Thank you to the committee, the exhibitors and spectators for making the day special for me .  I enjoyed the quantity and quality of dogs entered, and found more winners in classes than I had 1st prices for.  The decision's in most cases were very close , and just shows the strength in depth in the breed.  My Best In Show, was the male Ch Kutani Reckless, really on form, carrying his classic outline so easily round the ring,  well balanced with a nice action he just edged the lovely female Ch Vaderlands Flame N Fortune into Reserve Best In Show position today.  The Best Puppy in show went to Kenworth Just F' Fun with Ardquin, still giving his all at the end of the day, and my best Veteran in show was the beautiful Ch Deelayne Forever Dimond making light of her nine years of age as she covered ground with her easy stride.  With thanks to my stewards for an efficient job, well done, and the catering staff for an excellent lunch, and a good supply of coffee, the day seemed to pass very quickly.

Minor Puppy Dog.

  1. Gillman's Mytilene Budweisor:  Youngster with nice balance to head, neck and shoulder, good front, body and quarters, nice tail set and was moving well setting the pace.

  2. Anderson's Zentarr Morse:  Well balanced with a good shape, this pup was carrying himself correctly, nice through neck and body, good tail set, head developing well at this stage, show good promise for the future.

  3. Wright's Larool Fine and Dandy

Puppy Dog

  1. Quelch's Just F' Fun with Ardquin:  Gold with great front, lovely head, ear and eye, balance through neck and rear, smart over loin and quarters, starting to go well on the move with lovely action front and rear and working the handler hard to settle on side gait still putting up a good show in the challenge for Best Pup In Show.

  2. Bridgen's Lapchis Astral Prince:  B/W party with a nice head and eye, good through neck and top line, front still developing, nice chest and rib, good tail set and was moving easily, with a nice action around the ring.

  3. Gillman's Mytilene Budweiser

Junior Dog

  1. Holland's Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya:  The star of the early classes, just out of puppy this gold lad has great balance in outline and shape, head developing well with the right proportions of scull to muzzle, good bite and jaw set, good neck, shoulder and front, nice through rib, loin and good muscle on the rear, he moves with the right style and attitude, won this  closely contested class and considered in the challenge, his day will come.

  2. Surtees Katay Pied Piper:  Another with lots to admire, good in head, eye, scull and jaw, well built in body with good angles front and rear, he moves well but just lost it on coat, going through that junior stage but will be pushing hard when muscle and body develops more - won the Special Yearling Class.

  3. Scoll's Wolferlow Merlot

Special Yearling Dog

  1. Surtees Katay Pied Piper:

  2. Hamilton's Gilderdale Mr Smartie:  Lovely coat and presentation greet you on this lad, good over head and neck, nice muscle on loin and quarters, needs to fill in body but has time on his side, easy action when on the move.

Maiden Dog

  1. Quelch's Just F' Fun with Ardquin:

  2. Gillman's Mytilene Budweiser

  3. Gillman's Mytilene  Lord Loxley

Novice Dog

  1. Scoll's Wolferlow Merlot:  Pleasing young dog with good overall shape third in the competitive junior class, he has balance in skull and muzzle, good front and rear, holds it well on the move, still growing in body and neck and needs to firm up in muscle but nicely put together.

  2. Gillman's Mytilene Budweiser

  3. Gillman's Mytilene  Lord Loxley

Post Graduate Dog

  1. Hazelhurst Sinyul Latin Lover At Corrolls:  Party with good balance through head, skull, muzzle and neck, good through shoulder angles, well ribbed, strong loin, good rear quarters with well built muscle, narrow in front but carries himself well on the move in front, rear and with lovely action on side gait, quality coat to finish.

Limited Dog

  1. Lewis's Deelayne Ficky Stinger:  He carries good proportions, is nice through neck and balance of outline, lovely well-set head with good furnishings, skull and muzzle, nice front with good bone, good chest and rib length, good well muscled quarters and hocks, giving him quality in action, handled with style he was considered in the challenge.

  2. Phillips Saxonsprings Buddy with Dimara:  Moving with good style and action this two year old carries good balance and type in head, well developed in neck and good muscle in top line, he uses himself with nice front and rear drive, well groomed he pushed hard for the , placement

  3. Waterhouse's Chtaura Rock DJ

Open Dog

What a terrific class of dogs to have the honour of judging, all quality, won by one on top form today:-

  1. Ch Kutani Reckless:  Superb gold dog with a great attitude and jaunty action, loved his head, his balance and his shape, excellent through body, front chest and rib length, just the right condition in muscle and body tone, he has the best of coats and head fall, good eye placement, mouth and jaw line, a well arched neck and level towline complete an exciting picture:- BEST DOG and BEST IN SHOW

  2. Young's Ch Avonbourne All Spice:  In very close contention this party has the best of outlines and balance of shape, beautifully balanced in head with the right proportion of skull to muzzle length, well arched neck into good shoulder and rib, moves well on good front and with nice rear angles, he looked the part with his great action on side gait and his flowing coat to finish Reserve Best Dog

  3. Reece's Kandykone Kontradiktion:  Shown in the best of condition and coat he moves well on stylish lines with a lovely flow to the body outline, sturdy and well built. he uses his head and neck to advantage, but unlucky to meet the on form dogs in front of him today.

Veteran Dog

  1. Anderson's Ch Zentarr Michelangelo:  Impressive eight year old gold with a slightly taller frame, but with good overall shape and balance, nice neck, head balance, and eye with good coat cover, he uses himself well on the move showing his handler the way round the ring, good body and muscle tone give him power needed for that easy action.

  2. Simmon's Mercerden Midnight Warrior:  Excellent body condition greets you on this ten year old, who obviously thinks he is still a youngster, with his agile movement, he comes a nice front good chest and rib, good muscle condition on loin and quarters, nice neck and pleasing head complete the picture.

  3. Allen's Daraghughs Mr Dream Maker

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Waterhouse's Chtaura All U Need Is Love:  Topped a promising class of lovely babies, she has great balance at this stage with a nice shape and outline, I liked her in head and skull, she's good in front with nice bone, well ribbed and body filled well for age, she is excellent on the move with good coat and groomed superbly to show her at her best.

  2. Young's Avonbourne Piccolo:  Beautiful youngster with an good shape developing nice balance of head, neck and body, she caries good bone, front, feet and rib, lots of time to grow but enjoying herself on the move, with the right action and attitude, excellent size and substance to give her quality outline.  Close decision here.

  3. Scholes Rossgilde Tasha

Puppy Bitch

  1. Scholes Rossgilde Tamegan's Dream:  Lovely moving puppy bitch of nice size and shape, head filling and developing well, good neck and shoulder, excellent through top line, she already has superb muscle tone on loin and in her quarters, she is positive on the move with an easy and flowing movement, topped by a coat of good condition, she pushed hard in the puppy challenge.

  2. Gay's Hazgaye Cascade:  Good well balanced puppy with nice overall size, good balance in head, of skull to muzzle, nice ear and eye placement and already showing the typical beard, she has a lovely driving rear action, her front is true and body and rib development coming on fine, needs to fill a little more but shows with style.

  3. Kings Vallena Almena.

Junior Bitch

  1. Shand - Clarke's Zantarr Melissa Among Shanclar:  Pretty gold young lady shown in an excellent coat and condition, she carries a well balanced head with nice fall of furnishings, good balance through neck, wither and top line, she has a good front, chest and rib length, nice width of developed quarters, carry her well on the more overall made a classic picture in winning this competitive class.

  2. Chalmers Chethang Emily Jane:  Nicely maturing youngster with a great outlook, good work in the head, skull, muzzle and jaw, chest developing well with nice length of rib, she needs to develop in muscle on the rear quarters, but she was moving easily on both front and rear angles and with a nice stride on the side movement.

  3. Lewis's Aibrean Bewitched By Ballito

Special Yearling Bitch

  1. Paradise's Shardlow Ragtaggle Gypsy:  Grey/Brindle with pleasing overall shape and size, she has good balance to skull and muzzle with dark eye and good ear, she has nice balance to the front assembly, good rib and top line, she was moving at the right pace for her, covering the ground well.

  2. Paradise's Shardlow  Party Popper:  Black bitch with an eye filling shape, good through head, neck and well covered in body, her frame has a good chest and ribs, and good rear assembly, she was moving more easily in this class to take a higher spot than reserve in the strong Junior class, her coat and condition were both in good bloom.

  3. Rout's Simuje Anastazia.

Maiden Bitch

  1. Rout's Simuje Karmen:  Pretty young bitch with a good front, bone and tight feet, she has good overall balance and out line, she uses herself well when moving with nice drive from her quarters and hocks.

  2. Jones Jejuna Vagus: Nice head and neck in good proportions meet you on this young lady, liked her top line body, and muscle strength, she is loose in front assembly at present but drives well from a well constructed rear.

  3. Hazelhurst Zentarr Matilda At Corrolls

Novice Bitch

  1. Chalmers Chethang Derry Lyn:  Quality of head, muzzle, skull greet you on this young lady, she has a good overall shape and size, she's nice through neck, body and top line, she moves well on front and rear and with her coat thickness coming back will be competitive at higher levels.

  2. Rout's Simuje Karmen:

  3. Jones Jejuna Vagus:

Post Graduate Bitch

  1. King's Vallena Innes:  Striking well built lady of good construction and out line, nice quality in balance with a well arched neck, good wither and top line, she in nice through front, chest and rib length, her rear quarters have good muscle and she holds her tail set high and her action is well controlled on the move.

  2. Howe's Hazgaye Fascination at Ladakhpass:  Pushed the winner in a close decision, with her lovely head, superb balance between skull and muzzle, dark well placed eye and good ear fall, she carries a nice body with good rib, loin and quarters rears she was excellent in shape standing but just not putting the effort in for her owner on the move to show her easy action at its best.  Well groomed in coat and condition.

  3. Jones Tarendes Scrumptious Bear.

Limit Bitch

  1. Walker's Zentarr Zeeta At Shigatse:  Gold with good overall balance to the head,  nice skull with excellent proportions in muzzle jaw, eye and well feathered ear, she has quality in neck, front, shape and quarters, good shoulders and rear angles give her the right pace, reach and drive on the move, she was well put down in superb condition to win this closely fought class

  2. Dungate and Minton's Forochel Vanity:  Classy grey and white party with good head proportions well arched neck, excellent in front, chest and rib, carries good body tone and muscle, good rear quarters, hocks and tail set, she was immaculately groomed and handled with style, she was going well on the move but not quite up to the winners performance today.

  3. Torrance's Sinyul Brief Encounter.

Open Bitch

  1. Holland's Ch Vaderlands Flame N Fortune:  The exciting winner of another top quality class, it's easy to see the depth of strength in the Apso with bitches like these around, she has the right attitude, alert, here I am Look at me, she is in superbly muscled condition, sound construction and well built frame, excellent in head with correct fall in skull, good muzzle and eye, lovely neck, wither and top line, she has nice front, body and chest.  Moved very well , the reach , drive and side gate power, giving her required jaunty action, so free and easy. My BEST BITCH, and pushed the dog all the way in the challenge.

  2. Surtees Ch Showa Saffron:  Excellent type with great balance in size and shape, lovely feminine head, nice in eye, and ear, good neck, into well laid shoulders, compact body, level top line and good tail set, she has good substance and muscle tone on her body lovely strength in quarters, good stifle and hocks, she moves really well with an easily controlled action was well handled and shown in great condition Reserve Best Bitch.

  3. Shand - Clark - Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar.

Veteran Bitch

  1. Lawson's Ch Deelayne Forever Dimond Nine years old in beautiful condition, she carries a well balanced head with lovely furnishings, good skull width and muzzle length, dark well placed eye, strong arched neck, thought her balance, body was superb, the right length to height ratio, straight front, good rib and chest, well muscled quarters, she put on a great show moving with style to win Best Veteran in show