N. O. E. L. A. C. 25/9/2005


Having not judged for over three years, I found mouths have improved, also teeth were much cleaner. My main worry is fronts, many exhibits have short upper arms which shows in movement, and far too many are out at elbow. Presentation was excellent in most cases. There were some lovely classes with many good exhibits going card less.

Minor puppy dog 5 (1)

  1. Seward's Elleonia Star Performance very confident 6 month old, lovely shape and outline, good head eye and mouth, sound in front with good shoulder placement, stylish mover Best puppy dog.

  2. Barthorpe's Patatarch Night In White Satin smaller type, typical head and expression, good front and rear, solid body, moved out well.

  3. McNally,s Ballito's Ambrose With Angadema.

Puppy dog 8(1)

  1. Sumner's Truern Match Point attractive cream with masculine head, dark eye and good pigment, nicely balanced, solid sound body, good tail set, nice textured coat, moved true.

  2. Lewis' Deelayne As If stylish red with lovely shape well balanced head, strong neck, firm front, well ribbed with level top line, sound which showed in his movement.

  3. Warerhouse's Chtaura Knock On Wood.


Junior dog 11(4)

  1. Scholes' Rossglide Thumpers Web Took my eye on entering the ring with his super balance, lovely head and expression, strong neck and good shoulders, short level back, well angulated rear, super mover, one for the future.

  2. Harrison's Brendella's Old Spice sound honest dog, masculine head, firm front, well bodied with ample bone, moved soundly, correct textured coat.

  3. Surtees' Showa Bobby Dazzler For Katay.



Yearling dog 6(2)

  1. Pointon's Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me To Ballito (imp) Pleasing head with melting expression, dark eye and good mouth, sound front, good angulated rear, level topline with good tail set. Moved  well.

  2. Watts' Am Ch Hylan Shotru Brandy Alexander For Kenida (imp) Stylish gold with typical head and muzzle, firm front with good neck, well constructed body with strong rear, not as confident as 1 on the move.

  3. Harrisons' Brendella's Old Spice.


Special Beginners dog 7(2)

  1. I Harrisons' Brendella's Old Spice

  2. Wragg's Eromdop Pitch N Putt Gold/white with! kind head and expression, good for size, attractive shape with good construction, in good coat, moved well.

  3. Hamilton's Gilderdale Rumour Has It


Novice, dog 6

  1. Wattersons' Rictovia Somebody To Love Gold with masculine head, true Tibeten expression with good chin, straight front, correct shoulders, ideal body, rib and top line, sound throughout so moved well

  2. Seward's Elleonia Star Performance.

  3. Wragg's Eromdop Pitch N Putt!

Graduate dog 5(1)

  1. Waterhouse's Chtaura Shadow Dancer Nicely balanced with attractive outline, good head, eye and mouth, firm neck which he uses well, ideal body, sound front and rear, moving well both ways.

  2. Watterson's Rictovia Someone To Love.

  3. Harrison's Brendella's Old Spice.

Post Grad dog 8(2)

  1. Scarll's Timazinti Motoro JW. Gold in good coat and condition, nice head proportions. Strong neck and front, correct ribcage, well muscled rear, well set tail, Jaunty mover

  2. Bromley's Cossy's Jammie Dodger At Jardene J'W. Close up to l,masculine throughout, reachy neck into good front, sound well ribbed body, well angulated rear, slightly longer cast than 1, beautifully presented, moved with drive.

  3. Harrison's Bryzobren Belisario.

Limit dog 11 (2)

  1. Cain's Kutani Rogue Trader Very impressive G/W Masculine head and expression with kind eye, sound as a bell, firm front, well bodied and ribbed level top line, strong well muscled rear, correct tail set, moved freely. Res CC.

  2. Lewis' Deelayne Ficky Stinger well balanced dog of lovely make and shape, typical head, with good mouth, sound front, long neck into good shoulders, level top line, strong rear, moved well.

  3. Yate's Jones' Rishlyn Rio Bravo For Swaybee.

Open dog 12 (2) Lovely class

  1. Corish & Scholes Ch Sealaw Forever Dreaming Of Rossgilde lW.Sh C.M.Fully Mature gold of immense quality in fabulous coat and condition, sailed around the ring as if he owned it. Super head with good eye and mouth Straight front, good reach of neck neck, well ribbed, just right for bone, level top line, correct tail set, excels in outline,balance,and type. C.C. B.I.S.

  2. Baxter's Fengolas Simply WKD not as mature as 1 lovely to go over, first class head shape with nice dark eye, sound front, good neck and shoulders, level top line, well angulated rear, moved well both ways.

  3. Holland's Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya.

Veteran dog 2

  1. Walker's CH Shigatse Tyler 8 year old g/w in lovely coat, nicely proportioned head with good chin, good reach of neck, well made body level top line which he kept on the move Not showing his age

  2. Davidson Jones' Peakaday High Finance J'W' Very sound 7 year old, bigger type than 1 masculine head, good front and rear, correct tail carriage, moved out very well

Minor Puppy Bitch 10 {I}

  1. Hollands' Vaderlands Eva- Licious very vivacious 7 month gold well balanced with lovely outline, Sweet head with feminine expression, correct mouth, Straight front with strong neck, well bodied, for age, good rear angulated rear which she uses well on the move Must have a bright future. Best Puppy.

  2. Anderson's Zentarr Elizabeth Lovely head and neck on this very stylish bitch , Sound front and rear, firm body with level top line, correct tail set, well presented and handled moved true.

  3. Waterhouse's Chtaura Boom Bang A Bang.

Puppy bitch 10

  1. Scarll's Timazinti Mantilla very confident pretty gold bitch with typical head and expression, nice for size and balance, good front and rib cage, well angulated, in good coat, moved soundly

  2. Yates' Jones Larool Destiny At Swaybee Very mature B/W in terrific coat for age, feminine head, good reach neck well balanced with nice outline, good body and rib, moving soundly.

  3. Waterhouse's Chtaura Crazy For You.

Junior bitch 13 {6]

  1. Seward' s Elleonia Hopes 'N' Dreams pretty bitch I liked a lot, lovely head with real Tibetan expression good mouth, ,feminine all through ,sound in front, well bodied with good ribcage, nice size and balance, super mover, I believe this gave her, her J.W.

  2. Allsop's Chamando Little Diva shapely G/W presented in lovely coat and condition, nice head, firm neck which she uses well, sound throughout, strong body, showed and moved well

  3. Smith,sWyncatch Sweet Dreams.

Yearling bitch 6[2]

  1. Seward's Elleonia Hopes 'N' Dreams

  2. Palmer's Arasmas Babycake pretty G/W with good head and pigment, nice outline, strong body with good rib cage well angulated, covered the ground well

  3. McNally' Angadema Ask For Me.

Special Beginners bitch 7[3]

  1. Gillman's Mytilene Tiger Lily. Very mature minor puppy, up to size, well balanced feminine head with dark eye, sound front and rear, Correct textured coat, well handled, Smart mover

  2. Rhodes' Dimara Groovy Chick At Arrayshia Attractive pale gold, lovely head good reach neck level top line, good tail set, moved with drive, little short of coat.

  3. Deuchar-Fawcett Timazinti Zippy With Saranbeck.

Novice bitch 10 [4]

  1. Allsop's Chamando Little Diva.

  2. Smith's Wyncatch Sweet Dreams Very feminine gold with typical head and eye, good mouth, straight front, into good neck, shoulders and top line, sound and well ribbed, well muscled rear end, showed and moved well.

  3. Cawthera' s Timazinti Ta- Ra-Ni- At Perjena.

Graduate Bitch 4[1]

  1. Cain's Kutani Sunkissed fabulous head with good shaped eye and melting expression, good reach neck into good front and shoulders, correct-body, rib and top line, well balanced with shapely outline, moved with style, one for the future.

  2. Paradise's Shardlow Funky Fairy J'W' bitch of high quality, pretty head, straight front, well bodied ,good angulations, nice size, coat of good texture, moved jauntily keeping her top line.

  3. Watterson's Bentarsna Macalla.

Post grad bitch 10[3]

  1. Davidson Jones' Peakajay Lady Ellawiza very elegant bitch with nice head and good pigment, good reach of neck into good front, level top line, well bodied, correct tailset, moved with style.

  2. Gray,s Becsgame Cover Girl J,W. gold bitch of nice size and balance, very feminine, sound throughout with well made body, moved soundly, a little short   of head furnishings.

  3. Ogden's  Absosengkye Only You.

Limit Bitch 8[1]

  1. . Waterhouse's Chtaura All U Need Is Luv, bitch of lovely quality and type, fabulous head, with dark eye, strong neck into good front and shoulders, level topline, well angulated hind quarters, correct tail set, in mature coat, moved typically res C.C.

  2. Paradise.s Shardlow Party Popper J.W. .different type to 1. stylish black with  typical  head and expression, elegant.outline sound front and rear, well-bodied, coat in good condition and correct texture, moved true.

  3. Bushall,s Chtaura Prima Donna For Jamikasoka.

Open Bitch 12 [1] lovely class

  1. Lewis,Ch Deelayne Indulgence stunning black who demands attention in perfect coat and condition, feminine head with melting expression, lovely shape and balance with good reach of neck, sound front, level top line with good body and rib, well muscled rear, stylish mover C C.,

  2. Scholes' Ch Rossgilde Tis A Dream quality bitch who looked good, pretty head nice dark eye, lovely outline which she kept on the move, solid sound body with good rib, correct front assembly and well angulated rear, moved out well.

  3. Hazelhurst's Patarch Prim and Proper At Corrolls.

Veteran Bitch 6

  1. Lewis' and Noble's Ch Sp & Port Ch Shiwandi GaGa [imp] Nine year old who I have given top honours to before, still looking good, well balanced head proportions with typical expression., nice neck into straight front and good shoulders, sound rear, moving well  Best Veteran

  2. Shand Clarke's Deelayne Beyond the Pale For Shandclar 7 year old in lovely coat and condition, well balanced with nice out line so sound in body with good rib, moved with style.

  3. 0gden's Absosengkye Tanith

    Jacquie Chalmers.