South East Lhasa Apso Society (SELAS)

Championship Show Results 2001

Best Of Breed Kiss Kiss Kutani
Dog CC Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted
 Res CC Vallena Osric
Bitch CC Kiss Kiss Kutani
Res CC Ch  Shigna Ginger Spice At Monkspath
Best Puppy Nedlik Smarty Pants
Best Veteran Kandykone Konundrum

Veteran Dog 1 Kandykone Konundrum
  2 Clancaniter Bakers Tri
  3 Mister Moonschein Of Showa
Minor Puppy Dog 1 Tantra's Court And Spark
  2 Khalila The Outlaw Among Rishlyn
  3 Fallingfoss Benji
Puppy Dog 1 Coombehall Cartier
Junior Dog 1 Kutani Reckless
  2 Chethang Web Spinner
  3 Kandykone Kontradiktion
Special Yearling Dog 1 Jeiuna Hitch Hiker
  2 Chamando Othello
  3 Zentarr Paddington Avec Degarbo
Novice Dog 1 Khalila The Outlaw Among Rishlyn
  2 Katay Tropical Storm
Graduate Dog 1 Kutani Reckless
  2 Lynruce Special Release
  3 Chtaura Dream Machine
Post Graduate Dog 1 Vaderlands Vitality
  2 Chtaura The Beat Goes On 
  3 Lorise Saffron
Mid Limit Dog 1 Vallena Osric
  2 Ansuke Tip-Top
  3 Rishlyn Entrapment JW
Limit Dog 1 Ragoosa Dunnun Dusted
  2 Avonbourne All Spice
  3 Shigatse Tyler
Open Dog 1 Cossy's Kajagoogoo
  2 Lynruce Playboy
  3 Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat

Veteran Bitch 1 Ch Desperately Seeking At Sinyul
  2 Ch Coombehall Millie Vanilli
  3 Showa Pandora's Ruby At Ansuke
Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Nedlik Smarty Pants
  2 Tantra's Harriott To Simuje
  3 Roxy Music Plays For Wyndcatch
Puppy Bitch 1 Sinyul Brief Encounter
  2 Wyndpoint My Blue Heaven At Monkspath
  3 Tantra's Harriott To Simuje
Junior Bitch 1 Chethang Beckie Lou
  2 Cossy's Cointreau On Ice
  3 Sinyul All you need is love
Special Yearling Bitch 1 Zentarr Bexley
  2 Bellellen Black Lace
  3 Magrathea Returns The Wish To Vowchurch
Novice Bitch 1 Chethang Beckie Lou
  2 Avonbourne Touch Of Spice
  3 Jardene The Decider For Aarhus
Graduate Bitch 1 Avonbourne Lily The Pink
  2 Sinyul All You Need Is Love
  3 Tantra's Harriott To Simuje
Post Graduate Bitch 1 Cossy's Maisie With Nosneb
  2 Deelayne Ever Decent
  3 Nico Star Fly
Mid Limit Bitch 1 Avonbourne Befuddle
  2 Chtaura A Perfect Ten
  3 Vaderlands Flame N Fortune
Limit Bitch 1 Kiss Kiss Kutani
  2 Chtaura  Miss Dynamite
  3 Chtaura Fascinating Rhythm For Lynruce
Open Bitch 1 CH Shigna Ginger Spice At Monkspath
  2 Sp/Port CH Shiawandi Ga Ga
  3 Gregval Modesty With Lynruce