My thanks to you all for such a lovely entry. With numbers like these of course, it meant that many good dogs went home empty handed. I would like to say a big thank-you to my two excellent stewards who eased my task greatly. I was pleased to see that one of my principal moans the last time that I judged has largely cleared; ie that of many poor toplines where there was a very marked rise at the rump. Today I felt the dogs were stronger in depth than the bitches. Coats and presentation were, as usual, superb.

VD (9,1). 1 Mathews IR/FIN/INT/EST/LIT CH Tasarnia Midas Touch (RE-IMP). This well travelled chap landed on his feet here to show a lovely outline from his well balanced head and tail, good reach of neck and level topline. Beautifully presented and in super coat for his age, he also flowed nicely around the ring.

2 Walker Ch Shigatse Tyler. At 9 years old, this well built gold & white dog also has a very good coat. Nice head, good shoulders and firm body. Slightly more stolid than the class winner but moving steadily enough.

3 Waterhouse Ch Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat. Another 9 year old of nice proportions. Excellent reach of neck not quite balanced by his tail which could have been carried a touch higher. Well shaped head, good body and level topline. I see from my catalogue that he is the sire of my BOB plus one or two other of my winners.

SPD (11,1).

1 Luscott Jalus Galileo. At 11 mth old, I would suggest that this young man has a bright future. He has that style which should serve him well. Well balanced with nice head, good mouth and well placed ears. Good depth of chest, level topline and excellent movement.

2 Barthorpe Pat Arch Night In White Satin. 12 mth bl/wh with good head and excellent dentition. Good body although fractionally longer in back than I would prefer. Good shoulders. Moving nicely.

3 McNally Ballito’s Ambrose With Angadema. 13 mth g/wh very well built lad with masculine head on a good reach on neck. Strong body also fractionally longer in back than I would prefer. In very good coat. Moving soundly.

SJD (9,2).

1 Sumner Truern Match Point. 15 mth g/wh of excellent size and all round shape. Good firm body, level topline and well placed tail. Excellent movement.

2 Norris Dhokiland Sergeant Pepper. 15 mth red gold with a dash of cream. A big lad but all in proportion. Excellent mouth and dentition. Good topline, well placed tail and good movement.

3 Scott Zadophie Black Beard At Wolferlow. 14 mth black dog also well built but in proportion. Strong head, good body and superb coat. Tended to scamper round the ring rather than drive along.

YD (18,0).

1 Church Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can At Askja. 15 mth with lovely deep red gold and white luxurious coat. Also a big lad but in proportion to give a slightly better outline than the second in the class. Masculine head on good neck, strong body and level topline. Moving with style.

 2 Scholes Sealaw Born From A Dream At Rossgilde. 16m lad whom I have liked as a puppy and was unlucky to meet the class winner in such good form today. Nice overall shape, good head, good mouth. Nice body and level topline. Excellent movement.

 3 Bacon Deelayne Fiddle De Dee. 21 mth very striking deep red gold colour. Very spirited lad with bright inquisitive eyes, excellent mouth and dentition. Good body and level topline. I would prefer his tail to be carried a touch higher but he moved well around the ring.

PGD (18,3).

1 Lock Askja Dance Yourself Dizzy SH CM. 5 yr old g/wh dog with good conformation allowing him to move really well. Masculine head with good mouth. Excellent shoulders, good body and topline. In excellent coat.

2 Waterhouse Chtaura Shadow Dancer. 3 yr old g/wh who pushed the class winner very hard but I felt the winner just had that slightly better outline. Also a nice masculine head with a good mouth. Good body and depth of chest. Good topline and excellent movement.

3 Saunders Bellellen Boyo’ Boy. 2 yr old brindle with black tips and in excellent coat well presented. Good body and depth of chest. Excellent movement.

LD (18,1).

1 Warner Snowtalia Chomolungma Boy. 3 yr old red gold of nice size and shape and with a nice outline. Nice head and good mouth. Good firm body and level topline. Well set on and heavily plumed tail. Moving nicely.

2 Springett Rishlyn Moonstruck At Pawprints JW. Compact 2 yr old red gold dog with many good points. He has a nicely shaped head, good neck and good body. Well carried tail and sound on the move.

3 Lewis Deelayne Ficky Stinger. 4 yr old cream and gold in super coat beautifully presented. Nice head proudly carried on good neck. Very alert and taking it all in, then acknowledging it with a little quiver of his well placed and well carried tail. Moving very well.

OD (26,2).

 1 Luscott Ch Jalus Dan Dare. 3 yr old red gold dog in his prime and virtually faultless. It is difficult to know which of his many virtues to single out but I think it is his excellent balance and very good conformation that made him the top dog today. In lovely coat beautifully presented he made a real picture tracking effortlessly around the ring. He was able to maintain this graceful movement in the challenges for the CC and BOB, which he duly got, and I was very pleased to see that he kept this up in the Group Ring where he certainly did not disgrace the breed, being shortlisted.

2 Cain Kutani Rogue Trader. Only 2 yrs old, this classically marked g/wh dog must surely be made up very soon. Excellent head with good mouth, nice eyes, well placed ears. Firm body with very good depth of rib, good shoulders and good front. Nice rear angulation which gave him superb movement and carried him on to the Reserve CC.

3 Waterhouse CH/AM Ch Chtaura Dream Machine (RE-IMP). 6 yr old g/wh dog. Nice and steady and demonstrating perfectly the meaning of the word aloof from the breed standard as he stood there with his nose in the air and looking down on the rest of the world. Good typical head, excellent body and topline, well placed tail carried nicely. Also moving superbly.

VB (9,1).

 1 Shand Clarke & Shand Robinson Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar. 8 yr old very striking deep red gold coloured coat beautifully presented and just glowing with health and vitality. Nice feminine head proudly carried on lovely well arched neck Very good shoulder angulation, nice compact body and level topline. Well feathered tail nicely set on high. Moving really well.

 2 Ogden Absosengkye Tanith. 9 yr old bl/wh very sound with nice outline in profile and many good virtues. Perhaps not quite the glamour of the class winner but she also moved very well.

3 Webster Kemosa’s Royal Orchild At Kilnhaven. Another 9 yr old who has kept her coat which is is excellent condition. Nice outline from good head and tail carriage and with general good conformation.

SPB (14,1).

1 Bromley Larool Starstruck For Jardene. From a nice class, all of whom were demonstrating very good movement, this g/wh young lady got a belated birthday (which was on the previous day) present as she went on to take BPIB. Lovely feminine face with excellent mouth and dentition, good body & topline, well placed tail and excellent movement.

 2 Holland Vaderlands Electra Fy. 12 mth g/wh also of nice size and shape. Good mouth, strong neck, firm body well ribbed. In excellent coat.

3 Saunders Bellellen Miss Dynamite. At only 9 mth this g/wh young lady is showing a lot of promise. She has a nice balance from well carried head and tail, good body and, for her age, has a very nice coat.

SJB (17,1).

1 Davies & Evans Saxonstarfly Golden Dream. Unfortunately, my camera flash failed on this class so I am guessing a bit on the colours. 17 mth gold with good conformation and nice outline. Nicely shaped head, good mouth and dentition. Well laid shoulders and good strong body with level back.

2 Phillips Dimara Pic A Chick. Also 17 mth g/wh. Another with good conformation. Nice head, good mouth, well feathered ears. Good body well ribbed and level topline. Well placed tail. Not moving at her very best today with a tendency to bunny-hop but did enough to show that she really can move well.

3 Brown & Totton Owenavera Misstique From Fabiana. 14 mth gold who was being a tad flighty today but eventually settled to give a good account of herself. Good mouth and excellent dentition. In super coat well presented.

YB (19,0).

1 Palmer Arasmas Babycake. 18 mth g/wh heavily coated and beautifully presented. Nice head of good proportions, excellent body and topline, well placed and well carried tail. Good sound steady mover.

2 Jones Tarendes Scarlet Bear. 22 mth cream/wh. Little to chose between her and the class winner as they share the same attributes but I just preferred the latter's outline.

 3 Lock Deelayne Lapdancer Among Littondale JW. 18 mth gold with black tips. Well made with nice compact body and good topline. Tail nicely set on but could be carried a fraction higher. Good head on nicely arched neck.

PGB (29,1).

1 Cassidy Exephials The Love Spell. 2 yr old creamy gold with black tips. Petite and ultra feminine with elegant head, nice eyes, good mouth. Well laid shoulders and good front. Very good body and really well carried tail. In super coat well presented. Moving serenely around the ring.

2 Church Askja Tantrums n Teardrops JW. 17 mth g/wh girl who I see from my catalogue was sired by my Post Graduate Dog class winner. Also with very feminine head, excellent mouth, good neck, level body and good coat. Good temperament with a happy smile in her eyes and seeming to enjoy her day at the show. 3 Dewar Thorlby Aarhus Theach Achiever. Nearly 2 yr old almost solid black very well built with strong head, excellent mouth and dentition. Strong body well ribbed, good tail set. Of the larger type but moving well.

LB (21,4).

1 Paradise Shardlow Party Popper JW ShCM. 3 yr old solid black well built with good conformation. Nicely balanced head and tail, good strong and well arched neck. Good front and rear quarters. Moving soundly.

2 Lawson Rishlyn Disclosure. 3 yr old solid red gold. Well made with good body, good quarters, level back and well set on tail. Good head and mouth with good dentition. Just preferred the balance of the class winner.

3 Shand Clarke & Shand Robinson Zentarr Mallissa Among Shanclar. 3 yr old creamy gold/wh of the larger type but all in proportion. Nice feminine head, well placed ears well feathered. Strong body, good shoulders. In lovely coat well presented. Moving nicely.

OB (16,0).

 1 Hazelhurst Pat Arch Prim And Proper At Corrolls. 4 yr old bl/wh beautifully balanced head and tail to give her a lovely outline. Proudly carried head on nicely arched neck. Good shoulder angulation and straight front. Nicely balanced compact body, level topline and well angulated hindquarters. Moving round the ring in style.

2 Sutherland Bolton Ch Petwalk Piece De Resistance For Khalila. 4 yr old g/wh with very nice feminine head of correct proportions, good mouth and teeth. Overall nice shape and size and well balanced. Good front and shoulders, excellent body and well developed rear quarters. In lovely coat well presented.

3 Luscott Jalus Dizzy Lizzy. 3 yr old g/wh with feminine head, good mouth and dentition. General good conformation although I would have preferred her to be a fraction shorter in the back. Good quarters and excellent movement. Lovely coat. I was very happy with my line up for the bitch ticket and after thinking hard about the open and veteran winners, decided to go for the latter Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar. However, I was totally unprepared for the huge roar from the crowd that greeted this decision. Subsequently I was told that this was her long awaited third CC, so many congratulations to her and her owners. I was pleased to award Pat Arch Prim And Proper At Corrolls the Reserve CC. 

Alan A. Brown