Three Counties Championship Show


Wednesday 15 June 2005

Judge: Teresa Wiehe


A quality entry where in some classes lovely dogs went cardless.  I was pleased to find that in general the exhibits were nicely muscled with very few being overweight. In the majority pigment was good as was the length of rib, upright shoulders were in the minority. Mouths were okay but there was some evidence of dirty teeth in otherwise beautifully presented dogs. Overall I was pleased with the quality of the exhibits and delighted with my winners.

MPD (6,1)

  1. Mrs M Lewis’s Deelayne As If. Red/Gold.  7 months old very sound sturdy youngster, lovely head, correct dark oval eye, good mouth, firm level topline, nice angulation and overall balance.  Full of character and enjoying his day out.
  2. Mrs P Wright’s, Larool Doublet. Black. Well muscled youngster, nicely arched neck, well ribbed and level topline, good tail set.  Lovely balance and rear angulation.
  3. Miss J Cunliffe’s Modhish Nagpo Chenpo

PD  (1)

  1. J Baker’s Avonbourne Dead Ringer. Black/White parti. colour. Beautifully constructed 8 months old puppy, nice head with lovely gentle expression, very good mouth and dark oval eye. Correct lay of shoulder and good length of rib nice tail set and rear angulation. Liked everything about him.

Junior D (9, 6)

Three quality dogs with very little to choose between them. 

  1. Mrs S Pointon’s Aust Ch. Amesen Come Fly With Me To Ballito imp. Gold/Sable. Lovely balanced boy, Very gentle but masculine head in correct proportions, lovely dark oval eye, good mouth and excellent pigment.  Nicely arched neck, correct shoulder placements and length of rib, good rear angulation. Tail carried well over his back. Beautiful outline which he kept on the move.  RCC

2.   Mrs J Bromley’s Cossy’s Jammie Dodger at Jardene. Gold/White parti.

      Colour.  Another dog with a very gentle but masculine head, excellent pigment 

      and dark oval eye. Good reach of neck, level topline, correct tail set.  Moved 

      well.  Very close decision between 1 and 2.

  1. Mrs S Jones’s Tarendes Smokey Bear. Gold.

PGD (8,2)

  1. Mrs J Bromley’s Cossy’s Jammie Dodger at Jardene
  2. Ms D Scott’s Wolferlow Merlot. Gold. Well proportioned head with lovely dark mask and good pigment, compact body, good tail set.
  3. Mrs D Skerm’s Shardlow Windy Miller

Limit D (9,1)

1.      Mrs K Pearson’s Chethang Fergus at Elisamay. Cream.  Overall a well constructed sound dog. Masculine head, lovely dark eye and pigment, good mouth, nice front and shoulders, well arched neck, level topline. Nicely muscled well angulated rear, positive mover. Good textured well presented coat.

2.      Mrs W Cain’s Kutani Rogue Trader, Gold/White Parti colour. Another lovely dog. Beautiful head in correct proportions with a lovely gentle but masculine expression. Good sweep of neck, correct shoulders and forechest,  level topline and excellent tail set. Super outline and balance standing and on the move. Excellent coat beautifully presented.

3.      G Holland’s Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luyah

Three lovely dogs, decisions were very close.

Open Dog (7, 2)  A lovely class of quality dogs

1.      Mrs J Watts Catley’s Zanamop Tiger In The Tank JW. Gold. Beautifully balanced dog, lovely head with everything in the right proportions. Dark oval eye and pigment. Nice reach of neck, good shoulders and length of rib, correct tail carriage, Nicely angulated rear. A lovely dog who does not always do himself justice but today he pulled out all the stops and moved like a dream never putting a foot wrong. I was pleased to award him his crowning CC. 

2.      G R & F Corish & Scholes’ Ch Sealaw Forever Dreaming at Rossgilde JW. Gold. Nice well proportioned head, correct dark oval eye and good pigment.  Excellent sweep of neck, nice length of rib and rear angulation. Moved beautifully. Kept his outline standing and on the move. A well balanced beautifully presented dog.

3.      Mrs G Young’s Avonbourne All Spice


MPB (13, 4)

A beautiful class of lovely puppies

1.   M J & J A Pegler’s Shardlow Rose Petals Fall Over Cedarpoint. Gold with          White collar.  Beautifully balanced 8 months old puppy. Pretty head in correct proportion, lovely expression, good dark eye and pigment.  Excellent reach of neck, nice fronts and good length of rib. Nice rear angulation but not exaggerated. Moved with confidence and never wavered, kept her excellent head carriage at all times. Lovely quality coat for her age. This little girl caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, on going over her I was not disappointed, loved everything about her and was pleased to award her BPIB. Was delighted to hear that she won group 1 in the utility puppy group.

 2    Mrs B Bushell’s Chtaura Spinning Around For Jamikasoka. Gold. Very pretty     6 months old baby, beautiful head and gentle expression. Good length of rib, level topline, nice tail set. Very much a baby but shows promise.

3.   Mrs A Waterhouse’s Chtaura Crazy For You.

Puppy B (5, 3)

1.      Mrs Watts Catley’s Zanamop Hells Angel. Gold. Nicely balanced, very pretty 9 months old puppy. Typical well proportioned head, good mouth, nice reach of neck, good length of rib, level topline, correct tail set. Lovely coat for age. Moved well. Nice all through.

2.      Mr & Mrs Thompson’s Pennyparades Hussel Bussel, Gold. 7 months old. Another nice puppy very similar to 1 just slightly longer in body, same comments apply as 1.  Overall 2 very nice puppies.


Junior B (10)

1.      Mr D & Mrs J Chalmers’ Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chethang. Gold/Whit parti colour. Very sound girl, Correctly proportioned head, dark oval eye and pigment, nicely arched neck, nice fronts, well angulated shoulders, good length or rib, level topline. Nicely bodied.  Kept her balance and looked good standing and on the move.  Mature coat for her age.  Overall a very attractive girl.

2.      Mrs J Seward’s Ellonia Hopes N’Dreams. Cream/Sable. Very pretty dainty little girl, loved her balance and overall conformation, everything in the right place and proportions. Lovely quality coat completed the picture.

3.      Mrs B Dewar-Thorlby’s Aarhus The Addiction

PGB (7, 1)

1.      Mrs W Cain’s Kutani Sunkissed. Gold.  Have often admired this beautiful girl and was not disappointed, loved everything about her. Lovely feminine head in correct proportions, good dark oval eye and nice mouth, lovely gentle expression.  Beautiful balance, reach of neck and topline.  Good shoulder placement and length of rib, lovely tail set and rear angulation.  Excellent mover.  Beautiful outline and coat, well presented as always.

2.      Mrs G McNally’s Angadema Ask For Me. Gold.  Another pretty feminine bitch, nicely proportioned head, soft feminine expression, good reach of neck, level topline and tail set.  Loved her overall balance and shape. Looked good standing and on the move.

3.      Mrs J Gamblin’s Nedlik Zanadoo With Emlin

Limit B (6) A very nice class

1.      Mrs A Waterhouse’s Chtaura All U Need Is Love. Silver/Grey brindle. Loved this bitch, Lovely correctly proportioned head, dark oval eye and good mouth, excellent pigment, soft gentle expression. Lovely well arched neck, good lay of shoulders, topline and tail set. Well bodied and nicely made throughout.  Excellent coat of correct texture. Beautifully balanced with a lovely outline which she kept standing and on the move. Pushed hard for RCC

2.      Mrs C Howe’s Hazgaye Fascination At Ladakhpass JW. Red/White part colour.  Nicely balanced bitch, good overall conformation. Correctly proportioned head, dark oval eye, good pigment and underjaw,. Excellent reach of neck, good lay of shoulders and length of rib. Nicely bodied.  Everything in the right place and proportions.  Beautifully presented mature coat. 

3.       Mrs B Bushell’s Chtaura Prima Donna For Jamikasoka

Open B (5)  An excellent class

1.      Mrs M Lewis’ Deelayne Indulgence. Black.  A most beautiful feminine bitch of the correct size and lovely balance. Correctly proportioned feminine head with gentle dark oval eyes, good mouth and chin, excellent pigment, all combined gave her a typical Tibetan expression. Nice fronts and reach of neck, good shoulder placement and ribs of correct length, leading to an excellently placed tail and nice rear angulation. All of which enabled her to move positively and with drive. She held her head high and kept her aloof but gentle expression at all times, a lovely outline and a beautiful mature coat that gleamed and shone completed the picture. I could not deny her the CC and BOB. I was delighted to hear that this made her up on the day.

2.      Mrs A Waterhouse’s Chtaura All You Need is Love.  Gold. Another beautifully balanced nice sized bitch that I have often admired and was not disappointed in.  Everything to like about her. Very pretty feminine head with a lovely expression, good reach of neck and shoulders, level topline and correct tailset.  Well matured body, coat of correct texture presented excellently. She moved well and made a lovely picture standing and on the move. RCC.  Feel sure her day will come.

3.      Mrs P Torrance’s Sinyul Brief Encounter

Teresa Wiehe - Judge