round or light eyes were very few. Mouths were generally acceptable and in many cases excellent, although a couple of otherwise nice exhibits seemed unable to properly close their jaws because of misalignment of the canines. Coat textures were also good although a few exhibits seemed to have a rather chalky feel to their hair.

MPD 11(4Abs)

1 Fahey & Shire’s Bentarsna Firefox Gold almost 9 m. Would have preferred him a shade shorter cast, but correct balance of leg to rib and well ribbed up with compact loin. Good shoulder, excellent return of upper arm putting his elbows well under him, good front. Stylish, but balanced length of neck flowing into a level topline and moved with excellent reach and drive. Stood out in this class for the excellence of his head type, masculine without being coarse, correct balance of muzzle to skull, dark correctly shaped and placed eyes finished with a good under jaw and excellent pigment. BPD

2 Povey’s Perjena Ice And Fire G/W 7m. Very raw and not much separated him and those placed down the line. His head features were generally pleasing, but I would have preferred a slightly longer muzzle to balance the skull. Shoulder and rear angulation were both good and balanced each other, he was well ribbed up and held a level topline and the tailset and carriage were correct.

3 Lock’s Littondale Palladio

PD 5(0)

1 Gillman’s Mytilene Midnight Cowboy 12m black a very mature puppy presented a stunning outline kept on the move which he did with soundness and style and excellent reach and drive. A little upright in shoulder, but excellent return of upper arm putting elbows where they should be and giving him a good forechest. Straight front, well ribbed up with compact loin and spirit level topline. Good for eye shape, placement and colour, nice mouth and of course excellent pigment, but rather round and somewhat broader in skull than I was looking for

2 L Palladio dark gold, has a lot of maturing to do but shows promise for the future. Longer cast than the winner, but the length is in the ribcage, compact loin. Nicely laid shoulders, good front. Ok for skull shape, good pigment, eye and mouth.

3 Skillings’ Deelayne Making A Mark for Nosneb

JD 9(0)

 1 Keegan’s Corrolls Memphis 13m dark gold. Just out of puppy so understandably immature, the phrase ’needs to be gone over to be appreciated’ springs to mind. He is not flashy, has no outstanding feature that commands attention, but this is a typey Apso and my hands just flowed over him without ever really finding anything I did not like. Excelled in skull shape, balance of muzzle to skull, shape, colour and placement of eye and good pigment. Moved soundly with good reach and drive. Hope he continues to develop on these lines.

2 Hamilton’s Gilderdale Global Genius 15m bright gold as glamorous and stylish as they come, presented a beautiful outline in fabulous coat for his age. A fraction upright in shoulder and I felt he was somewhat restricted in front movement today although not behaving to advantage. Straight front, well ribbed up with level topline and perfectly set and held tail. Good skull shape, eye and mouth, a fraction shorter in muzzle than the winner and not quite the expression , but presented a very strong challenge for his all round quality if he had concentrated more on the move

3 Robinson’s Terendak Supa Luque for Polielin

GD 2 (1)

 M Midnight Cowboy

 PGD 5(1) 1

 Watson’s Lynruce Prime Suspect JW ShCM 2y gold. My notes consisted of 3 words; “damn near perfect”. From the tip of his black nose, through his beautifully balanced head with correct shape of skull, down his excellent neck into his well conformed body and quarters with beautiful straight front, flowing over his level topline to his well set on tail with coat of good texture coming through nicely he displayed true Apso type. Moved precisely with reach and drive, but not quite giving his all. Particuarly nice size, cannot be that far of the 10”. In the challenge his lack of maturity showed, but a dog of champion quality

2 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Shadow Dancer 2y grey/gold brindle by the same sire as 1 and exhibit’s the same general excellent breed type but on a slightly larger scale and I preferred the more refined skull of 1. Moved beautifully with precision and verve displaying excellent reach and drive.

3 Rout’s Simuje Lexara Donarti

LD 4(1)

 1 Church’s Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja JW Sh CM 20m gold brindle. Presents a stunning outline and handled to get the very most out of him. Excellent balance of rib to leg, length to height, really good length of neck without being unbalanced, flowing into correct forehand construction, compact body, but well ribbed up with good forechest, straight front. Excellent rear angulation with strong, low set hocks which he uses to advantage on the move, eating up the ring with his length of stride coming and going. His head is good, correct skull shape and length of muzzle and eye shape, colour and placement, but to be super critical perhaps a fraction deeper in stop which gives a slightly different expression - still typical, but on the day I marginally preferred the 2 who pipped him but he pushed very hard

2 Skillings Cossy’s Jimeney Cricket Among Nosneb 5y pale gold. A very nice type dog with pleasing head features; skull shape and balance of muzzle to skull, eye and pigment, but rather undershot. Good front, level topline, nicely angulated rear, but a bit upright in shoulder and also carrying a little too much weight neither of which assisted his movement on the day and also made him look as if he lacked neck. I appreciated his excellent coat texture and there was plenty of it

 3 Carter & Waddell’s Whispara Strike A Paws for Alamiks

OD 11(2) This was a strong class, probably the best class for overall quality although a close run thing with LB & OB. The downside was I did not enjoy having to send cardless from the ring dogs which I really liked.

1 Luscott’s Ch Jalus Dan Dare 4y gold CC & BOB went on to group

2. Admired him as a puppy and then seemed to go through a rather plain phase, obviously the place between the freshness of youth and the magnificence of maturity - which he has now arrived at ! Filled my eye and pleased my hands in most every respect; moderately narrow skull, correct balance of muzzle to skull, ‘gentle’ yet masculine and totally typical expression, perfect eyes which are set in the skull where they should be, beautiful pigment and mouth. Good length of neck flowing into excellent shoulder and upper arm conformation, just the right amount of forechest which is encompassed by a straight front, well ribbed up with correct depth of rib and balance of rib to leg, level topline at all times, ending in a well set and carried tail which perfectly finishes his outline. Strong, well angulated rear which he knows how to use. The only thing I could find to fault him on was occasionally he moved a fraction too fast and over extended at the rear, but simply exuberance as he has the shoulders to absorb the power and did so 99% of the time. Combines, type, style and soundness in an outstanding Lhasa Apso. 2 Matthews’ Ir Ch Saxonsprings Orinoco at Tasarnia 2y gold from a slightly larger and longer cast mould and not quite the front of 1, but impressed for his all round Apso type and good conformation, sound and ground eating movement. Secured the RCC by virtue of his excellent head type with correct skull, balance of muzzle and depth of stop enhanced by excellent pigment and correct eye.

3 Holland’s Ch Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luyah

MPB 7(1)

1 & BP Waterhouse’s Chtaura Sealed With A Kiss 8m gold. Caught my eye for her stylish outline which comes from the perfect balance of length to height, rib to leg, good length of neck, but without exageration. Pleasing skull shape and balance with muzzle, good mouth. Not a fantastic coat length compared to some, but lay your hands on her and she is already very ‘together’. Well ribbed up with compact loin, sturdy body in proportion with her correct size, balanced and correct angulation both ends which she used to advantage on the move in this class, showing beautifully and exhibiting excellent reach and drive. By the challenge for BP had just about had enough on this hot day, but I felt she was the best puppy and should not lose out on showmanship having proved herself in her class

 2 Horne’s Chanceinn’s Amour Amour 7m black has plenty of growing up to do, but a lot of potential. Not quite the head type of the winner being slightly rounder in skull and shorter in the muzzle she has a good eye. Mouth will hopefully come good but as yet has to finish teething. Excelled in construction, balanced and good angulation. Well ribbed up with compact loin, nicely set on tail, good front and correct balance of rib to leg.

3 Andersson’s Tantra’s Moonlight Serenade

PB 7 (1)

1 Hall’s Dimara Miss Izzabella of Shenedene 10 m gold. Much to like about this bitch. Nice size and bone, she is well ribbed up with enough spring of rib but could carry a few extra ounces to advantage. Has the sort of conformation that flows through your hands and is confirmed when she moves which is with excellent reach and drive. Good front. Has the correct skull shape, just a fraction shorter in muzzle than I would have found perfect. Correct in eye, good mouth.

2 Horne’s Chanceinn Crazy For You 11m gold, quite a different style to 1, tops for size for a bitch, but plenty of breed type. I did appreciate her skull shape and muzzle which is in the correct 1/3 2/3 proportion, but lacks a little in femininity perhaps not helped by lack of head furnishings making her muzzle appear longer at first glance than it actually is. Good front, angulation both ends, well ribbed up with strong loin, correct balance of rib to leg. Moving soundly covering sufficient ground.

3 Ellis’ Nedlik Simply The Style

JB 6 (1)

 1 Holland’s Vaderlands Electra-Fy 18m gold BCC. Fabulous bitch; if anyone should wonder what a true type Apso head yet feminine and pretty should look like, please ask the owner of this bitch ! Suffice to say in this area she is perfect and not a lot to fault elsewhere. Straight front, good forechest, well laid shoulder with excellent return of upper arm, well ribbed up with compact loin and keeping a level topline at all times. Strong, angulated rear with well let down hocks. Moved with soundness, style and covering the ground smoothly with equal reach and drive. Solid body, but not overdone, plenty of coat, not as mature in furnishings as the open winner and she was taken all the way, but tipped the scales with the absolute correctness of her head. Absolutely ‘nit picking’ tail carriage could have been a fraction higher for perfection of outline.

2 Luscott’s Jalus Goldilocks 15 m gold extremely forward for her age, shorter cast than winner and super stylish., but I felt that while very pleasing to my eye, upon examination the construction had been brought forward attatched to rather upright and somewhat short scapulae. A good head, correct in skull shape, eye, excellent mouth, nice pigment, fraction shorter in muzzle to skull ratio than 1.

3 Scholes’ Rossgilde Such A Dream

NB 5(2)

 1 C Crazy For You

2 R Such A Dream 13m gold very different style to 1 and presents a much more finished picture, in excellent coat for age, good general conformation, Ok in front. A little full in eye and much shorter in muzzle

3 Paradise’s Shardlow Wiggley Giggley

GB 3 (1)

1 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Boom Bang A Bang 17m b/w excels in breed type and looking very finished for her age with coat of good texture presented a balanced outline, moving soundly and with good reach and drive. Correct in skull shape, length and balance of muzzle to skull, good mouth, correct in eye and eye placement and kept a spirit level topline. Seemed to be a fraction heavy over the shoulders today.

PGB 8(2)

1 Plumstead’s Simark Lucy Locket of Showa 2y black bitch of all round excellent breed type and I particularly appreciated the real jauntiness of her movement with good reach and drive and she also had a very nice coat texture. Straight front, sound conformation without exageration. Correct skull shape, a fraction short in muzzle, excellent eye and good mouth

2 Gamblin’s Nedlik Zanado with Emlin 2y Gr/W again of excellent type, particularly in head, perfect 1/3 2/3 balance. Straight front, good forechest, correct angulation both ends, but was not able to move to her best advantage. Rather out of coat, but what she had was of good texture. Not quite the topline of 1.

 3 Smith’s Wyndcatch Sweet Dreams

LB 16 (2)

Very strong class

1 Chalmers’ Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chethang JW ShCM 2y g/w this is an extremely nice bitch, glamorous in full jacket of good texture and presents a stunning outline with super neck flowing into well laid shoulders with corresponding angle of upper arm, well ribbed up with compact loin, level topline. Strong, angulated rear with well let down hocks which she knows how to use on the move. She has the correct skull shape with 1/3 2/3 balance with muzzle, perfect eye and placement and good mouth. Still young and has a little maturing to do in forechest as yet

2 Rout’s Simuje Anastazia Sh CM 4y gold bitch, not quite the super style outline of 1 having less length of neck, but this is a top quality bitch and a pleasure to go over. Beautifully mature in body and forechest without being overdone, excellent front, tidy elbows, well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, well ribbed up, compact loin, strongly angulated rear, sound, unexaggerated movement covering plenty of ground. Very pleasing for skull shape, balance of muzzle, eye, perhaps not as good in mouth as winner, but took her all the way and was closely followed home by

3 Bushell’s Chtaura Prima Donna for Jamikasoka

OB 7(0)

1 & RBCC Luscott’s Jalus Dizzy Lizzy 4 y gold litter sister to BOB. Extremely stylish with super type, she won this class by virtue of her excellent head and how unfortunate to come up against a bitch who was even better when you are as good as this. Very like her brother to go over, straight front, good forechest, well ribbed up with compact loin and level topline, perfect tail set and carriage and put down in beautiful coat. Just a fraction more upright in shoulder and a little less tidy at elbow - this class was very tightly contested

2 Cassidy’s Deelayne Ylang Ylang to Exephials 5y pale gold presenting a very balanced and pleasing outline and extremely satisfying to go over. Nice head and expression, eye, mouth, pigment, not quite as refined in skull as winner, a heavier build all through, well developed forechest, straight front, well ribbed up. Moved soundly and with style and good ground coverage

3 Lewis’ Ch Deelayne Indulgence

Victoria Watterson