Three Counties Show Results

Minor Puppy Dog 1 Belazieth's Mr Tom
  2 Take That For Wyndcatch
  3 Zoffany Teddy Boy
Puppy Dog 1 Sealaw Forever Dreaming Of Rossgilde
  2 Every Witch Way Deelayne
  3 Gilderdal Colonel Boogie
`Junior Dog 1 Chethang Web Spinner
  2 Shardlow Born To Be Wild
  3 Katay Tropical Storm
Post Graduate Dog 1 Larool Lexican
  2 Terendak Team Revival JW
  3 Hazgayes The Clansman
Limit Dog 1 Kenworth Sam - Sun At Kenida
` 2 Saxonsprings Simply Gifted
  3 Shigatse Tyler
Open Dog 1 CH/IR/CH Saxonsprings Tradition
  2 CHashanah Picture This At Sealaw
  3 Ragoosa Is Now With Khalila

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Forochel Vanity
  2 Roxy Music Plays For Wyndcatch
  3 Lady Of Smithybrook
Puppy Bitch 1 Chethang Beckie Lou
  2 Wyndpoint My Blue Heaven At Monkspath
  3 Avonbourne A Touch Of Spice
`Junior Bitch 1 Deelayne Ever Decent
  2 Jejuna Silver Sixpence
  3 Katay Treasured Possession
Post Graduate Bitch 1 Saxonsprings Silent Memories
  2 Wyndcatch Antonia
  3 Tarendes Passion Bear
Limit Bitch 1 Becsgame Now Your Talking JW
` 2 Zentarr Mayfair
  3 Exephials Tears N'A Sad Story
Open Bitch 1 Zentarr Piccadilly At Khalila
  2 Hazgaye Shades of Saffron JW
  3 Deelayne Keeping The Faith

Best Of Breed Saxonsprings Tradition
Dog CC Saxonsprings Tradition
 Res CC Larool Lexican
Bitch CC Zentarr Piccadilly At Khalila
Res CC Deelayne Ever Decent
Best Puppy Chethang Web Spinner