My thanks to Bath for inviting me to judge our breed at this well-organised show & to exhibitors for an interesting day. Although I truly loved my top winners, & several of the placings in some of the classes, I have to admit to having been v disappointed by the in-depth quality of the Apsos I had before me on the day. I feel more breeders & exhibitors should look to our breed standard from time to time, taking particular note of the v first sentence which says the Lhasa Apso is ‘sturdy’.

Many of the exhibits were too fine in bone, & were lacking both in substance & muscle. v importantly, several ribcages were structured such that they had insufficient capacity to provide the heart & lung space which allows this hardy breed to survive in its native environment at high altitude. I appreciate that our own environment is entirely different from that of Tibet, but if we truly love & respect our breed we should endeavour to maintain it as a Tibetan one that could survive in its homeland should the situation arise. If all we want is a breed that has lots of flowing coat & looks pretty from a distance, that is another matter. Good coat quality (and I emphasis quality rather than just length) is of course essential for our breed, but so is the construction of the animal under that coat. I was also v concerned about mouths.

I came across virtually every possible jaw formation & tooth alignment, including more than one severely overshot bite, that we used to call a ‘parrot mouth’. This is the first time I have ever found these in the ring in this country or abroad, & it was always my understanding that if produced they were sold into pet homes, strictly without papers. Some Apsos still have that wonderful expression that is so characteristic, but regrettably I feel the number is on the decline. I am sorry to sound perhaps overly harsh, but I feel that for the benefit of our breed these points must be brought to people’s attention. Although I did make notes on third placings, in the main these are fairly brief & I only include them where relevant.

MPD (7.1)

  1.  Skerratt’s Kenworth I’m Tiger Two (taf) Sound grey p with characteristic width of jaw. Masculine skull with good eye. Sound rib & depth of chest. Correct coat texture. Moved well.
  2. Surtees’ Showa Bobby Dazzla for Katay. Fairly good skull shape. Balance is actually good but can look over-angulated when stacked. Pleasing coat with good, hard top-coat. Hopefully substance will develop with maturity.
  3. Church’s Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can At Askja (naf) Correct shoulder to upper arm & correct coat texture. Well presented.

PD (5)

  1. Baker’s Avonbourne Dead Ringer. Coat currently at a difficult stage & this little fellow only just managed to get his tail up sufficiently to allow me to give him the class, but this improved as the day wore on & I made him BPD. Scored on head & expression. Good eye of dark colour. Good ribbing, shoulder & upper arm. Correct topline.
  2. Richardson’s Bielcee Everlasting Love with Belazieth. Beautiful mouth in this masculine fellow. Sound in fore & hind quarters. Well presented.
  3. Route’s Simuje Lexara Donarti. Good overall balance & correct coat.

JD (6)

  1. Waterhouse’s Chtaura Shadow Dancer. Pleasing balance & overall outline. Sound in fore & hind quarters with good ribbing. Correct shoulder placement. Moved well & indeed scored on hind movement. Excellent coat texture.
  2. Pointon’s Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me To Ballito (Imp) (naf). Soundly made all through but still needs to mature further & to develop muscle & substance. Beautifully presented.
  3. Owen’s Riff-Raff Von Simuje. I would appreciate more substantial bone for a male. Glad he got his tail up in the end.

ND (7)

  1. Showa Bobby Dazzla for Katay. 2 Le Choix Catch Me If Ya Can At Askja. 3 Simuje Lexara Donarti.

PGD (7)

  1. Coope’s Sankofu Inspector Gadget. Grey/wh with good balance & overall outline. Shoulder placement & upper arm could have been better. Well set tail. Scored on expression.
  2.  Holman’s Quaymore Mr Bojengles at Kymelsa. The most soundly constructed Apso in the class, but sadly severely lacking in coat. Well muscled with correct substance. Good skull shape.
  3. Bushell’s Jamikasoka Skater Boy.

LD (6)

  1. Holland’s Vaderlands Glory-Alle-Luyah. Beautifully presented gold, so soundly made all through, with good masculine skull & excellent bite. Level topline & well-set tail. No hesitation in awarding him a well deserved DCC.
  2. Davis’s Marchko San Marquis at Narmoak. Rather lower to the ground than 1 above, & his coat is not yet fully mature. Another d that is soundly made all through. Good head & expression. Well set tail. Moved well. RDCC.
  3. Warner’s Snotalia Chomolungma Boy. A little heavier in skull, but another soundly made male. Well presented in good coat. Moved well.

OD (10)

  1. Dickinson’s Ch Terendak Team Revival JW Well balanced b/wh, soundly made throughout. v masculine head & expression. Well made forequarters & correctly placed elbow. Well set tail.
  2.  Quelch’s Cossy’s Captain Chaos at Ardquin. Another v soundly made d with masculine head. Well-laid shoulder & good rib v. loin proportions. Moved well & with every confidence.
  3. Fahey/Shire’s Ir/Fin Ch Trinoran Manhatten Dream at Bentsarna. Typical forehand & good level topline. Lots to like about him. Good coat texture & well set tail.

VD (2)

  1.  Gamblin’s Emlin Vairoo Chana-Tu. Soundly made 11 year old b/wh holding up well for his age & still with plenty of coat. Good eye & skull shape. Level topline on which he scored. Capable of moving well.
  2. Allen’s Daraghghs Mr Dream Maker. 8 yo with lovely coat texture & sound quarters.

MPB (11)

  1. Rout’s Simuje Lexara Amelia. Although I would not like any more substance in this gold sable 8 mth p, she is so v sound all through. Good head & expression with evenly placed teeth. Excellent coat texture. Moved well. BPIB.
  2. Pegler’s Shardlow Rose Petals Fall Over Cedarpoint. Another v soundly made b. Great femininity. Sound fore & after with good topline. Bite just alright, so I hope it stays that way. Correct tail & well presented.
  3. Savolainen’s Lechoix Head Over Heels. Lovely head, expression & eye. Such a baby & topline still needs to even out, but shall be interested to see this one when fully mature. Moved well.

PB (4)

  1.  Simuje Lexara Amelia.
  2. Lock’s Deelayne Lap Dancer Among Littondale, v feminine gold b, more finely made than 1 above but sound throughout. v mature for her age, with pleasing skull & eye.
  3. Vale/Hardman’s Jayridge Isa Distraction. Another nicely presented, feminine young lady. Good coat texture. Moved well.

JB (12)

  1.  Torrance’s Sinyul Can’t Buy Me Love. Grey/wh b, soundly made in every way with good head, expression & eye, although lacking head furnishings at present. I shall be interested to follow her progress when in full coat.
  2. Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Touch & Tell at Chobrang. Another ultra sound b, well constructed fore & aft. Good tail set. Moved so soundly & handled well.
  3. Plumstead’s Simark Lucy Locket of Showa. Nicely balanced with lovely eye & skull. Would appreciate a little more ribbing but this may develop further with maturity.

NB (8)

  1. Simuje Lexara Amelia.
  2. Sinyul Can’t Buy Me Love.
  3. Simark Lucy Locket of Showa.

PGB (14)

  1. Ellis’s Nadlik An-Paris. Soundly made b/wh with just the right amount of substance for a b. Good balance & correctly constructed all through, with well laid shoulder. Good head, eye, expression & mouth. Excellent coat texture.
  2. Dewar-Thorlby’s Aarhus The Achiever. Heavier b but bodily v sound, although I preferred the forehand of one above. In lovely coat. Scored on topline & eye shape.
  3. Watson’s Cheolview I’m Special For Lynruce. Beautifully presented b/wh, soundly made fore & aft.

LB (10)

  1. Bushell’s Chtaura Prima Donna for Jamkasoka. Lovely head & expression on this grey b who is soundly made all through. Good ribbing & correct shoulder placement, which showed in her movement. Pleasing balance. A good honest Apso, v representative of the breed.
  2. Paradise’s Shardlow Party Popper JW A little longer cast than one above but a b with some super qualities, including her excellent coat texture. Soundly constructed fore & aft & moved v well. Lovely tail set.
  3.  Church’s Askja Worse Than Wiked JW Pleasing outline on this well presented b that moved with confidence.

OB (9) A class full of quality all the way through.

  1.  Lewis’s Deelayne Indulgence. What a treasure of a lady! Black in super coat & in tip-top condition throughout. I liked her expression & she has the correct amount of substance for a b. Correct shoulder placement which showed in her movement - & she moved so well. Super tail set & carriage. BCC & BOB (This was her first CC but as I write this I am delighted to know that she has gained her title in three straight Championship shows.)
  2.  Bell’s Brides Veil Over Forochel (taf) B/wh. Another extremely sound b, with excellent coat. Well made all through with good shoulder & sound quarters. Just carrying a touch too much weight on the day, so she did not move quite as well as I am sure she is able. Res BCC.
  3. Torrance’s Sinyul Brief Encounter. Another v sound b. Everything to like about her, including the typical texture of her grey coat. I just felt she, too, could have given a little more of herself on the move.

VB (3) All three are a credit to their owners.

  1.  Allen’s Ardquin Anastasia with Quaymore. Her coat & presentation put her to the top of this class, but sound in so many ways. Moved with confidence.
  2.  Gamblin’s Emlin Wannabe-A-Star. This 10 year old has the sweetest head & expression. Needs a little more coat to give her that final touch, but such a typical lady who is approaching her dotage with every grace.
  3.  Langford’s Britroy’s Caught In A Shower at Quaytown. Sound in body & moved reasonably well. Beautifully presented with lots of good coat.

Juliette Cunliffe