A lovely breed to judge with much depth in quality in the bitches.

PD (11,3)

  1. Summer’s Truern Match Point. A picture standing and moving and still only 7 months. Sound in construction with good angles in quarters. Lovely topline and set of tail with a true, steady action. Just needs to finish to complete the picture.
  2.  Surtees’ Showa Bobby Dazzla for Katay. Similar to the winner with a good outline. 8 months and I see by the same breeder and winner. Good head and skull, neck well developed with correct topline. Well ribbed and another with steady action.
  3.  Cunliffe’s Modhish Nagpo Chenpo.

JD (11,3)

  1. Pointon’s Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me to Ballito (Imp). Not yet 16 months, this dog stood out in the class. He is so sound and classy, oozing quality and a super outline. Loved his head and all round construction. carriage and style from head to tail. Lovely coat, true and steady action. My Dog CC and Best of Breed, pleased to see him get group 3.
  2. Hamilton’s Gilderdale Rumour Has It. At 13 months was similar in type, but not quite the style yet. A sound youngster, pleasing to go over. Good angles in quarters and correct in ribbing. True action.
  3. Springett’s Rishlyn Moonstruck at Pawprints.

MD (5)

  1.  Surtees’ Showa Bobby Dazzla for Katay.
  2.  Church’s Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can. At just under 7 months a very immature dog but at times glimpses of the future. Liked him in head and skull set, also length of neck, correct in topline and body coming. Good front extension.
  3. Wiseman’s Rishlyn Rising Sun Over Skaldan.

GD (6)

  1. Springett’s Rishlyn Moonstruck at Pawprints. This dog was 3rd in Junior. Of good size and pleasing to go over in many departments. Good head and set of neck, good withers and topline. Quite true in action but I feel handler was not making the most of hi,
  2.  Chalmer’s Rossgilde Spinnaker to Chethang. A dog well up to size in all aspects, quite strong in head with good, well set neck. Good withers and blade, correct in top and tail. Powerful ribs and strong bone. Flowing coat with steady action.
  3. Carter’s Vowchurch Virgil.

PGD (10)

  1. Scarll’s Timazinti Motoro. Quite a uniform class after Grad. This was a well balanced 20 month old. Liked him in head and well put together body and quarters. Well laid shoulders, good ribbing, topline and loin. Balanced action with good front extension
  2. . Scott’s Wolferlow Merlot. This young dog was full of it, but lovely to go over. Liked him in head and expression. Good style and carriage with well put together body. Definately one with a mind of his own.
  3.  O’Kane’s Zharovon Zhiskan with Shigna.

LD (11)

  1. Cain’s Kutani Rogue Trader. This young man is all dog and attractive to the eye. Good head carriage, strong well set in neck and a good topline. Excellent in ribs, strong loin with good coupling. Powerful true action through, with good front extension. At only 19 months one to watch.
  2.  Davidson-Jones’ Peakajay High Finance JW. If anything this dog has style, but not quite as positive in action on the day. Lovely flowing line, sound construction and good set of tail and set of hindquarters.
  3. O’Kane’s Kutani Firefighter JW Sh CM.

OD (6)

  1. Young’s Ch Avonbourne All Spice. A super black and white dog, pushed hard by the 2nd and a pleasure to go over. Fit and wellmuscled, he has a lovely head and eye. Well set in neck, good body, top, tail and ribbing. Just had the edge over 2nd in front extension. Res DCC.
  2.  Lewis’ Now and Forever Deelayne. So smart and well put down, has clean lines. Good head carriage, good angles and quarters with well laid shoulders. Firm in loin with excellent couplings. A dog in hard condition.
  3.  Quelch’s Cossy’s Captain Chaos at Ardquin.

Vet (2)

  1. Owen’s Askja Talk of the Toon at Gatchinyo. This 8 year old has not the best of layback in shoulder, but makes up for it in other departments. Well ribbed, good loin and strong, well angled and hard quarters. A full coat and the better of the two on the move.
  2. Gamblin’s Emlin Vairo Chana-Ti. At almost 12 years bless him! This black and white dog is starting to show his age. He has good angles in quarters, correct ribbing and overall size, but starting to lose his action.

PB (17,4)

  1. Watts-Catley’s Zanamops Hells Angel. A picture standing, super outline and graceful on the move, with good carriage, style and charisma. Loved her head, eye and expression. Sound construction and, for 9 months, coat and condition. True standing and moving with lovely action. Best Puppy..
  2. Allsop’s Chamando Little Diva. Similar to the winner, not the go and charisma. Pleasing all round, her super quarters showed in her action. Lively on the move, good coat. I felt this was one of my real quality classes with depth for puppies - good for the future.
  3.  Cunliffe’s Modhish Palden Lhamo.

JB (13,1)

  1. Witham’s Dobriach China Rose. This bitch is only 13 months and took my eye, along with the 2nd, as they entered the ring. She is so well balanced, correct in bone and well coupled. Pleasing head with correct dentition. A lovely coat and, coupled with her good construction, a most pleasing action.
  2. Young’s Avonbourne Touchy Feely. Almost the same age, this young lady is so free and easy on the move. Good size and outline, correct neck and angles, top and tail. A most feminine black and white lady in hard condition.
  3.  Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Touch and Tel, at Chobrang.

MB (8)

  1.  Allsop’s Chamando Little Diva.
  2. Rhodes’ Dimara Groovy Chick. Though unplaced in a strong puppy class, she has much to offer. Not yet 9 months she is sound and balanced, with a good outline. Good ribbing and very feminine. Just needs time to complete the picture.
  3. Brown’s Beranjo Carmella Goldheart.

GB (6,1)

  1. Lock’s Deelayne Lap Dancer Among Littondale. 4th in a strong Junior class. She just hesitated on the move, spoiling the flow. Good size and outline with flowing lines. Good coat and action, which was true.
  2.  Chalmers’ Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chethang. A stronger bitch and sound as a pound. Well constucted body and quarters. Good front action with good extension. Just a little longer in back than the winner.
  3. Paradise’s Shardlow Funky Fairy JW.

PGB (12,1 )

  1.  Davidson-Jones’ Peakajay Lady Ellaniza. She is a picture standing and moving. Loved her head and elegant neck. She has super angulation with good ribbing, full coat and good front extension and drive behind. Well handled.
  2.  Wiehe’s Timazinti Golden Angel for Lisimo. Another of good type and sound body, well developed in wither. Strong in coupling, good tail and set and pleasing coat. Extended well in front.
  3.  Scarll’s Timazinti Popondetta.

LB (8,2)

  1.  Lewis’ Deelayne Indulgence. This black bitch really caught my eye. Just coming up to 3 years I feel she is reaching her prime. She has quality, size and balance. Good carriage and style, sound to go over in all departments and movement to match. Bitch CC, I believe her 2nd, I’m sure the 3rd is not far away.
  2.  Paradise’s Shardlow Party Popper JW. Another black, a touch longer in back than the winner but many attributes. Good carriage and front extension. Good blade and wither, good coat, good bone and pleasing action
  3. Waterhouse’s Chtaura All U Need Is Luv JW.

OB (13,3)

  1. Llewellyn’s Zentarr Sunflower Among Degarbo. An honest and feminine lady, liked her size and outline with good balance in body and quarters. Good carriage on the move and correct in movement. Not overdone - just a little flat in tail. Res CC.
  2. Wiehe’s Lisimo I Love to Boogie. Similar in type and quality and pushed the winner hard. I liked her in head and carriage, lovely quarters and balance. Correct in ribbing, steady action - little between these two.
  3. Chamberlain’s AvonbourneMandzari at Chobrang JW Sh CM.

Bob Gregory