Many thanks to all the exhibitors. Dogs and bitches in most classes were all in good coat and well presented. Thanks to modern day grooming aids. I thought there was a big improvement generally since my last jusgingd appointment. I still however, experienced a few broad heads, mainly in the golds. My main concern in the dogs and the bitches was the lack of rib and a shallowness at the same time, which in turn affects the weight. The standard is well ribbed back. There was plenty of quality in both dogs and bitches, and I felt the particular strength in the dogs were the young entries, and in the bitches strength from puppy to open classes was apparant


Minor Puppy Dog. (4).

  1. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura Knock on Wood. Gold. nice head with a good front. Nice shoulder lay and topline. I liked his balance. Good angulation. Moved very well. Very promising.
  2. Summer’s, Truern Match Point. Gold dog, nice head and eye. Nice conformation. Shorter on leg than winner. Plenty of bone.
  3. Paradise’s, Zadophie Jack Sparrow for Shardlow.

Puppy Dog. (12).

  1. Surtees’, Shows Dazzle for Katay. A strong class, gold dog. Very nice head. Good shoulder lay, well placed shoulder. Nice reach of neck. Nice size. Loved his balance. Moved with confidence. Superb presentation.
  2. Scholes’s, Sealaw Born from a Dream at Rossgilde. Another gold. Liked his head with a very good front. Well ribbed up. Plenty of angulation. Pushed hard on winner.
  3. Lewis’s, Deelayne As If.

Junior Dog. (10).

  1. Pointon’s, Aust Ch. Amesen Come Fly with me to Ballito (Imp). Cream silver. Nice size. Liked his head. Good reach of neck. Nice balance plenty of angulation. A good tailset and carriage. Moved with confidence. Plenty of coat for age.
  2. Watson’s, Lynruce Prime Suspect. Gold nice sound dog. Good front and head. Well laid back shoulder. Good topline. Plenty of bone. A little unsure on movement.
  3. Webster’s, Kilnhaven Duo.

Novice Dog. (6).

  1. Surtees’, Shows Dazzle for Katay.
  2. Scholes’, Rossilde Thumper’s Web. Gold beautiful outline. Nice balance. Correct head. Straight front. Good pigment. Well muscled. A promising youngster. A little uncertain on movement.
  3. Schofield’s, Daverry’s, Bold and Brave for Rienach.

Graduate Dog. (5).

  1. Watson’s, Lynruce Prime Suspect.
  2. Hensley’s, Hazgaye Interceptor. Grey brindle. Sound dog. Correct head, dark eye. Well placed shoulders. Nice arched neck, liked his balance and size. Moved with plenty of drive. A little more weight.
  3. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura Shadow Dancer.

Post Graduate Dog. (7).

  1. Seward’s, Elleonia on the Level JW. Grey. Nice size, dark eye and pigment. Good front and topline. Well ribbed up. Good coat texture. Moved with ease.
  2. Bronley’s, Cossy’s Jammie Dodger at Jardene. Gold and white. Well proportioned head. Nice broad mouth. Good front and topline. In-between coats. Moved well.
  3. Weslah and Cain’s, Kutani Alfie Moon.

Limite Dog . (13).

  1. Holland’s, Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luyah. Gold nice soft head but still masculine. Nice reach of neck. Good front and shoulder. Strong topline. P[lenty of angulation. Well ribbed up. Presented and moved to perfection, held shape on movement. CC and BOB.
  2. Cain’s, Kutani Rogue Trader. Gold and white. Nice head and pigment. Good front and shoulder lay. Well ribbed up. Strong topline. Super angulation. Plenty of muscle. Moved with plenty of drive. Just preferred winner on the day.
  3. Temperley’s, Mitsui Technicolour Dream Sh CM.

Open Dog. (7).

  1. Luscott’s, Ch. Jalus Dan Dare. Gold worthy Champion. Nice size and balance with a good front and topline. Plenty of bone. Good angulation. Good coat texture. Moved with ease. Again held his outline on the move. RCC.
  2. Phillips’, Saxonsprings Buddy with Diamara. Gold. Liked his size with a typical head. Good pigment. Nice front and shoulder. Good topline. Good rear action. Moved with drive.
  3. Plumstead’s, Am Ch. Shows Fangdango.

Minor Puppy Bitch. (6).

  1. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura Crazy for You. Gold with a brindle overlay. Nice feminine head, dark pigment. Good front and topline. A good reach of neck. Has a nice balanced. Plenty of coat for her age. Moved with style. Pleased to award her BP.
  2. Thompson’s, Penny Parades Blaze of Glory. Gold. A little larger in size a typical head. Straight front, good topline. Plenty of coat for age. Moved well
  3. .Davidson-Jones’s, Peakajay Honey Bun.

Puppy Bitch. (12).

  1. Murray-Watson and Dunbar’s, Arasmas Absolutely at Diablo. Black and white. A quality class. Nice head, dark eye, nice expression. Straight front. Strong topline. Nice tail set and carriage. Plenty of coat for age. Nice jaunty movement.
  2. Smith’s, Wyndcatch Sweet Dream. Gold a smaller type. Nice balance. Liked her head. Good topline. Very compact. Plenty of angulation. Just lacking a little weight. Moved well.
  3. Rhodes’s, Dimara Groovy Chck at Arrayshia.

Puppy Bitch. (16).

  1. Chalmers’, Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chetang. Gold and white. Good front, well proportioned head. Nice topline. Well ribbed up. Super shape and balance. Good reach of neck and tail carriage. Moved well in good coat.
  2. Seward’s, Elleonia Hopes n Dreams. White and grey. Lovely balance. Nice dark eye and pigment. Very sound to go over. Moved well, held her shape on movement very confident.
  3. Phillips’, Diamara Lola Rose.

Novice Bitch. (8).

  1. Dewar-Thorlby’s, Aarhus the Addiction. Gold. Nice balance. Nice head. Good front and shoulder lay. Straight topline. Nice body, good quality coat. Moved well.
  2. Young’s, Avonbourne Touchy Feely. Black and white. Typical head, nice eye. Straight front, level topline. Plenty of coat. Moved well. Just lacking a little weight.
  3. Rhodes’, Dimara Groovy Chick at Arrayshia.

Graduate Bitch. (4).

  1. Chalmer’s, Rossgilde Silver Gilt at Chetang.
  2. Dewar-Thorlby’s, Aarhus the Achiever. Black. Nice and sound. Feminine well proportioned head. Level topline. Good front. Nice angulation. Moved well.
  3. Phillips’, Dimara Lola Rose.

Post Graduate Bitch. (10).

  1. Watson’s, Cheolview I’m Special for Lynruce Sh CM. Black and white. Everything about this bitch is quality. Nice head, eye and pigment. Good front, level topline. Nice size and balance. Very compact. In good coat. Moved ell. Needs to mature a very bright future is sure.
  2. Cain’s, Kutani Sunkissed. Gold. Another nice size and balance. Typical of this kennel. Level topline. Well ribbed up. Nice coat texture. Moved well.
  3. Grey’s, Becsgame Cover Girl JW.

Limit Bitch. (9).

  1. Phillips’, Dimara Miss Tical JW. Another strong class. Gold. Nicely balanced. Super outline. Well placed shoulders. Correct reach of neck. Level topline. Good strong hindquarters. Moved well, in good coat. Presentation superb. RCC.
  2. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura All U Need is Luv JW. Grey very sound, nice dark eye. Plenty of pigment. Good front. Nice level topline. Plenty of coat the right texture. Nice balance
  3. Chalmers’, Chetang Emily Jane Sh CM.

Open Bitch. (8).

  1. Lewis’s, Deelayne Indulgence. Black judged her as a youngster. I liked her then. She has matured into a super breed type. Nice size. Super balance and size. Liked everything about her. Presentation, movement and held her outline on the move. CC.
  2. Waterhouse’s, Chtaura Kiss me Honey JW. Gold very similar in type and balance. Nice head and topline. Good front, nice rear action. Moved with plenty of drive.
  3. Scholes’s, Ch. Rossgilde Tis a Dream JW Sh CM.

John Scarll