BEST IN SHOW Chethang Emily Jane BITCH
BEST PUPPY Timazinti  Molly BITCH
BEST VETERAN CH Vaderlands Flame And Fortune BITCH
1 CH Avonbourne All Spice   (Br Young, Sinyul Desperado at Avonbourne - Diquest Prunella Prune For Avonbourne)
2 Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted  (Br Lewis Meadowvic's War Dancing Bear at Sulhasans - Ragoosa Barmy Daze) House
3 Peakajay High Finance JW (Br Davidson-Jones Vaderlands Vested Interest & Peakajay Lady Be Good)
4 Askja Dance Yourself Dizzy (Br Church, CH Tirkane Rodger Rabbit at Saxonsprings - Tirkane Daffy Duck)
1 Morpori Limited Adition (Br Free,  Daverry Bold N Brave for Rienach - Morpori Molli Lilli Pop )
2 Tarendes Follow The Bear (Br Jones, Ch/Am Ch Dream Machine - Tarendes Scrumptious Bear)
3 Littondale  Palladio (Br Lock, Ch Kutani Rogue Trader Jw - Askja Stars in Yer Eyes at Littondale)
4 Mytilene Naughty But Nice (Br Gillman,  Kutani Rogue Trader -  Mytilene Fizz the Wizz)
5 Shardlow Pilot Of The Future  (Br Pardise, Ch Jalus Dan Dare - Shardlow Raindrops On Roses)
 PUPPY DOG (6)    
1 Avonbourne Touch & Go  ( Br Mrs Young,  Avonbourne  Dead Ringer - Avonbourne  Touchy Feely)
2 Littondale  Palladio  
3 Deelayne Making A Mark For Nosneb ( Deelayne Now And Forever Deelayne - Aibrean 'B' Witched ) Skillings
4 Jadeish Tradewinds  (Br Baker, CH Avonbourne All Spice - Zanamop Tiger Lily)
JUNIOR DOG (3)    
1 Mytilene Midnight Cowboy   (Br Gillman,  November Boy- Tropical Storm at Mytilene )
2 Jalus Galileo  (Br Luscott, Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya - Jalus Dizzy Lizzy)
3 Nedlik   Classical Attraction  ( Br Ellis,  Nedlik Classic Claude - Nedlik Look At Me) Lee
1 Mytilene Midnight Cowboy   
2 Ballito's  Ambrose with Angadema (Br Pointon, Deelayne Ficky Stinger - Twobytu Waltzing Matilda to Ballito ) McNally
NOVICE DOG (4)1    
1 Avonbourne Touch & Go  
2 Littondale  Palladio  
3 Mytilene Naughty But Nice  
1 Simark Mr Chips (Br Whittlesey, Am Ch Showa Fandango - Simark Golden Maple)
1 Shanclar Alfredo  ( Shand-Clarke, Ch Zentarr Michelangelo - Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar)
2 Chtaura  Knock On Wood (Br Waterhouse,  Ch Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat - CH Chtaura Sweet Surrender )
3 Tasharie Timogen (Br Harrison,  Ch/SA Ch Cossys Kajagoogoo - Cossy Duchess at Tasharie)
MID LIMIT (4)    
1 Cossy's Jammie Dodger At Jardene   (Br Jennings, Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted- Zentarr Mayfair )
2 Chtaura Shadow Dancer (Br Waterhouse,  Ch CH Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat - Ch Chtaura Dancing Queen)
3 Mytilene Budweizer  Jw SH CM  (Br Gillman, Chamando Puccini JW - Mytilene Fizz the Wizz)
4 Becsgame Summer Breeze   (Br Grey,  Eng/Ir Ch Deelayne Quickdash at Kandykone - Becsgame Quinella ) Jones
LIMIT DOG (7)    
1 Timazinti Motoro JW  (Br Scarll, Ch Chtaura Dream Machine - Timazinti Cholet )
2 Chamando Verdi At Hayana  ( Br Allsop,  Kutani Soldier Soldier- Zentarr Renaissance at Chamando) Mc Carthy
3 Tasharie Timogen  
4 Alloorain Who Dares (Br Copland,  Ch Hazgaye Red Alert - Hardacre Rainbow Dancing Over Alloorain)
5 Cossy's Jimeny Cricket Among Nosneb.   (Br Jennings,   Shigna Fire Storm at Lhaswood - Britroy's Dreams for sale at Kutani)
OPEN DOG(10)    
1 CH Zanamop Tiger -In-The-Tank (Br Watts-Catley, Kutani Reckless - Kutani Destiny for Zanamop )
2 Deelayne Ficky Stinger (Br Lewis, Shigna Firestorm at Lhaswood - Deelayne Hooplah Hannah.)
3 Hello Black Magic From Belazieth (Br Richardson -Black,  Wolferlow Hello Ringo at Belazieth)
4 KandyKone Kontradiktion (Br Webster,  Ir&Eng Ch Deelayne Quick Dash at KandyKone-Kandykone Kappuccino) Reece &Webster
5 CH Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya (Br Holland,  Now and Forever Deelayne - Ch Vaderlands Flame N Fortune)
DOG CC CH Zanamop Tiger -In-The-Tank  
RES CC    
BEST PUPPY Avonbourne Touch & Go  

CH Vaderlands Flame And Fortune

( Br Holland Vaderlands Vested Interest - CH Deelayne Spark To A Flame)
2 Chergram  private Dancer (Br Holmes, Bedingfields Young Hustler - Ch Juderry's Yakima at Chergram)
3 Sealaw  Meets The Press For Bedingfield  (Br Corish, Saxonsprings Frederico - Ch Little Dolly Daydream At Sealaw )
4 Saxonsprings Sunrise at Marpori (Br Woosnam, Chethang Hudson - Saxonsprings Chianti)

Absosengkye Tanith 

 (Br Ogden,   Lingstoc  Hi-Jacked by Domensa - Elleonia Shows The Way)
1 Elleonia On The Dark Side  

(Br Seward,  Elleonia on the Level JW -Elleonia Dark Phantasi )

2 Chtaura  Sealed With A Kiss (Br Waterhouse,   Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat - CH Chtaura Miss Dynamite
3 Mytilene The Love Bug  (Br Gillman, Kutani Rogue Trader - Mytilene Fizz the Wizz)

Tarendes  Soul Bear

(Br Jones, Ch/Am Ch Dream Machine - Tarendes Scrumptious Bear)
5 Tantara's  Moonlight Serenade  (Br Anderson, Sinyul Act Naturally at Piplaurie - Nechung de Koempfer with Tantra)
1 Timazinti  Molly (Br Scarll, Timazinti Motoro - Timazinti Popondetta )
2 The Question for Zanamop (Br Richardson Ch Zanamop Tiger -In-The-Tank - Ch Wolferlow Hello Peggy at Belazieth)
3 Fengola Simply Seductive (Br Baxter,Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me to Ballito - Ch Rochaway's Simply Sassy)
4 Bellellen Solo Girl (Br Saunders, Bellellen Boy O Boy -  Bellellen  Black Lace)
5 Everlasting Love from Ardquin (Br Quelch, Kenworth I'M Tigger Two - Kenworth Cara Mia Mine for Ardquin)
1 Jalus Goldilocks   (Br Luscott, CH Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya - Jalus Dizzy Lizzy )

Khalila Isabella 

(Br Sutherland-Bolton, Kandykone Kontradiktion - Khalwalk Moet Et Chandon at Prajna) Reece
3 Vaderlands  Electra Fy    (Br Holland, Deelayne Ficky Stinger - CH Deelayne Ever Decent )
4 Nedlik Simply The Style (Br Ellis, Ch Vallena Osric - Nedlik Simply Special)
5 Ballito's I'M Amelia Lets Fly (Br Pointon,  Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me To Ballito (imp) - Fengola's Simply Satin At Ballito)
1 Forochel  Illeana (Br Dungate & Minton, Dolha's Do It All - Ch Forochel  Vanity)
1 Mytilene The Love Bug   
1 Deelayne  Wavin Not Drownin  (Br Lewis,Deelayne As If - Deelayne Viva La Diva )
1 Tarendes Precious  Bear  (Br Jones, Kutani Lionheart For Ardquin - Tarendes Passion Bear)

Chtaura  She Will Be Loved

(Br Waterhouse,   Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat -CH Chtaura Sweet Surrender  )

  Angadema Ask For Me (Br Mc Nally, Kandykone Kontradiktion - Angadema Abracadabra )
  Chtaura Spinning Around for Jamikasoka     ( Br Waterhouse, Ch Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat -Ch Chtaura sweet surrender)

Dobriach Angelica

Br Witham, Marpori Jackson at Vivante - Clancanitor Andelicia at Dobriach )
1 Vallena Almena  Br Bell, Ch Vallena Osric - Ch Vallena Anchuska )
2 Sinyul  Let's Stay Together (Br Torrance,  Ch  Avonbourne All Spice -  Sinyul Let's Get Together )

Shardlow  Ragtaggle Gypsy

(Br Paradise, Ch  Avonbourne All Spice -  Norw & Fin Ch ,Norw W03 Panaphia's Midnight Flame for Shardlow imp)

Elleonia Hopes 'N' Dreams

(Br Seward,  Elleonia Another Level JW - Vivante Summer Dream Of Elleonia )
5 Tarendes Scarlet Bear (Br Jones, Chtaura Rock DJ JW - Tarendes Scrumptious Bear)
LIMIT BITCH (13)    
1 Rossgilde Silver Gilt At Chethang (Br Scholes, Chethang Web Spinner JW - Rossgilde  Tamegan)
2 Shardlow Party Popper JW (Br Paradise,  Ch  Avonbourne All Spice -  Norw & Fin Ch ,Norw W03 Panaphia's Midnight Flame for Shardlow imp)

Jalus  Flirty Felicity

(Br Luscott,  Ch Kutani Reckless - Saxonsprings Alacilla at Jalus)
4 Zentarr Mallissa Among Shanclar (Br Anderson,  Zentarr Elijah - Zentarr Fascination )Mrs Shand-Clarke
5 Peakajay Lady Ellawiza   (Br Davidson - Jones, Zanamop Tiger -In-The-Tank JW- Kutani Fairytale for Peakajay)
OPEN BITCH (8)    
1 Chethang Emily Jane (Br Chalmers, Chethang Web Spinner - Chethang  Hannalise )
2 CH Deelayne Indulgence (Br M Lewis,  Ch Deelayne's Obsession for Exphials -Eng/Sp/Port Ch Shiawandi Ga Ga )

Zentarr Zeeta At Shigatse 

( Br Anderson,   Zentarr Wordsworth At Quaytown - Zentarr Miss Audacity )
4 Jardene Dazzle Me Do   (Br Bromley,   Jardene Tuxedo Joe - Wyndpoint Black To The Future For Jardene )
5  CH Chtaura All U Need Is Luv  (Br Waterhouse, Chtaura  Rock D J -   Chtaura Jewel In The Crown)
BITCH CC Chethang Emily Jane  
RES CC Jalus Goldilocks   
BEST PUPPY BITCH Timazinti  Molly