Open Show.

My apologies for a late Report, the events since Sept 11 have left very little time for hobbies in my business, journalism. First I would like to thank MLAA Officers for almost overwhelming hospitality during my brief stay in England. Also thanks to the organisers and exhibitors for a wonderful atmosphere at the show. I am the first to acknowledge that our views on our own breeds are influenced by the personal baggage we carry, in my case I have exhibited my own dogs in Scandinavia as well as the US, attended US, national specialities and judged the breed in several European Countries and Australia throughout the 1990’s. I am also reminded of what I saw at the Ch Shows in England in the 1980’s and these experiences lead me to conclude that the breed must be going through a down cycle right now.

I was quite frustrated in trying to find the shape of a dog that, to me, epitomizes a Lhasa; an elegantly arched neck flowing smoothly into the well laid shoulders, level back with a short loin, ending in a well angulated rear and balanced with a well carried tail.

Far too many exhibits were too long in body, lacking an elegant smooth outline. I was quite appalled by the prevalence of poor fronts, which I am not used to and quite a few dogs had insufficient hind angulation. Never a mouth fanatic, I was nevertheless surprised to see so many narrow underjaws with lower canines the size of incisors. On the plus side, the large, round eyes which one sees elsewhere were mostly absent, although there were a few slightly round skulls and so were the fluffy, soft coats, although presentation and grooming on some exhibits could have been improved.

MPB (3)

  1.  Shekyl’s Showa Fantastic With Pantulf. Strongly built male with excellent proportions, elegant topline and good tailset, nice compact body, moved well. BPIS;
  2. Young’s Avonbourne Tit For Tat. Particolour. Lots of style. Very nice head and expression, nice neck and topline, more immature in body than 1.

PD (5)

  1. Allsop’s Chamando Puccini. Nice outline and good movement, very nice body proportions, would prefer stronger underjaw;
  2. Sarfraz’s Fallingfoss Benji. Very nice head, good body for age but needs to grow on his legs, nice hindquarters;
  3. Platt’s Deelayne Never Say Never.

JD (7)

  1. Shekyls’ Saxonsprings Secret Desire With Pantulf. Stylish youngster with excellent outline, lovely neck and topline, would not give his best in movement here;
  2. Surtees’ Katay Tropical Storm. Masculine youngster with nice outline and proportions, nice head and expression, needs to mature in coat
  3. Jones’ Tarendes Principal Bear.

SYD (2)

  1. Cain’s Kutani Reckless. Very nice outline and proportions, elegant topline, well angulated rear, nice presentation;
  2. Sarfraz's Fallingfoss Benji.

MD (4)

  1. Showa Fantastic With P; 2 F Benji.

ND (6)

  1. Secret Desire With P;
  2. Surtees’ Katay Tropical Storm;
  3. Donaldson’s Diquest The Designer.

PGD (8)

  1.  Sumner’s Truern Pole Position. Typical outline with lovely neck and topline, nice compact body, nice hindquarters, good coat texture, moved well;
  2. Allen’s I’m Nearly Famous For Daraghugh. Golden with lovely coat and condition. Nice head and expression. Moved well;
  3. Reece and Webster’s Knadykone Konradiktion.

LD (12)

  1. Shand-Robinson’s Chethang Granville For Shanclar. A flashy crËme with lovely outline and beautiful topline which he held when moving, lovely tail. Nice hindquarters, strong bone. Nice head and expression, coat a touch dry today. BD, BIS;
  2. Young’s Avonbourne All Spice. B/W Particolor, soundly made and moving well, preferred head and expression of 1;
  3. O’Doherty’s Blaze Of Glory At Chicane.

OD (13)

  1. Quelch’s Kutani Lionheart For Ardquin. Golden male in beautiful coat and condition. Very typical movement. Nice neck and topline, lovely head and expression;
  2. Walker’s Shigatse Tyler. G/W particolor, nice outline and proportions. Moved well, would have preferred a little more leg;
  3. Woosnam and Shekyls’ Am Ch Orlane’s Cousteau.

VD (3)

  1. Reynold’s Jardene Cantona. Well presented G/W particolor, correct proportions and typical movement. Nice head and expression. Res D Best Veteran;
  2. Reece’s Knadykone Konundrum. A little heavier and longer bodied dog, good topline, nice head and beautiful mouth. Excellent coat texture;
  3. Simmons’ Mercedes Midnight Warrior.

MPB (4)

  1. Ogden’s Apsosengkye Weng Chen. Outgoing particolor, nice proportions and outline. Good head and expression. Well developed body. Moved nicely. BPB;
  2. Waterhouse’s Chtaura Beautiful Dreamer. Gold, nice topline, good head and expression, nice body, needs to settle in movement;
  3. Rohson’s Apsosengkye Princess Ling.

PB (7)

  1. Cassidt’s Deelayne Ylang Ylang. Very feminine puppy, nice outline and proportions. Nice dark eye and good expression. Good coat texture. Showed well;
  2. Safraz and Young’s In Vogue By Farouche. Promising pb with nice topline, good shoulder, nice hindquarters and moved with drive;
  3. Rout’s Tantra’s Harriott To Simuje.

JB (13)

  1. Woosnam’s Saxonsprings Secret Dreams. Very stylish bitch with elegant outline and topline finishing in nicely carried tail. Well angulated rear. Moved well. Res BB;
  2. Young’s Avonbourne A Touch Of Spice. B/W bitch with the loveliest of heads and expressions. Nice proportions. Showed well;
  3. O’Doherty’s Anniseed Practical Magic.

SYB (10)

  1. O’Doherty’s Anniseed Practical Magic. Grey and white particolor, nice proportions, good head and expression, lovely tail. Moved well;
  2. Young’s Avonbourne Lily The Pink. B/W particolor, very nice head and expression. Very good front and front movement, nice topline;
  3. Givens’ Kilifi Annabella.

MB (4)

  1. Safraz and Young’s In Vogue By Farouche;
  2. Rout’s Tantra’s Harriott To Simuje. Golden with nice topline, well angulated rear, good body, preferred the neck and shoulder of 1;
  3. Allen’s Quaymore Eloise.

NB (7)

  1.  S Secret Dreams;
  2. In Vogue By F;
  3. T Harriott to S.

PGB (13)

  1. Davies’ Nico Star Fly. Well presented cream bitch with good length of leg and nice proportions. Very good topline ending in well carried tail, maintained her topline nicely on the move. Nice head and expression. BB, RBIS;
  2. Jones’ Tarendes Passion Bear. Well made feminine particolor, showed well;
  3. Woosnam and Shekyls’ Hashanah Wicked Reputation.

LB (13)

  1. Shand-Clarke’s Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar. Lovely bitch, full of dignity who seemed to improve as the class progressed. Well made, nice head and expression, good topline;
  2. Everett-Rees’ Cheherezade Alzena. Elegant golden bitch, nice head and expression, nice topline, beautiful coat. Preferred rear angulation of 1;
  3. Woosnam’s Saxonsprings Silent Memories.

OB (12)

  1.  Sumner’s Truern Serenissima. She may not be flashy but is very well balanced, most pleasing outline which she held in movement. Lovely tail. Excellent coat condition and presentation;
  2. Cain’s Kiss Kiss Kutani. Gold and White bitch, nice outline, very nice head and expression, moved well with good topline;
  3. Lewis’ Sp/port Ch Shiawandi Ga Ga.

K Lummelampi