A lovely entry, both numerically and in quality, which I enjoyed judging. It was noticeable since I judged the club show that mouths seemed to be much improved. In particular most of the young stock had respectable reverse scissor bites with a full compliment of teeth neatly arranged with the benefit being seen in good width to underjaws. Shoulders varied considerably and there appeared to be less of the Queen Ann fronts than I recalled. The habit of overstretching the hindquarters still seems to be around and in some even when I moved them the rear pastern was still over exaggerated with no definition through the hocks. Presentation was, as we have come to expect, of the highest order, the only down side to that being that on several occasions when I lifted the hair away from the eyes underneath I was confronted with not just dirty but matting around the eyes. Quite a few eyes were also rather round spoiling expression. The BOB winner put up a commendable performance in the group and made the cut.

MPD (9,2a)

  1. Allens Deelayne Que De Que, cream maturing well, very well balanced with good head properties and lovely eye, decent mouth and underjaw, clean neck into reasonable front assembly, firm topline with good tail carriage, sound rear, steady and willing on the move.
  2.  Edwards & McDougalls Zuthis Hott Chatter at Quito, very soundly constructed gold with excellent shoulders and front, as yet not quite as firm in topline, true moving up and down and reaches out well in profile.
  3.  McNallys Ballitos Ambrose with Angadema.

PD (7,1)

  1. Sumners Truern Match Point, lovely for size and balance, liked his head and eye, good topline and firm loin, tail carried high, decent rear angulation, moves true.
  2. Waterhouses Chtaura Knock On Wood, touch larger but scored in neck, shoulders and front, quite mature in body but wanted to act the baby on the move but saw enough to assess true action.
  3. Churchs Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can at Askja.

JD (8,2)

  1. Jones Tarendes Smokey Bear, well grown gold but beautifully balanced, good in head and eye with firm underjaw, excellent front, shoulder and clean neck, decent ribs of length, moved true if a little reluctantly.
  2. Cunliffes Modhish Nagpo Chenpo, black of a more refined type but also very well balanced with super mouth, eye and expression, good topline and tail carriage, well schooled on the move and drives well from the rear.
  3. Surtees Showa Bobby Dazzler for Katay.

YD (4)

  1. Pointons Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly with Me to Ballito, impressive lad with excellent finish to presentation, balanced with masculine yet not overdone head, lovely eye and expression, good mouth and underjaw, shoulders well laid and clean in neck, firm topline and loin, good tail carriage, enough rear angulation, moves true and steps out with style, still young and feel his best is still to come.
  2. Hemsleys Hazgaye Interceptor, of very useful type being soundly put together and confirms this with his excellent movement, not quite the expression of 1.
  3.  Brendellas Old Spice.

PGD (5,1)

  1. Heslam & Cains Kutani Alfie Moon, masculine and well balanced gold, liked his head and eye with firm underjaw, clean neck and shoulder, excels in rib and firm loin, level topline with tail carried high, decent hindquarters with which he easily demonstrated stylish action.
  2. Saunders Bellellen Boy O Boy, this grey was very close up here and so soundly constructed but could not quite match the reach of 1 going around.
  3. Scotts Wolferlow Merlot.

LD (9,2)

  1. Scholes Rossgilde Thumpers Web, could not get past this beautifully constructed gold, solid all through, compact yet long enough to retain balance and allow for free reachy driving movement, spot on for size and giving nothing away in masculinity, his head is beautifully laid out with correct proportions between skull and muzzle, stop sufficiently defined and dark eyes placed forward giving delightful expression, mouth and underjaw complete the picture, fore and hind angulation in harmony, cleanest of necks flowing into level topline topped off by firm tail carriage, CC and in the challenge for BOB felt his arrogant head and neck carriage gave him that extra something to make him stand away.
  2. Cains Kutani Rogue Trader, another impressive lad, touch stronger in skull but with appealing expression, excels in length of rib and firm loin, enough rear angulation, presented in tip top form.
  3. OíKanes Zharovon Zhiskan with Shigna.

OD (16,5) Super class with quality in abundance.

  1. Luscotts Ch Jalus Dan Dare, remember seeing this dog as a youngster from the ringside and thinking him a touch coarse, well it does not do to jump to conclusions for I was most pleasantly surprised when given the opportunity to go over him to find that he is not overdone and is in fact very well constructed with the best of shoulders and straight forelimbs, head properties are well laid out with lovely eye and expression, clean neck into a good set of ribs and firm loin, rear in perfect balance with front, topped off with good tail carriage, first time around the ring his reachy movement caught my attention, unlucky to come up against the limit winner but well deserved the res CC.
  2. Hollands Ch Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya, well turned out and attractively headed mature gold, very honest and typical in all respects but does not quite project himself to full advantage, does everything that is asked and moves respectably.
  3. Phillips Saxonsprings Buddy with Dimara.

MPB (13,5)

  1. Hollands Vaderlands Eva Licious, thought this gold quite special, loved her head and expression with that snooty outlook, excellent front and shoulder, clean neck, ribbing about right for tender age, holds her tail firmly on top and steps out with style and ease, BP.
  2. Waghorns Avonbourne Lucy Lastiv with Sukisha, very eye-catching B&W and lovely to go over, well balanced head with good expression and underjaw, decent front and topline, tail set and carried high, moves true and with ease.
  3.  Luscotts Jalus Goldilocks.


PB (8,1)

  1. Crummeys Deelayne Madness Divine at Nickanda, thought this gold brindle stood away here and pushed the MP hard when it came to BP, beautifully balanced, lovely head layout and eye, clean in neck and shoulder, good front and feet, moved out well as I would expect from her construction.
  2. Thompsons Pennyparades Blaze of Glory, 11mth gold of lovely type, strength to underjaw, decent neck, front and shoulder, firm topline, moves true.
  3. Davidson-Jones Peakajay Honey Bun.


JB (19,8)

  1.  Phillips Dimara Pic A Chick, this is one young lady with attitude, standing she portrays a lovely clean outline set off with a most attractive headpiece and expression, going around she demonstrates impressive action without exaggeration, when it came to the less exciting up and back she gave her handler a hard time but persistence paid off and her exceptional overall quality merited the Res CC in good company.
  2.  Luscotts Jalus Flirty Felicity, very close up here and put in a perfect performance, lovely neck and shoulders, just preferred expression and attitude of 1.
  3. Hardmans Jayridge Isa Distraction.


YB (8,3)

  1. Dimara Pic A Chick.
  2. Chamberlains Avonbourne Touch and Tell at Chobrang, well grown b&w, beautifully balanced with head properties well laid out, clean neck and topline, well sprung rib, firm loin, tail set and carried high, moves with precision.
  3. Torrances Sinyul Canít Buy Me Love.


PGB (12,5)

  1. Churchs Askja Tantrums N Teardrops, very showy and feminine, not overstated in any way, liked her muzzle shape and expression, clean in neck and shoulder, decent forelimbs and feet, well ribbed back, moves out with ease.
  2. Davidson-Jones Peakajay Lady Ellawiza, of excellent type and quality, lovely eye and expression, she to scores in shoulders and front, firm topline and tailset, stylish mover.
  3. Jones Tarendes Precious Bear.

LB (11,4)

  1. Chalmers Chethang Emily Jane, pale gold, stylish and solidly built, head properties good with eyes well placed, decent fore and hindquarters, clean neck into good topline and tail carriage, very well turned out and did everything she was asked but appeared a bit bored so lacked the arrogance and jaunty action I was looking for.
  2. Churchs Askja Worse Than Wicked, lovely eye and expression, clean neck and outline, not quite the rib of 1, willing accurate mover.
  3. Hornes Deelayne As You Like It at Hopeinn.

OB (12,3) Lovely class, spoilt for choice.

  1. Lewisís Ch Deelayne Indulgence, very well put together black shown in spot on condition, appeals with her feminine typy head with lovely eye and expression, clean neck, straight forelimbs, well ribbed up and firm in loin, moves with ease and precision, CC.
  2.  Waterhouses Chtaura All U Need Is Love, feminine through and through, exquisite head and expression, clean neck and topline, when so many are striving for more and more coat I actually felt her length of coat detracted slightly from her otherwise excellent outline.
  3. Chamberlains Ch Avonbourne Mandzari at Chobrang.

Rodney P Oldham