MPD. (8).

1. Stuart and Brown’s, Zanamop Eye of the Tiger. 8 months old and of pleasing type. Nice head with good expression. Good quarters. Easy on the move.

2. Kemp’s, Zanamop Tumble Time Tiger at Zaylon. Similar to the winner in make and shape. Well placed eyes. Good overall body shape. Looks good standing and on the move.

3. Smith’s, Alucard Pinetop Gnome.

PD. (2).

1. Robinson’s, Terendak Supa Luque for Polielin. Good looking b/w. Nice head proudly carried in good textured coat. Level topline, free in movement from sound quarters.

2. Holmes and Robson’s, Mitsui Pinball Wizard. Nicely balanced 10 months old. Good overall body and shape. Well covered. Makes the most when standing and on the move.

JD. (6).

1. McNally’s, Ballito’s Ambrose with Angadema. Well balanced dog, shown and presented in top order. Head handled well. Good angulations front and rear giving smooth movement. Lovely profile.

2. MacFarlane’s, Sunaami Indiana. Another quality dog. Again shown and handled to advantage. Nice head qualities and topline. Easy on the move.

3. Gowlett’s, Yorclif Viking Spirit at Bentina.

GD. (5).

1. Watson’s, Lynruce Prime Suspect JW Sh CM. Good looking dog, well presented in good coat and condition. Impressive head and mouth. Nice front and feet. Makes the most of standing and on the move.

2. Harrison’s, Bendella’s Old Spice JW. Well placed dark eyes giving a true expression. Very good reach of neck and topline. Well laid back shoulders. In good coat. Sound free mover.

3. Surtees’, Showa Bobby Dazzla for Katay JW.

PGD. (5).

1. Sumner’s, Truern Match Point. Splendid head and expression. First class body shape, well covered. Sound throughout, he looks a picture standing, showing off his lovely profile. Did not disappoint on the move.

2. Jones’s, Hazgayes Alfie Moon with Jondot. Another dog shown and presented to advantage. Good overall body shape. Not as free as the winner on the move.

3. Kemp’s, Zanamop Rags to Riches at Zaylon Sh CM.

LD. (7).

1. Scarll’s, Timazinti Motoro JW. Of lovely type and overall balance. Scored in head, neck and body shape. Well boned and ribbed. In good textured coat. Impressive on the move. Presented in first class order. RCC.

2. Corish’s, Sealaw Follow Your Dream. He looked the winner standing showing off his lovely shape. Well put together and presented to a tee. Not just the freedom of winner on the move.

3. Temperley’s, Mitsui Technicolour Dream Sh CM.

OD. (7).

1. Scholes’, Rossgilde Thumper’s Web JW. This young dog has a very impressive outline. Lovely head proudly carried. Sound quarters. Well boned and ribbed. Moves as one would expect from his sound conformation. In lovely coat. Presented to perfection. Holds his outline on the move. CC, BOB and G4.

2. Watts’, Am Ch. Hylan Shotru Brandy Alexander for Kenida (Imp). Another quality young dog. Impressive head and expression. Lovely body shape, Well covered. Good quarters giving easy movement.

3. Gay’s, Ch. Hazgaye Red Alert JW.

MPB. (7).

1. Hall’s, Miss Izzabella at Shendene. A well put together young lady. Splendid head. Sound body and quarters. Impressive on the move. Well presented and handled.

2. Horne’s, Chanceinn’s Crazy for You. Another promising youngster. Shown in lovely condition and coat. Very good overall body shape. Just not as free as the winner on the move.

3. Blake’s, Truern Raggedyannie at Cheolview.

PB. (7).

1. Gay’s, Hazgaye Solitaire. This 10 months old is full of promise. Of lovely type and overall balance. Level topline. Good quarters. Looks so easy on the move. Handled and presented in top order. BP.

2. Surtees’, Rossgilde Thyme to Dream at Katay. Similar shape as winner. Nice head qualities. Good body shape. In good textured coat. Scores on the move.

3. Hazelhurst’s, Corrols Phenomena.

JB. (4).

1. Robinson’s, Orora’s Brussels Lace for Polielin. Good head qualities with well placed dark eyes. Topline level. Sound front and rear giving easy action which won her the class

2. Hamilton’s, Gilderdale Miss Wagit. More finish than winner but could not match her on movement. Good body and ribs. In good textured coat.

3. Ferrier’s, Giogan Miss Molly.

GB. (3).

1. Hughes’s, Teah Mharia of Mitchella. Well made in bone and body. In full coat of nice texture. Nice head furnishings. Could put more into her movement.

2. Murray-Watson’s, Arasmas Absolutely at Diablo. Good in profile with level topline. Another that could make more of herself on the move.

PGB. (4).

1. Cassidy’s, Exephials the Love Spell. Very elegant young lady with lovely clean head and expression. Loved her body shape and presentation. Holds her outline on the move.

2. McNally’s, Angadema Ask for Me. Good head furnishings and overall shape. Sound body, well covered. Not just as free on the move as winner.

3. MacFarlane’s, Cheolview Moment in Thyme at Sunaami.

LB. (5).

 1. Chalmers’, Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chethang JW Sh CM. Lovely expression from well placed dark eyes. Of lovely type and overall balance. Stands true front and rear. Easy in movement. Handled and presented to advantage.

2. Watson’s, Cheolview I’m Special fr Lynruce Sh CM. A good looking b/w. Another bitch shown and presented in top order. Nice body shape. Well covered. Easy on the move.

3. O’Doherty’s, Deelayne Contradiction About Chicane.

OB. (7).

1. Scholes’, Rossgilde Tamegans Dream JW Sh CM. Upstanding bitch, impressive from every angle. Very good head, well furnished. Loved her body shape, coat presented to a tee. Moves as one would expect from her sound conformation. CC.

2. Hazelhurst’s, Patarch Prim and Proper at Corrolls. Lovely b/w with first class head, neck and topline. Of lovely type and overall balance. Easy in movement. Presented in top order. RCC.

3. Cassidy’s, Deelayne Ylang Ylang to Exepjials.

J Bispham