I was delighted to be invite to judge the dog classes at SELAS Championship Show and would like to thank the committee for their hospitality. The weather was warm and sunny and as always at this outdoor show there was a garden party atmosphere that prevailed all day.

VD (2).

  1. 1 Waterhouse’s Ch Chtaura Hit The Perfect Beat. Gold 7 yr old, still looking v much in full condition. V sound in construction. Lovely outline which he keeps when he moves;
  2. 2 Gamblin’s Emlin Vairo Chana-Tu. Black and white 10 yr old. V sound d with a good front and moved v well.

Minor Puppy Dog (5).

  1. 1 Paradise’s zadophie Jack Sparrow For Shardlow. Black well matured p with nice head and expression. good front, neck shoulder and topline which he keeps on the move;
  2. 2 McNally’s Ballito’s Ambrose With Angadema. V much the baby of the class well ribbed back and made a lovely picture when standing needs to settle on the move;
  3. 3 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Knock On Wood.

Puppy Dog (7).

  1. 1 Surtees Showa Boby Dazzler. Liked his size 7 overall balance good dark eye and mouth with the soft expression. topped with good overall conformation. Moved without effort round the ring BPIS;
  2. 2 Lewis Deelayne As If. Another v well constructed p with pleasing outline still a baby but I am sure we shall see a lot more of him;
  3. 3 Paradise’s Zadophie Jack Sparrow For Shardlow.

 Junior Dog (5).

  1. 1 Scholes Rossgilde Thumpers Web. Stood out in this class, nice size with good head, dark eye broad mouth and a soft expression. strong neck and shoulder good front level topline moved with style one to watch in the future;
  2.  2 Scholfield’s Daverry’s Bold and Brave For Rienach. Well constructed d with a pleasing balance moved with ease round the ring keeping his balance on the move;
  3. 3 Ellice King Of The Forest.

Y Dog (4).

1 Pointon’s Aust. Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me To Ballito (imp). V sound overall lovely head with soft dark eyes excellent pigment good front and shoulder with level topline moved well;

 2 Hemsley Hazgaye Interceptor. V much like one with all the good points, just needs to mature in body, but liked him v much;

3 Schofield’s Daverry’s Bold And Brave For Rienach.

 Novice Dog  (5).

  1.  Ellice King Of The Forest. V well constructed (was 3rd in Junior) with a v nice head and expression good front and a level topline moved well;
  2. 2 Paradise’s Zadophie Jack Sparrow For Shardlow; 3
  3.  Baker’s Avonbourne Dead Ringer.

 Graduate Dog  (6).

  1. 1 Scholes Rossgilde Thumpers Web;
  2. 2 Waterhouse’s Chtaura Shadow Dancer. V sound d with a pleasing head good front, shoulders and topline. and in full mature coat. moved freely round the ring;
  3.  3 Schofield’s Daverry’s Bold and Brave For Rienach.

Post Graduate Dog (8).

1 Seward’s Elleonia On The Level JW. Good pigment and gentle expression good depth of chest well laid back shoulders, level topline moved with ease round the ring;

 2 Bromley’s Cossy’s Jammie Dodger At Jardene. Different type to 1st but still has all the virtues moved well;

3 Saunders Bellellen Boy O’ Boy.

MID Limit  Dog (5)

  1. 1 Yates Jones Rishlyn Rio Bravo For Swaybee. Filled my eye when he came into the ring. Lovely size and shape lovely head and soft expression, super pigment, good chest, front, shoulder, top line and tailset moved round the ring like he owned it RCC;
  2. 2 Lewis Deelayne Ficky Finger. Another d with a super out line and moved with ease;
  3. 3 Scott’s Wolferlow Merlot.

Limit  Dog (8).

  1. Cain’s Kutani Rogue Trader. Stunning gold and white boy lovely pigment and v well constructed keeps his balance on the move and groomed to perfection;
  2. Holland Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya. Another v well constructed d who knows how to move freely round the ring. Presented to perfection;
  3. Pierson’s Chethang Fergus At Elisamay.

 Open Dog  (9).

 This was on of the best OD classes I have had the privilege to judge there was nothing in the class not worthy of taking the 1st place. Thank you exhibitors.

  1. Corish and Scholes Ch Sealaw Forever Dreaming Of Sossgild Jw Sh Cm. I liked his size lovely head, excellent pigment good front and depth of chest, strong well arched neck into a good lay of shoulder well ribbed back level top line good angulation with plenty of muscle correct tail a good lay of shoulder well ribbed back level topline good angulation with plenty of muscle correct tail set groomed to perfection and moved freely round the ring keeping his outline at all times DCC;
  2. Baxter Fengolas Simply Wkd. Another d that is v well constructed beautifully presented and moved with style;
  3. Young’s Ch Avonbourne All Spice. An ambassador for the breed v well constructed boy moved freely round the ring and stood and looked a picture.

Joan Scarll

Veteran Bitch (9)

  1.   Will’s Sulabassana Phire Bird. Gold & white, v feminine b with superb pigment, dark eye & expression. loved her balance which she kept on the move, sound topline & gd coat texture, moved well, pleased to see her gain BV;
  2. Shand-Clarke’s Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar. Larger than one, liked her balance, compact with sound top line. Gd coat & well presented;
  3. Plumstead’s Showa Melody Of Love.

Minor Puppy Bitch (10)5ab

  1. Waterhouse’s Chtaura Crazy For You. I was impressed by this feminine b. like her mother, v sound with v good head & front construction. V promising p;
  2. Holland’s Vaderlands Eve-Licious. Loved the balance on this b, higher on the leg than 1 compact & pleasing to go over, everything fits well but preferred the head of 1;
  3. Bushell’s Chtaura Spinning Around For Jamikasoka.

 Puppy Bitch (16)3ab

  1. Yate’s Larool Destiny For Swaybee. Black & white, striking b, caught my eye as she came into the ring, good pigment, correct mouth, good neck & tailset;
  2. Church’s Askja Apassionata. Another compact b with the balance I like from this kennel. Higher leg than 1 but not the substance of 1. Gd pigment, v feminine head, sure she will do well in future;
  3. Thompson’s Pennyparades Blaze-Of-Glory.

Junior Bitch (15)4ab

  1.  Plumstead’s Simark Lucy Lockett Of Showa. Truly Tibetan Lhasa, so lovely to see. I have admired this kennel’s dogs for some time & this b did not disappoint. Pleasing head & expression, sound front construction, compact, good tailset, moved well without exaggeration, beautiful coat texture;
  2. Torrance’s Sinyul Can’t Buy Me Love. Another pleasing b with feminine head. Less mature than 1. Sound all through, should have a bright future when finished;
  3. Cassidy’s Exephials The Love Spell.

Y earling Bitch (14)6ab

  1. Plumstead’s Simark Lucy Lockett Of Showa;
  2. Gamblin’s Nedik Zanadoo With Emlin. V feminine head with tight reverse scissor bite. Correct fall-away behind the eye. sound front & gd topline, moved well. Immature for her age;
  3. Ogden’s Absosengkye Only You.

 Novice Bitch (14) 5ab

  1.  Dewar-Thorlby’s Aarhus The Addiction. Attractive gold b with good pigmentation, well proportioned head, gd mouth, sound front construction, well ribbed, v feminine. Would like to see her more animated;
  2. Church’s Askja Apassionata;
  3. Crummey’s Deelayne Madness Divine At Nickanda.

Graduate Bitch (11) 5ab

  1. Plumstead’s Showa Thunberlina. Gold compact b with good head & expression, good coat texture, gd strong back end, showed well;
  2. Gamblin’s Nedlik Zanadoo With Emlin;
  3. Dewa-Thorlby’s Aarhus The Achiever.

 Post Graduate Bitch (14) 6ab

  1.  Young’s Avonbourne Bemused. Black & white. This b took my eye, well carried neck into sound topline, straight front, well ribbed. Good tailset, held herself on the move, no exaggeration, gd presentation;
  2.  Cain’s Kutani Sunkissed. Gold, v showy, gd mouth & pigmentation, nice reach of neck, glamorous b, well presented & handled;
  3.  Mc Nally’s Angedema Ask For Me.

Mid Limit Bitch (8) 3ab

  1. Church’s Askja Worse Than Wicked. Parti, have admired this b for some time. Compact & excels in balance which she held on the move. Sound all through;
  2. Schole’s Rossgilde Tamegan’s Dream. Gold pleasing head, moved well, v feminine, beautifully presented;
  3. Horne’s Deelayne As You Like It At Hopeinn.

Limit Bitch (10) 3 ab

  1. Waterhouse’s Chtaura All U Need Is Luv. Grey gd head of correct proportions, straight front, well ribbed, excellent coat texture;
  2. Luscott’s Jalus Dizzy Lizzy. Lovely feminine head with melting expression. gd mouth, well presented;
  3. Cassidy’s Deelayne Ylang Ylang To Exphials.

Open Bitch (10) 2 ab

  1. Lewis’s ch. Deelayne Indulgence. Black judged her 2 yrs ago at Welks when I gave her BP. She won then on her balance & conformation & has matured to have the same qualities. Has no hesitation in awarding her the CC & so pleased that my co-judge agreed that she should be BIS. A lovely b;
  2. Hazlehurts Patarch Prim & Proper At Corrolls. Black & white, another v sound b with a lovely head, just met 1 in top form on the day. Sure to gain her title which she truly deserves. RCC;
  3. Walker’s Zentarr Zeeta At Shigatse.



Derek Dungate