Southern Counties Championship Show Results 2001

Best Of Breed Gay's Hazgaye Red Alert
Dog CC Gay's Hazgaye Red Alert
 Res CC CH Hashanah Picture This At Sealaw
Bitch CC BROMLEY's Jardene's Dazzle Me Do
Res CC Sutherland-Bolton's Zentarr Piccadilly
Best Puppy SCARLL's Timazinti La-Roche
Best Veteran KELLY's Showa Pandora's Ruby at Ansuke

Minor Puppy Dog 1 Allsop's Chamando Puccini
  2 Warner's Snowtalia Tsi-Lu-Pa-Boy
  3 Scholes' Take That For Wyndcatch
Puppy Dog 1 Scarll's Timazinty La-Roche
  2 Springetts' Shardlow Stand And Deliver to Pawprints
  3 Yates' Larool Sandman
Junior Dog 1 Allsop's Chamando Othello
  2 Llewellyn's Zentarr Padington ave Degarbo
  3 Robinson's Shigatse Razzle Dazzle of Dorangi
Graduate Dog 1 Stand And Deliver
  2 Harrison's Showa Quango at Tasharie
  3 Rout's Simuje My Kazziranga
Post Graduate Dog 1 Waterhouse's Chtaura Dream Machine
  2 Corrish & Colwill's Sealaw Chasing A Dream
  3 Routledge's Ansuke Tip Top
Limit Dog 1 Jenning's Cossy's Kajagoogoo
  2 Young's Avonbourne All Spice
  3 Walker's  Shigatse Tyler
Open Dog 1 Gay's Hazgaye Red Alert
  2 Coad's CH Picture This At Sealaw
  3 Woosnam's AM CH Orlanes Cousteau

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Rout's Tantra's Harriot Tosimuje
  2 Morriss' Wyndpoint  Rhapsody In Blue
  3 Gillman's Mytilen Fizz The Wizz
Puppy Bitch 1 Hariott Tosimuje 
  2 SCARLL's Timazinti Cholet
  3 O'Doherty's Anniseed Practical Magic
Junior Bitch 1 Wright's Timazinti Bon-Ami for Larool
  2 Jenning's Cossy's Kiss And Tell
  3 Schole's Rossglide Tamegan
Graduate Bitch 1 Lock's Askja Wispa Sweet Nuthings
  2 R Tamegan
  3 Carter's Magrathea Returns The Wish To Vowchurch 
Post Graduate Bitch 1 Bromley's Jardene Dazzle Me Do
  2 Chamberlain's Chobran Sharazam
  3 Woosnam's Saxonsprings Silent Memories
Limit Bitch 1 Morriss' Wyndpoint Krystyna At Wyndcatch
  2 Frank's Hashanah Wicked Reputation
  3 Anderson's Zentarr Mayfair
Open Bitch 1 Sutherland-Boltons's Zentarr Piccadilly at Khailla
  2 Gay's Hazgaye Shades Of Saffron
  3 Anderson's Zentarr Fascination
Veteran Bitch 1 KELLY's Showa Pandora's Ruby at Ansuke