Minor Puppy Dog. (4).

  1. Paradise’s, Zadophie Jack Sparrow for Shardlow. 7 months old black. Well balanced. Lovely outline. Pleasing head and front. Strong neck. Ideal body for age. Sound and free mover. Very promising.
  2. Allen’s, Deelaynee Que De Que. 6 months old cream. Well put together. Typical head, eyes and ears. Good front, nice body and topline. Sound quarters. Not too happy with the long grass but still moving ok.
  3. Scott’s, Zodophie Black Beard via Wolferlow.

Puppy Dog. (5).

  1.  Church’s, Le Choix Catch me if Ya’ Can at Askja. BP. 9 months old grizzle. Lovely masculine head on strong neck, firm front. Well ribbed up. Level topline, correct tail and rear angulation. In good coat. Very free, true and jaunty movement.
  2. Paradise’s, Zadophie Jack Sparrow for Shardlow.
  3. Rout’s, Simuje Lexara Donarti.

Junior Dog . (3).

  1. Baker’s, Avonbourne Dead Ringer. 14 months old wh/blk. Typical head shape, dark eyes, correct length of muzzle, good ears. Firm front. Ideal ribs and body. Can still settle in topline to advantage. Sound backend. Nice tail. Assertive mover. Ok in coat.

Novice Dog. (7).

  1.  Church’s, Le Choix Catch Me if Ya’ Can at Askja.
  2.  Paradise’s, Zadophie Jack Sparrow for Shardlow.
  3.  Baker’s, Avonbridge Dead Ringer.

Post Graduate Dog. (6).

  1. Scott’s, Wolferlow Merlot. Light gold. Nice in outline. Sound and typical to go over. Very nice masculine head, dark eyes, correct muzzle and bite, well placed ears. Strong neck, ok in front, body and ribs. Level topline. Good tail. Well angulated behind in nice coat and texture. The best mover in the class.
  2. Saunders’, Bellellen Boy O Boy. Silver taking the winner close. Nice head shape, dark eyes. Strong neck, fairly good front. OK in ribs, body, topline and tail. Super coat and presentation. Fairly good mover.
  3. Owen’s, Riff-Raff von Simuje.

Limit Dog. (8).

  1. Cain’s, Kutani Rouge Trader. RCC. Gold/wh in absolutely fabulous coat and furnishings. Super head, eyes and ears. Strong well used neck. Firm front. Ideal body, ribs, topline and couplings. Well let down in rear angulation. Firm hocks. Correct tail. Very good free mover with jaunty action. Surely a Champion in the making.
  2. Scholes’s, Rossgilde Thumper’s Web. Light gold taking the winner close up in all respects. Nice for size. Lovely for type. First class head properties. Nice front, body, topline and ribs. Well set tail. Good plume in good coat and texture. Another very good mover.
  3. Pearson’s, Chethang Fergus at Elisamay.

Open Dog. (6).

  1. Luscott’s, Ch. Jalus Dan Dare. CC and BOB and G3. Gold in sparkling form on the day and performing well on the surface that affected so many. Super masculine head, strong straight front. Ideal body, ribs, topline and couplings. Ideal tail set and tail. Well angulated behind. IN super coat. Moving with real purpose.
  2. Colwill’s, Lux Ch. Socrate Dell’ Alberico at Sabatine (Imp). Black of ideal size and shape. Very typical head, eyes and muzzle. Nice front, strong well used neck. Good in body and ribcage. Super topline and tail. Strong quarters. Very good coat and texture. Moving well both ends but not quite matching the winner.
  3. Watts-Catley’s, Zanamop Tiger in the Tank JW.

Minor Puppy Bitch. (4).

  1. Lanford’s, Fengolas Soda Pop at Quaytown. 7 months gold/wh coming along really well. Nice for size and balance. Sweet head, firm front. Ok in body for age with level topline and sound quarters. Correct tail. Moving well for age.
  2. Edridge’s, Fengolas Tia Maris. 7 months old gold/wh. Nice for size and type. Pretty head, nice eyes. Straightish front, ok in ribs, body and topline. Moving quite well.
  3. Gillman’s, Mytilene Tiger Lily.

Puppy Bitch. (12).

  1.  Crummey’s, Deelayne Madness Divine. 9 months old red gr. Certainly a star in the making. Typical all through. Ideal size. Very feminine. Lovely head, firm front. Just right in body, topline and rear angulation. Correct tail and plume. Good presentation. Super mover.
  2. Paradise’s, Shardlow Rose Petals Fall over Cedarpoint. Gold/wh. Very close up in all respects and another with a good future assured. Lovely head, neck and front. Just right in body, couplings and topline. Correct tail. First class mover.
  3. Watts-Catley’s, Zanamops Hells Angel.

Junior Bitch. (9).

  1. Luscott’s, Jalus Flirty Felicity. Grizzle cream 14 months old and well grown. Coming along well. LOvely head, eyes and ears. Firm front. Ok in body. Super topline and rear angulation. Good coat and presentation. First class mover.
  2. Chalmers’, Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chetang. 15 months old gold and white taking the winner close up. She too has a lovely head and eyes. Strong neck, good front and body. Level topline. Sound and well angulated behind. Good coat and presentation. Another super mover.
  3. Chamberlain’s, Avonbourne Touch and Tell at Chobrang.

Novice Bitch. (9).

  1. Watts-Catley’s, Zanampos Hells Angel. 11 months old gold progressing well and looking good in outline. Very nice head and neck. Ideal body and ribs. Super topline and tailset. Well angulated in rear. In good coat with nice presentation. Moves well in profile. Just needing to tighten in front.
  2. Rout’s, Simuje Lexara Amelia. 11 months old red grizzle. Again really nice in profile both standing and moving but just needing to strengthen up in front. Super head, eyes and ears. Ideal body and topline. Good tailset and plume. Good coat and presentation.
  3. Savolainen’s, Lechoix Head over Heels.

Post Graduate Bitch. (6).

  1. Cain’s, Kutani Sunkissed. Pale gold. Very feminine throughout with nice outline. Very nice head, eyes and ears. Well used neck true front. Good ribs, body and topline. Well presented and in good coat with correct tailset and carriage. She moves free, true and with a lovely jaunty stride.
  2. Carter’s, Vowchurch Still Wishing. Grey/wh. Pleases in head shape. Nice eyes and correct muzzle. Strong neck, straight front. Level topline. Good body and ribcage. Sound quarters. Nice tail set and plume. Another very good mover.
  3. Ellis’s, Nedlik an Paris.

Limit Bitch. (8).

  1. Chalmers’, Chethang Emily Jane Sh CM. Pale gold of intense quality and breed type. Lovely head, eyes, ears and correct muzzle. Super furnishings. Heavy coat, strong neck, firm front. Good chest, body and ribs. Level topline, well angulated in rear. Superb presentation. Moving well both ends with ideal carriage.
  2. Rout’s, Simuje Anastazia Sh CM. Grizzle cream and another of very high quality and completely sound all through. She scores in head, eyes, muzzle, mouth and ears. She uses her neck well. Firm front. Ideal body and topline. In super coat and condition. Another very proficient mover.
  3. Luscott’s, Jalus Dizzy Lizzy.

Open Bitch. (8).

  1.  Scholes’, Ch. Rossgilde Tis a Dream JW Sh CM. CC. Gold, super quality all through. In lovely coat, excellent presentation. Beautiful head, eyes, muzzle, mouth and ears. Well used neck. Firm front, level topline. Ideal body and couplings. Well let down in stifles and hocks. Correct tail and plume. Free movement. Good stride, jaunty action.
  2. Lawson’s, Swaybee Don’t Say a Word to Rishlyn JW. RCC. Pale gold. Another very high in quality, soundness and breed type. Lovely head proportions. Good strong neck, firm front. Good body, ribs and topline. Correct tailset and plume. Well presented and handled. Good coat. Moving very well indeed. Certainly of Champion potential.
  3. Chamberlian’s, Avonbourne Mandzari at Chobrang JW. Sh CM.

Terry Thorn