East of England Championship Show Results 2001

Best Of Breed CH Hazgaye Red Alert JW
Dog CC CH Hazgaye Red Alert JW
 Res CC Larool Lexican
Bitch CC Jardene Dazzle Me Do
Res CC CH Vallena An- Chusha
Best Puppy Sinyul Brief Encounter

Minor Puppy Dog 1 Tantras Court And Sparked 
  2 Elleonia Reach For The Stars with Rictovia
  3 Whispara Strike A Paws
Puppy Dog 1 Coombehall Cartier
  2 Elleonia Reach For The Stars With Rictovia
  3 Chamando Bocelli
Junior Dog 1 Timazinti La  Roche
  2 Katay Tropical Storm
  3 Saxonsprings Campbell At Rictovia
Novice Dog 1 Katay Tropical Storm
  2 Saxonsprings Campbell At Rictovia
  3 Rienach Spark In  De- Dark
Graduate Dog 1 Showa Quango At Tasharie
  2 Saxonsprings Campbell At Rictovia 
  3 Jejuna Hitch-hiker
Post Graduate Dog 1 Larool Lexican
  2 Truern Pole Position
  3 Vaderlands Vitality
Limit Dog 1 Cossy's Kajagoogoo
  2 Peakajay High Finance JW
  3 Avonbourne All Spice
Open Dog 1 CH Hazgaye Red Alert JW
  2 AM CH Orlanes Cousteau At Saxonsprings (imp)
  3 CH Deelayne Obsession For Exephials

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Forochel Vanity
  2 Tantras Harriott To Simuje
  3 Tantras Dockyard Doris
Puppy Bitch 1 Sinyul Brief Encounter
  2 Larool Black Satin
  3 Mytilene Fizz The Wizz
Junior Bitch 1 Cheolview Prime Possession
  2 Lorise Mille Feuilles
  3 Jejuna Silver Sixpence
Novice Bitch 1 Cheolview Prime Possession
  2 Jardene The Decider For Aarhus
  3 Rictovias Heaven Sent
Graduate Bitch 1 Rictovias Heaven Sent
  2 Linconor Art Deco
Post Graduate Bitch 1 Jardene Dazzle  Me Do
  2 Avonbourne Befuddle
  3 Angadema Abracadabra
Limit Bitch 1 Sonsi's Kinda Kute
  2 Anniseed Starlight Rocket
  3 Saxonsprings Silent Memories JW
Open Bitch 1 CH Vallena An-Chusha
  2 POR/Esp CH Shiawandi Ga Ga
  3 Hazgaye Shades Of Saffron JW